The halls were a buzz of activity. Suitcases and trunks were busy getting carried in by various boys, some looking confused and new and others looking like brilliant old-timers. There were shouts of hellos and "how have you been's" and all sorts of other noise and commotion. It was the opening day of fall semester at Rawley Academy and all students, new and old, were busy moving in.

Will made his way slowly down the hallway, dogging boxes, bags and trunks that sat outside doorways and greeting many of his friends from summer term.

"Hey Will!" a voice behind him called.

"Hey Scout!" Will replied, noticing his good friend and roommate, Scout Calhoun, rushing up behind him.

"How's it going man? Survive your visit with the parentals?" Scout inquired.

"Yea. My dad's the same though. Spent most of my time visiting with Bella and Sean."

"How's she doing by the way?" Scout asked.

"Okay . . . her dad was able to keep the station . . ."

Both guys made it to their room. "Here's home sweet home again," Will exclaimed, throwing his bag down on the bed.

"Yep, for another semester," Scout agreed.

Suddenly both guys heard a rush in the hallway.

"The girls are having a wet t-shirt swim at the lake!" some first-year yelled in.

Scout and Will grinned remembering the summer. "Let's watch the freshman fun," Scout suggested.

"Okay," said Will following his friend out the door.

On the way down the stairs, Will noticed a guy struggling with a large box.

"Hey Hamilton, what's up?" Will shouted.

"Hey guys . . . the disadvantage of being the dean's son . . ." Hamilton said nodding towards the box. "My dad "hired" me to move some boxes."

"Yuck," said Scout.

"We'll help you," Will said.

"Nah, I've got it and anyway this is the last one. Where are you headed? The annual beginning semester swim at the lake?" Hamilton asked with a grin.

"Well, oh well, you got it," said Scout. "I'll see you out there!" He headed out the front door, running smack into a guy coming in, with a black jacket and small bag swung over his shoulder.

"Hey! Watch it!" the boy exclaimed. "Oh, it's you Scout!" he added, removing his dark sunglasses.

"Oh! Jake!" Scout replied slightly in surprise. "You're back this semester?"

"Yea, I don't know how, but Finn never turned us in, so I'm back. Have you seen Hamilton yet?"

"Yea, he was heading upstairs with a box."

"Where are you off to?? Not the t-shirt contest are you?" Jake asked.

"Ummmm…..well…." Scout stammered.

"I thought so." Jake grinned. "You guys are all the same."
Scout looked slightly embarrassed and then fled out the door. Jake shook her head and then continued up the stairs.