What if 'nobodies' were 'somebodies'? What if the KH cast started over and were just regular teenagers? What if they all never met till High School? What if? … Well, why don't you find out?

Ok, so no one's ever met except for Riku and Sora. They sorta live in the same house, but they're NOT related. This is an attempt at a long story. REMEMBER review so I can improve!

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So I now give you 'Kingdom Hearts: a High School Story'

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"Hey man, wake up we're gonna be late…" Riku shook him violently, "dude, seriously, wake up! C'mon, SORA WAKE UP GOD DAMMIT!" aggravated, he flipped his chocolate haired friend off the bed. Yet, he didn't make any sign of waking up soon. JesuCristo…he sleeps like a rock! He is so lucky I'm his friend…

Just when Riku was about to kick him Sora stirred from his slumber. He looked around clearly confused. He blinked his bright sapphire eyes. When he realized Riku was in his room he said, "Oh, heyy Riku! What's going on? Well actually, what's goin' down? What are you dressed for hmm?" He chuckled nervously seeing the stern look on his friends face.

"Just get dressed…" he was about to walk away but Sora called out to him. "But it's so early! What are we going to do at…" he drawled off looking for his digital clock. "…7:43 am?"

Riku shook his head in disappointment, "First day of school man. Now hurry up and get your lazy ass-" he was cut off by Sora's frantic screaming. "Oh crap! I totally forgot! What the heck Riku! I told you to wake me up! We're gonna be late!" He said as he brushed his teeth and attempted to put his pants on, which ended in a faceplant.

"You mean you're going to be late. I'm leaving right now." Riku said as he walked out the door; one hand in his pocket, other with the car keys.

"No… Wait. Up! … Riku, c'mon!" Sora pleaded in between his morning tasks before school. Riku sighed, I'm gonna regret this… "I'll give you 5 minutes. If you're not down by then, I'm gone."


"Kairi dear, are you ready for school?" Her mother asked walking into her room. Kairi was brushing her ginger-red hair, her deep ocean blue eyes staring back at her in the mirror. She was fully dressed in her school uniform. The girls' uniform consists of a white, button up, collared, short sleeved shirt, a plaid blue skirt, white socks, and black shoes. "How are you this morning honey? Are you nervous?"

"I'm fine mom." Kairi replied smiling. She always had conversations like these with her mother. She was always so over-protective and sensitive, especially after her father died. She understood her mother's reasons fully, but chats like these do get tiresome. "Don't worry about me okay? It's not like I haven't been too school before."

"Yes, I know." She smiled at her daughter. She was grown up now; a young adult ready to face the world… Well, high school at least. "I just want to be sure that you're safe dear. I'll miss you and I love you." She said with a loving smile. Her hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"I know mom," she looked at her mother with bright, cheery eyes. She loved these moments with her mom, but she was going to be late if she stayed any longer. "I love you too, but I gotta go!" she scooped up her supplies, gave her mom a quick peck on the cheek, and dashed out the door.

Sora, now fully dressed, was twiddling around with a lock off hair. The boys' uniform had khaki pants and a white button up shirt. Simple, but added a mature look to the boy wearing the said clothes. Riku had the same thing on; the only difference was the blue striped collar and a tiny logo on his right arm. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors had something different in their uniform each year; Riku was a Junior.

"Riku, what's up with you? You're usually not this tense around, well, anything. I mean, I know you're not a morning person but something's definitely up." Sora leaned back, both of his hands behind his head; a habit he got used to when he was a child.

"Sora, Sora, Sora," Riku said as if lecturing him. Sora raised a brow, silently asking him to go on. "Listen buddy, being late on the first day is not good. Especially with teachers. You'll get marked down on their 'list' and they watch you like a hawk every day if you make a bad first impression. Trust me, I learned that the hard way." He turned his head to Sora at a red light. "You need to make sure you're prepared for any and every class got it? If not, you're total road-kill."

"Ehh, I wouldn't worry too much. I mean, I got you to help me out." Sora closed his eyes looking carefree. "besides, teachers? pffft. It all depends how you handle 'em. No my friend, I'm not worried at all."

"Hey, you know I'm not gonna be able to baby-sit you all day. I do have my own life. I'm going to let you handle everything your self." He said smirking a bit while driving into the school grounds.

"What!? That's totally unfair!" Sora pouted and his brow creased.

"Well, life's not supposed to be fair. Or easy. Think of it as part of the learning experience." Riku said ruffling Sora's hair and getting out of the car. "But don't get too down 'lil man. I'm always here for advice no matter what."

Sora grinned, "Now that's the best friend I know."

"Oh yeah, you gotta get your own ride aiite? 'Cause when you see me in school, I'mma be pickin up some ladies!" Riku and Sora laughed jokingly.

"ha-ha, ok Riku, wouldn't wanna mess up you're 'game plan'. But you suck when it comes to women." Sora said punching him lightly on the arm.

"Hey! Watch it, you're gonna put a dent my guns!" he flexed his muscles a little. They burst out laughing. "Besides, you've never seen my moves. Haha."

"Yup, I'm glad I haven't" Sora retorted, which earned him a smack. "Ow!"

"That's what you get when you're a smart ass. Anyway, let's get our schedules and I'll show you your homeroom. After that you're on your own."


Kairi on the other hand didn't have to drive to school because she lived so close. She enjoyed the serene walks to school, but in this case she had to run. She made it through the school gates and wandered to the gym to get her schedule and sign in.

She finally found the gym, got the necessary papers and schedule, and went on her way. While walking around campus, and she bumped into a girl. Well, crashed is the proper word I suppose…

"Ow!" The two girls said simultaneously. "Oh! I'm so sorry, are you okay?!

The girl Kairi saw had light brown hair held back by a yellow headband. The headband complemented her creamy, but tan complexion and bright green eyes.

"Whoa, that's creepy we talked at the same time. Hey we did it again!" They both giggled.

"Okay, well thanks for helping me pick up my stuff. I'm Selphie by the way." She stood up with her books in hand grinning. Her other hand extended forward for Kairi to help her up.

"I'm Kairi" She took her hand. "Thanks for helping me pick up my stuff." They giggled.

"I think we're gonna be good friends Kairi" Selphie smiled as they walked side by side.

"Yeah, me too! So, who do you have for homeroom, new friend?" She bumped into her lightly.

"Lemme check…" She said opening her schedule, bumping Kairi right back. "I have Mrs. Shandu. How bout you Kai?"

"Hold on, Selph." They smiled again. "I have Mr. Moumatle." She said looking up and down the list. "These teachers sure have weird names…"

"Yeah…" Selphie said looking at her own paper. "But that stinks; we don't have the same homeroom!"

"Yeah, but we'll still see each other! What's your elective?" Kairi asked hopefully.

"Only my most favorite thing in the world! Cooking!" Selphie said dramatically.

"We have that class together! You cook already? I'm just going there 'cause I don't know how to cook."

"Yeah! It's totally awesome! I love baking, getting messy, the smell of my creations! You're gonna love it Kai!" Selphie said with much enthusiasm in her voice.

"Can't wait! I'll see you then!" Right then the bell rang.

"Oh crap, where's our homeroom?!" They both shouted.

"Well mine is…all the way across campus!! But yours is…three doors down." Kairi said pointing behind Selphie.

"Thanks Kairi! I hope you're not late!" Selphie said running off to her class.

"Yeah, so do I." She yelled back sprinting off.

"Ok Sora, your homeroom is down the hall, turn right and it's the classroom two doors down. Got it?"

"Uhh…yeah…" He said a bit confused.

Riku sighed again. Sora's gonna die in high school. "Just look for room #A55 when you go to the right. I gotta go now…" he said turning away.

"Got it! I owe you big Riku!"

"Yeah, don't mention it. Hurry up and get your scrawny little ass to class! The bell's gonna ring soon." He said turning to his left.

Sure it is Riku, surre…heh he's just tryin' to freak me out. I bet I have all the time in the w-BRRRRRING!…damn he's good…where do I go a- His thoughts were once again interrupted, but this time by a girl.

Ow…Am I gonna fall on everyone today? I was almost there too! Ugh when I find out who I tripped on, they're so gonna get it! "Hey bub watch where you're going! Some of us-"

"Need to get off the floor and stop making a fool of themselves?" Sora answered arms crossed, unsure if he should help her or not.

"Yeah, I guess…so are you gonna help me up or not?" She asked the stranger very irritably.

"Sure, you wanna take a chill-pill first? Miss moody." He said with a grin. He piled her books in one hand and reached with his free hand open to her.

When she took his hand and got a better look at him she grinned playfully. "Yeah, yeah. You got a name mystery boy?" She said taking her books from his hand.

"I sure do."

There was a moment of silence between them.

"Well, you gonna tell me it or not?!" she asked haughtily.

"I figure you'll find out over time" he put his hands behind his head and smiled. She's feisty. hmm… she's got a nice bod' too. Haha…hormones.

"Whatever. Thanks for helping me I guess…But I gotta get to homeroom. See you around mystery boy." And she disappeared around the corner.

"Yeah sure, moody girl…" He stood there for about 5 minutes looking like a total dork. hmm. First day of school. Hott chick flirting with me...was she flirting with me? I wonder where her homeroom is. I think I'm gonna like school. I got no clue what Riku was worried about in the first place. This place is fun... BRRRIING!!Shoot! The second bell! …That's not good. Uhh...Where's my class again?

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