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Dawn sighed as she looked up at Dream Academy, her new school. Scratch that. Her new boarding school. She still didn't understand why her mom had to send her to a boarding school. It didn't really help that her stomach was in knots. Sighing again, Dawn pushed off on her bike, trying to find someone who could show her to the girls' dorm. Or the dorm itself. Whichever came first. Dawn noticed a girl in a bandana who seemed to be playing signpost. Score, thought Dawn. She jumped off her bike. "Excuse me?"

The girl turned away from an approaching boy and smiled at Dawn. "Do you want me to show you to the girls' dorm?"

"Please." Dawn smiled back. "Unless…"

"He knows his way around," she glanced over toward the boy before cutting Dawn off. "Let's go!" The girl got on her own bike, which had been leaning on a nearby table. Dawn followed suit and followed her. She faintly heard the boy shout, "Hey!" but she ignored him. When the girl stopped, she sighed. "Thanks."

"What for? I should be thanking you!"

"That guy back there has this really annoying habit of bragging about what he did over the summer to me. I don't really get why… I'm May, by the way."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Dawn." The two girls looked each other over. May's hair almost seemed to be in pigtails, but without the bands. It was brown, but a pretty, soft brown instead of the normal blunt color you call brown. Her bright blue eyes scanned Dawn's midnight blue hair and her satin scarf. Dawn noted they had the same color of eyes.

"What room are you in anyway?" May asked.

"Um…" (Dawn checked her card) "…number 326."

"Oh my gosh! That means we're roommates! Just to let you know, each room has five girls in it. I've been here for three years. This is your first year, right?" Dawn nodded. "Okay, a few survival rules – never leave anything with your bike, try to put your name on everything that's not clothing or your Pokémon, and don't eat anything that you don't trust is food – I swear some of the 'sauces' are glue!"

Dawn burst out laughing. "Thanks," she smiled. May grinned. "How does this school work, though?"

"All right, let me guess. You're a bit confused by why the application form asked Trainer, Coordinator, or Breeder?"

"Among other things…"

"Right. Well, whichever one you chose only affects one class, and in the first week, we sign up for the rest of our classes, so if you chose the wrong one, you can change it. We have a lot of free time in week one."

"I'm not worried about what I chose. Just how it affects me." The girls stopped in front of the door to their room. Dawn looked at the electronic lock in mild confusion.

"'Kay, written rule number two. It's easier to explain this school as you go, by the way, so I'll tell you how it works as we go along. Your ID card is your key to everything. It's your payment method as well in the shops. Just slide it like this…" May slid her card through the lock. The light blinked green, and the girls walked in. They noticed in the bed closest to the door, a pink-haired girl was typing away on her laptop. "Hey, Brianna," May greeted her as Dawn shut the door. "Summer all right?"

"Nothing worth mentioning," the girl named Brianna replied looking up. Brianna had long, wavy hair that had brown streaks in it. She also had the most amazing navy blue eyes – they looked like they'd been streaked with silver. She smiled. "Unless you count my dad trying to ship me off to any and every camp that would take me. Oh, hello. Who are you?"

"I'm Dawn. Nice to meet you."

"Who've we got in our room this year?" May asked. As Dawn set herself up, listening to May and Brianna chat, she wondered if she could make this place home. She was new here, after all, and everyone else seemed to know each other already. I'm the outsider here. But she realized she didn't need to make it home, she needed to make it work. And once it works, it will become home. With people like May and Brianna, how can it not?

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