…. Finding that I could not find fanfic on this character, I decided to do a short drabble.

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Title: Life Is…

Author: Shadow/Phantomness

Rating: PG

Warnings: None, unless you count spoilers for Naruto Movie 2

Summary: Temujin reflects

Temujin isn't sure how to live.

He knows he put on a brave face, after that Naruto kid pulled him out of the black hole, sailed away with the other children, but it's been so long – how will he know if he's doing it right?

He eats, and sleeps, and breathes, but is that enough?

He hasn't thought of anything except Haido's dream world of peace, but now he knows that that isn't really true.

You cannot gain peace by force.

He may not have much, he thinks, as he sits on the wood planking, watching his friends scurry around, but he has enough, and even without the Gelel stones…

He thinks he can keep going.

Maybe that is the life Naruto gave back to him.

End Fic

Completed 7/19/07

Temujin is that little green-eyed blond-haired kid in armor in the Naruto movie with the Gelel stones.

… I am such a dork. Sighs Too much English Literature analysis…