Johan: The Music Teacher

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Summary: When the Academy's Music Concert starts, Judai and the gang are told that they have to participate in the concert so the Academy can upgrade the Sliffer Dorm. Counselor Shepard(don't know his Japanese name) gives Chronos the job of teaching the kids how to play the instruments and how to sing, only problem is that none of them knows how to play an instrument. Solution? Bring in Johan.

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Pairings: Johan/Judai- Jesse/Jaden

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"You want us to do WHAT?!"

Screamed Judai. That morning him, Asuka, Sho, Kenzan, Rei and Manjoume were called into Chronos office.

"You heard me. You will be entering the Academy's Music Concert." said Counselor Shepard. He was in Chronos office along with Napoleon and Chronos himself.

Judai and the gang were in shock. Non of them knew much about music, let alone play an instrument.

"But why do you want us to play in the concert, Counselor Shepard? Isn't it supposed to be optional?" asked Asuka after recovering from the shock. Most of them already were recovering from the shock too.

"Yes but you see, a lot of the Sliffer students are complaining about how cold its getting in the dorms because winter is coming. We are lacking a bit of money and can't repair the ac in the Sliffer Dorms. So we need you kids to play in the Concert to raise enough money to fix the ac." explained Counselor Shepard.

"But why us?! I don't know a thing about music and last time I checked I wasn't a great singer either!" said Judai. The others nodded in agreement. None of them have ever played an instrument.

Chronos and Napoleon snickered. Seeing the reactions on the kids faces was priceless!

"That is why Chronos and Napoleon will be teaching you." Said Shepard with a smile. "What?!" Screamed Chronos and Napoleon. " Counselor Shepard you must be joking right?! We don't know a thing about playing instruments either!" yelled Chronos. Him and Napoleon were in as much shock- or even more- as the kids.

"Don't worry I already have someone who will teach them how to play the instruments and how to sing. He is very talented. He can play a whole bunch of instruments to perfection. And his singing is astounding. He can also write marvelous songs." said Shepard. Now everyone was curious.

"Who is he Counselor Shepard?" asked Judai with excitement. He couldn't wait meet this guy. He must be very talented to be able to do all of those things.

"Oh I'm sure you know him very well." Exclaimed Shepard with a smile. He could see Judai turn even more curious and exited than before.

"Please tell me Counselor Shepard! Who is this guy?" said Judai. The others were curious as well. Suddenly, the door opened. " That guy is standing right behind you, and he has a name too you know."

Everyone turned around in shock except Shepard who already knew who it was. After all, he did tell him to come over.

"JOHAN?!" Everyone yelled in shock. Especially Judai.

Johan smirked. "That's more like it."


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