It hadn't taken as long as expected for the basement door to fly open. Jackie jumped slightly, holding tighter to Nichole. No matter how much she was expecting to see them, it was almost hard for her to believe that she was once again looking at her old friends… Donna spotted her and grew wide eyed, knowing who she was right away.

"Jackie?" She asked, making sure that she wasn't seeing things. "What are you? I mean… Well hi." It wasn't hard to tell that she had no idea what to say. Jackie smiled, getting up and hugging her.

"It's been a while." She said, Eric and Kelso where the next ones in the basement. She smiled at Eric, and nodded at Kelso. "I'm glad to see you all again… It's been a long time…"

It was easy to see all eyes making there way to the child huddled behind her mother. She seemed nervous. Jackie took hold of her, setting her on her lap. "Nichole, honey, say hello." She spoke. "She's… she's my daughter…"

Donna seemed surprised, unlike Kelso. Eric merely cocked an eyebrow. "I left when I found out that I was pregnant with her…"

"Does that mean she's Hyde's?" Donna asked, sitting on the couch next to Jackie and stroking Nikki's hair.

Jackie looked to Kelso again, as did everyone else when they saw her wandering eyes.

"I'm not sure…" She stated. "I think that she is though…"

"She looks like him…" Donna responded. Kelso gave a shrug.

"I don't know, I think she looks a little like me- Ouch!" He yelled at the feeling of Eric stomping on his foot.

"I agree with Donna." Eric said. "Has Hyde seen her yet?" He asked. Jackie nodded briefly.

"He walked out on me… He doesn't want her… I mean, he seemed happy at first… But now he doesn't want her…"

Donna nodded slightly, putting an arm around her friend. "Enough about me," Jackie said, "What about you, Donna, you have a tummy!"

"About three months." Donna said with a smirk, "I was so happy when I found out…"

Jackie gave a smile back, chuckling under her breath. "Can I hold her?" Donna asked, Jackie nodded, setting little Nichole on her lap, she looked up at Donna, muttering the word hello under her breath. "Hi there," Donna said back, a large smile growing on her face. Jackie looked to her friend,

"Don't forget that I said I wanted to go baby shopping with you a few years ago, that hasn't changed."

"Sounds fun," Donna said, not sounding nearly as annoyed with Jackie as she had been about five years ago, she was happy to see her old friend again… her best friend…

"Where is Hyde?" Eric asked looking out the basement door.

"Probably not coming today…" Jackie said. "I think that he's mad at me… I said before, he doesn't think that she's his…"

"It's sad…" Said Donna, "He always gets this way when he thinks that people are going to mope about something… he did the same thing when we lost Kasey…" Jackie pulled herself up, looking eye to eye with Donna.

"What?" She asked, "What happened to Kasey?" She looked over to Kelso next, waiting for someone to give her a response.

"Killed himself when he was drunk…" Said Kelso under his breath, "About a year ago…"

Tears started to run down Jackie's eyes.

"Why the hell? Why would he do that?" Nichole looked at her mother, she had never heard her curse before.

"No one knows…"

Jackie looked up at the door to see who had spoken.

"Steven… You came back…" She said in a whisper.