Summer Wind
Chapter 1

Naruto was a reckless and foolish boy. Always had been, always would be. But this day he was being particularly idiotic. He had been running an errand for Godaime which involved grabbing some old files from the backrooms, when he had come across a crumbling old scroll that had fallen behind one of the file cabinets. The label on the scroll had taken him a while to figure out, as it was faded and written in overly artistic hand writing, but he made out the words "dangerous" and "powerful" and as reckless as he was he stashed it in one of his inside pockets, grabbed the files he had been sent to fetch and hurried on his way. If they had been so careless as to misplace it, it couldn't have been that important could it? So what did it matter if Naruto took it home for a few nights to give it a look over?

He hurried through the rest of his chores, moaning and whining every time Tsunade gave him another one. When she finally let him go, an unnecessarily long time later, he rushed home without making any of his usual pit stops, but once he reached home he managed to hold off his excitement for a quick dinner of cup ramen. There was always time for ramen.

After his meal, his tongue still burning from the rush with which he ate, he plopped onto his bed and pulled out the scroll. Fingers trembling with anticipation he broke the wax seal and pulled the scroll open, the long paper spanning the entire width of his bed. The writing was the same curling script as what was on the outside, but without any of the fading as the label. He struggled through the first lines, but as he grew accustomed to the old script he began to fall deeper into the reading, leaning forward unconsciously as the description and warnings of the jutsu pulled him in. Unfortunately, the warnings of anything deeper than the threat of death were too subtle and metaphoric for a mind such as Naruto's to understand, and a reckless mind is always willing to taunt death.

After reading the description and rules several times over Naruto was so entranced by the idea of performing such an amazing jutsu he had all but forgotten the cautions, and was so excited to try it he jumped immediately to work.

I could really impress Ero-sennin and the Old Lady if I could pull this off… he thought excitedly, as he bit his thumb and started making the symbols on his floor.

By the time he was done the signs covered most of his apartment's visible floor and he was feeling lightly faint from the blood loss. Smiling with pride at his work, Naruto stood in the middle of the spiraling design.

This is so exciting…I wonder what'll happen!

And without exploring that very idea of what might happen, Naruto went through the near-fifty hand symbols required, his fingers aching from the many twists they had to make, and then with a light sweat beading his forehead, he slammed his palm to the floor. Smoke filled the little apartment, and wind suddenly burst up from the seams of his floor and lashed violently, knocking Naruto off his feet and into his table, toppling it over.

Still being violently thrashed by the wind, Naruto suddenly felt his stomach cramping painfully, and the skin of it burned as though on fire. He clutched his stomach, doubling over in pain, finally wondering if maybe he should have heeded those warnings, clenching his teeth so hard they almost cracked, his nails ripping his clothing as he clutched them. It lasted an eternity of a few minutes, and then the wind and burning faded, leaving him panting on the floor, sweat and tears falling down his face. Forcing himself onto his hands and knees he crawled weakly to his bed and collapsed on it before he could see what else had faded.

So, that's my little teaser prologue. (though, thanks to story summaries you probably already know where this is going...) This story will be updating weekly for twenty three weeks. Expect much romance, drama, angst and humor to come. I thank you for your interest, and in advance for any reviews you see fit to give me.

Angel Lucifel