Summer Wind

A demon does two things but once in his extensive lifetime, and that is to love and to shed tears. The great fox demon Kyuubi did both after a single summer, and over one young human ninja. Those demons that witness these things, if any do, say nothing, for they either remember what they learned from their same moment, or think on what will bring them to such states. So Kirie watched his companion as they headed home—tears falling down Kyuubi's regal face, botching it with an almost exclusively human expression. Kirie mused over his own love, and doubted not that Kyuubi would be the one to bring sobs from his chest when the time came.

Kyuubi went home, and indeed his memory never faded. Every night he stayed up thinking of his love and loving him. The demon world had no seasons; it was always hot there, always as it had been when Kyuubi and Naruto had shared those incredible months together, an eternal reminder of an eternal memory.

Naruto and Sasuke were happy, bound together with the same conviction that they were each other's greatest joy. And though they stayed bright compared to others, as with all human memory the memories of that time with Kyuubi faded slightly, and Naruto would go for days without thinking on the demon that had once dwelled within and then with him.

But if ever his memory became too dull, summer would come around, and the warm wind would whisper in his ears the story that had been written upon it, and remind him of what he could not let go. And at least for the summer, the memories would become bright again, but come winter time they might again become dull. That was as Kyuubi wanted it, though, as was best—for the memories to not always be so strong, or else he was afraid he might interfere too greatly with Naruto's happiness, which forever came first in his mind.

When Naruto did think of his long-ago friend it was with fondness, and often sorrow, and always he missed him. Occasionally he could not fight his human instinct and doubted his choice, wondered what could have been. He wondered much, sometimes.

Kyuubi never wondered. He never faltered in his knowledge that he knew whom he loved most, never for a moment thought he could love anyone as much, although for the sake of Naruto, he went on living and sought some purpose. Kyuubi went on living for a long, long time with his memories always as clear and solid as his love.

Naruto lived to be everything he aspired, and remained, happily, with Sasuke always, and died one summer many years later, still believing that the sky moved far too slowly.


Dedicated to the summer

Written over summer 2007

And now my last note to all of you. Summer Wind is my Pride and Joy Fanfiction. It's full of fluff, humor, drama and romance—everything I love. Naruto and Kyuubi make such a powerful couple, and I was so happy I was able to this how I wanted.

Not only is this my favorite fanfiction, one of my favorite writings of all time really, but for me it is a tribute to summer. I wrote over this summer, when I was making memories, and reflecting and that's what this story will always represent to me, and I hope you all will read it in love of summer memories as well.

It's been beautiful hearing from you all week after week, I can't begin to tell you how much appreciate all the love and support. I'm so happy people enjoyed this story, I hope the ending is satisfying, no matter what you were hoping for or expecting.

It's been a blast. Good night.

Angel Lucifel