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Summary: After hitting her head hard, Hinata can only say the word 'Nyuu' and acts like a child! Can her friends get her back to normal, and do they want to? And what plans does her family have for her?

It all started when Tsunade assigned Team 8 the B-ranked mission of escorting a few workers from the Hidden Stone village to Konoha. A group of rogue ninja attacked Team 8 and Kurenai. Though Kiba, Shino, and Kurenai were fine, one ninja grabbed Hinata by surprise and attempted to execute Front Lotus (Lee's jutsu, if you don't know) on her. Unfortunately, the ninja had dived off a cliff to make his taijutsu stronger, and smashed his head on a cliff rock. Hinata did not receive the full impact, but banged her head on the rock. Kurenai managed to knock out the remaining ninja unconscious, and Kiba and Shino went to rescue Hinata. Shino used his bugs to lift Hinata onto the cliff.

"Hinata! Hinata, are you ok?" Kiba asked. He shook Hinata's shoulders. Hinata opened her eyes and stared at Kiba.

"Nyuu?" said Hinata. Shino narrowed his eyes behind his glasses.

"Hinata. It's us. Are you alright?" Shino asked. Hinata smiled.

"Nyuu!" She hugged Kiba and Shino together. Akamaru barked. Hinata smiled and bent down to tickle the dog's nose.

"Nyuu nyuu!" Kurenai looked over at Hinata.

"Is Hinata injured?" their sensei asked.

"No, but she hit her head," said Kiba. Hinata waved at Kurenai.

"Nyuu!" Then Hinata frowned. She stood up and looked around, then bent over and clutched her stomach. Hinata wobbled around for a few moments. "Nyuu."

"Nyuu, nyuu," said Hinata. She sat down on the ground, legs apart.

"Ahh…" sighed Hinata. Kiba and Shino looked at each other, then looked at the yellow puddle slowly spreading under Hinata.

"Nyuu…" Kurenai quickly pulled Hinata over to a river and removed Hinata's pants. As her sensei began washing her soiled clothing, Hinata played in the river.

"Nyuu?" Hinata asked. She cupped some water in her hands.

"That's water, Hinata," said Kurenai. Hinata beamed.

"Wa-ter. Nyuu!" Later that evening, the team and the workers were sitting around a fire eating onigiri for dinner. Hinata held one in her hand and stared at it.

"That's onigiri. It's your dinner, Hinata," Kiba said.

"Nyuu!" Hinata said. She picked up her rice ball and started cramming it into her mouth.

"You eat it like this," Kiba showed Hinata how to hold the onigiri, with the seaweed bottom in his hand. Hinata looked at Kiba's onigiri and opened her mouth wide.

"Ahh…" said Hinata. She looked at her teammate.

"Oh, fine," replied Kiba. Hinata smiled and took a bite of Kiba's rice ball. When Kurenai and Shino had set up the tent (Kiba was teaching Hinata words their names), they found out Hinata didn't even know how to get into her sleeping bag.

"Nyuu, Kurenai!" exclaimed Hinata. She gave her sensei a hug.

"Kiba, Shino, nyuu!" Hinata group-hugged Kiba and Shino.

"Good night."

"Good night."

"Good night."



I know this chapter was kind of slow, but I wanted to just have a small chapter at the beginning. It'll be funnier and have more characters in the next chapter, but unless I can work around this 2-hours-of-computer-maximum-per-day-during-summer rule that my Mom has set up, you'll have to wait till tomorrow or later for the next chapter. Sorry, I want to write or read this story too!

You might be wondering why the genre of the fic is romance/ humor. I'm planning to have a mini love triangle with Hinata, but yes, she'll be with someone at the end. It will be more obvious who in the later chapters. Oh, and sorry for not making Shino speak more. A lot of this chapter is based off the first episode of Elfen Lied, which, btw, does have a character named Nyuu who hits her head and becomes childish and can only say 'Nyuu'. And I don't own the peeing thing nor the onigiri thing. Thank you, whoever made Elfen Lied! All credit for the funny parts (in this first chapter) goes to him or her. See ya, and please review! Thanks! –J.D.