Chapter Twelve

Paris 1919

Diana looked upon Christine Daa'e's grave. She felt a tear fall down her cheek as she recalled Erik's instructions to her.

He had precisely asked her to lay a rose, with the ring and a black ribbon attached to it, on her grave.

She remembered smiling at him, holding his hand, as he talked of their life they had shared together.

She remembered their marriage, which took place in the church in the town where they had first met.

She remembered all the wonderful times they shared, the happiest years of her life.

She remembered when they first met, and how she begged God to show her His' plan.

All these memories brought joy to her heart.

"I will be with you soon, my love", she thought.

She remembered how her and Erik made a living by writing music, and performing it.

In all her life, she never thought she would end up so happy.

She missed him more than words could say, but knew he was in heaven, for His love for God was and is strong.

With tears in her eyes, she laid the rose down, and walked away.

"Thank you God, for bringing Erik into my life. Thank you for letting us share such a wonderful life together. Thank you for showing me your Amazing Grace, amazing love, amazing compassion. You are God alone."

Author's Note:

Thank you all for reading my story. It was a pleasure to write. I do hope you enjoyed it, and I know it could have been much better, but this is my first, REAL story, and I am only 14, so give me some slack, lol. Thank you all, and God bless you!