Sunset Lagoon
Rating: T
Summary: The 10th Doctor and Rose visit a tropical lagoon and, naturally, find trouble.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

The Doctor broke the surface in an explosion of spray, water rushing out and back in a roar around him as he came up for air. Whipping his head quickly from side to side, flinging droplets from his laden hair, he cleared his eyes of water and whooped in delight.

"Come on, Rose! The water's fantastic!"

"No thanks."

Frowning at the impossibly uninterested tone in response to his invitation, the Doctor peered over at the large glittering rock bathed in the baking rays of the sun. Rose lay on top of it, eyes closed, basking in the heat. Like a lizard on a thermal rock, she was. A grin stole across his face as he imagined Rose with scales. And maybe a long, forked tongue. Wouldn't that be interesting!

Well, perhaps for a day. No, he'd keep Rose just how she was now, which was in a maroon bikini that sported curves and stretches of creamy skin. "You didn't want to come here just to lie in the sun, did you? What's the point of going somewhere tropical if you're not going to swim?"

Without so much as a blink in his direction, Rose responded evenly, "Do you know how long it's been since I've had a proper tan?"

"No, but I don't see why you need it. Besides, you can get a tan just fine from in the water," said the Doctor, as if instructing a child.

"What do you know, anyway!"

The Doctor pressed his lips together and waded towards her shrine of a rock and splashed it.

"Oi!" Rose sat up, flinging water off herself.

"What's wrong with a bit of water?" the Doctor grouched, wading further towards the bank and getting out. His navy blue swim trunks dripped unending streams of water, and as he approached the rock, Rose's eyes went wide.

"Oh, don't you dare. Stay away!"

The Doctor grinned merrily. "I'm getting you wet, there's no escaping it."

Rose scuttled backwards and stood up. "Not fair!"

"Either chuck yourself in, or I push. Your choice."

"You wouldn't."

"I would."

"Doctor, there's no telling what's in that water!"

"I... scanned it," the Doctor lied, "it's harmless, now get in!"

Rose resembled a trapped animal, crouching down at the edge of the rock, the Doctor's entirely too wet body blocking off her path of escape further inland. She glared back over her shoulder at the offending plane of water.

"Last chance," the Doctor warned.

"Stuff it."

"Right, here we go." The Doctor advanced, tipping a squealing Rose off the rock, but she reached out and secured the Doctor's arm, pulling his weight after her.