AN: This is based off of a real-life experience (minus no-one being there), so it may not be very funny, but... Just tell me if you want me to continue, ok?


"Calm down!"

"Let me go!" Confused and disoriented, he continued to struggle against his captors. His entire being was fuzzy, and it was difficult to cling to any thoughts at all. He'd obviously been knocked out and kidnapped. And now they were trying to subdue him? Fat chance. He was a skinny teenager, but he was far from helpless.

"Hiwatari-kun, control yourself!" Finally, using three of the larger men, they had him pinned against a plastic-covered chair.

"What do you want with me?" he demanded, still putting up a token struggle against the white-clad men.

"Hiwatari-kun," the oldest started patiently, "You're alright. You're at the dentist." Confusion played across the youngest's face. "We just got finished taking out your wisdom teeth. As soon as the sedative wears off, you're free to leave." Satoshi's eyes flashed in realization when he recalled exactly what was going on.

Satoshi had sat in that chair. As he had been ordered, he hadn't eaten or drank for the past eight hours. So here he was, sitting in that sanitized chair, in a room so clean, the bleached smell was making his empty stomach queasy. And why was he enduring this?

It was simple; he needed to get his wisdom teeth removed.

The doctor had finally come in, did some talking with the nurse, and set up the vitals. Then he had been connected in three places to a heart monitor, and getting his blood pressure checked. The IV went in and the blue-haired male didn't even flinch. Then there was a sensation of shooting up and next thing he knew, he was being held down by oral surgery staff.

"Oh." Well, this was awkward. "My apologies."

"It's fine," the surgeon waved it off easily, "Most people wake up disorientated, so this wasn't too bad. Although, we didn't think you'd be so combative, Hiwatari-kun, or so strong. I'm quite impressed."

"Thank you." Feeling better, he tried to stand, only to be caught by one of the doctors that had been holding him down. The poor man had scratches on his arm.

"You should rest a while. When can we expect someone to pick you up?"

"They're not," Satoshi admitted, feeling quite weak and stupid. "I didn't think the anesthetic would affect me this much. I was going to walk home."

The graying man shook his head. "That will not do. Is there someone you can call?"

He ran through the mental list. His father would be no good, he'd promised the driver he could have the day off today. There went the mental list; he went to the cell phone. Police? No. Relative in Sweden? No. Taxi? … No, that would involve him spending money he didn't have. Niwa? He scrolled down, only to be brought back to the top. Damn. Ok, pride or stay in this smelly hospital all day?

"Hiwatari-kun," that antagonizing man chimed in, "It would be best to leave soon. By the time you get out of the pharmacy, you'll be needing those pain killers."

Damn. Niwa it was.


"Yes, Niwa?"

"Hiwatari-kun? What is it?"

"I… need a ride."

The doctor had been right, he did need those pain killers.