(A/N: This is extremely AU and all characters are made up by me. I don't own Power Rangers, don't sue. This is a really different sort of fiction than I'm used to writing but I got inspiration for it by listening to a song and its also based on someone very special to me. Please read and enjoy a special point of view in a unique twist on a childhood series of mine. Rest assured…mature themes and thought provoking points abound.)

Chapter One: 99 Theses

A black cloaked figure walked the streets, shoulders hunched over, and her head swiveling from left to right as if she were in danger. The sky overhead booms with thunder as the heavy thunder clouds threaten to storm. A cool wind blows through the streets ruffling the figures' cloak as a few rebellious strands of red hair peek out of the hood. She halts her morose parade in front of a hero's shrine. A gold statue, four figures, the Dino Thunder Rangers. She quickly produces a long scroll of parchment and a hammer with a nail. She nails the Parchment to the shrine and hurriedly scampers away.

It reads:

" "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

My dear citizens, our founding fathers wrote these bold words when faced with religious, political, and economic tyranny and now we ourselves are faced with the same circumstances. Unfortunately, our founding fathers would be ashamed to know how we have allowed it to happen to ourselves. There is no external threat to liberty and freedom…this time it comes from within. From people masquerading as Champions of the people, people who take advantage of those different than others and if things do not change…we will find ourselves slaves. Who am I to prescribe such a morose prognosis? My name is Kismet. I hate normality, mediocrity, and the status quo. If you underestimate me, I will take you down. I am second to none. I am Me.

My dear citizens, we live in one of the worst places to ever live, at least in my opinion. People here are so self-righteous, so mired in hypocrisy, so blinded by faith that they have almost forgotten how to think for themselves…or perhaps that is humanity in general. This city is home to some of the worst organizations ever to exist. We, dear citizens, have let the Mafia, the Illuminati, the Free Masons, the KKK, the Catholic Church, and the Neo-Nazis infiltrate our dear city. Though they are a pox on our city, they are nothing compared to the true cancer. The cancer I speak of parades around in yellow, red, black and blue colored spandex and giant metal dinosaurs pronouncing judgment on those whose opinions and goals differ from their own and then destroying said individuals.

Who has the right to take away another's life? No one, unless they are divine, and that is exactly what these mortals calling themselves Power Rangers have done. No one asked them to protect this city, no one asked them to destroy the so called "monsters" that exist in this city, they simply believe because they have the power to destroy them that it makes them automatically on the side of Right and Justice. I contend that THEY ARE THE MONSTERS. I say this because they make no attempt to understand the so called "monsters". They simply destroy just like the "monsters" they seek to annihilate.

Hypocrisy, I hate it, and so much else abounds because the citizens of this city worship these Power Rangers as if they were gods. I see through their lies, and…I will stop them. I will be the Champion of the Monsters and avenge the grave injustices done to them. Their blood cries out to me from the ground demanding vengeance. Their echoing death screams haunt my dreams. I cannot rest any longer while this injustice is sanctioned. I must fight it. I will don the Forbidden Armor and fight these spandex wearing gods. They are warriors, warriors fight, and what fights……can be killed. This is my declaration to all, their tyranny is at an end. I formally declare war on The Power Rangers. I am the Equalizer. I am Justice. I am Vengeance. I am the Blood of the Slain. I am Strength. I am Intelligence. I am Cunning. I am Power. I am Evolution. I am Kismet."

Slowly a crowd gathers around the parchment perplexed at its words. Their meaning lost and the message falls on deaf ears. One sole reader, one different from the rest understands. This white trench coated figure smirked, his long black hair getting in his way "and so the game…begins". He smirks and walks off.

Suddenly, the alarm sounds. Shop windows break as a part bird, part speaker, and part flower monster screams. Its feathers fluff as it takes another big breath and screams once more shattering cars and buildings alike.

At the high school three teens sit at their desks. One is a brown haired teen wearing a bright red shirt and blue jeans with a peculiar wrist band on his left arm, that contained a red gem. He is semi-muscular and is obviously a jock. His name is Joseph, but others settle for J. A female, with long blonde hair and a figure that most guys lusted after, rose from the desk as soon as she heard the alarm. She was dressed in a black short skirt with a bright yellow tube top and on her left wrist was a peculiar wrist band, but this one contained a yellow gem. Her name was Rachel, but her nick name was Rue. A skinny but intense eyed individual dressed in a dark blue shirt with black jeans rose in suit and headed off. He was tough, thick skinned and thick headed to the bone. On his left wrist was the same strange wristband but this one had a blue gem in it. His name was Trent, but most just called him Spike. Lastly, a boy dressed in all black stood, his wristband was the same as the others but with a black gem and his black hair hung down in front of his eyes drooping. His name was Jason, but most called him Jase. He stood and followed the others out. Strangely no one noticed and continued panicking from yet another Monster attack.

"it's really depressing that no one notices we all leave at the same time during the monster attacks, you'd think intelligent people would start to suspect something. Makes me really doubt why we are protecting these people." Jase said darkly as the rangers headed behind the school.

"Yeah…maybe they are really idiots…or perhaps they suspect…but have no proof and are too smart to bring up such a ludicrous thought without a shred of evidence." Joseph said always the first to be optimistic.

"whatever, lets just get this over with." Rue said rolling her eyes.

All their wristbands turned into morphers, a head of a tyrannosaurus appeared on J's wrist, a head of a pterodactyl appeared on Rue's wrist, a head of a triceratops appeared on Spike's hand and a head of a brachiosaurus appeared on Jase's wrist. They all flourished their morphing movements

"DINO THUNDER POWER UP!" they said in unison as they pressed a button on their morphers activating their link to the morphing grid.

All four Dino Thunder rangers appeared in front of the monster "Yah! You're days are over!" J said as he launched himself at the monster swinging his tyranno staff.

Sparks flew out of the monsters' chest, and Rue sprung into action slashing at it with her Ptera grips making more sparks fly. Spike charged the monster and stabbed him with his Tricera shield.

Finally, Jase took his Brachio staff and formed a circle in the air "Brachio staff! Energy orb! FULL POWER!" he said as he hit the glowing purple lightning orb at the monster. The monster screamed as it was enveloped in the energy orb. It exploded into sparks as it fell onto the ground.

"Yeah! We did it!" all the rangers said as they slapped high fives.

A red headed female figure watched from the shadows "its time." She said merely.

She was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a black halter top. She reached into her pocket and drew out a conch looking item. She held it next to her forearm and said "Armor release!" the conch dissolved into a black mist and settled down over her. Her lithe form disappeared under the layer after layer of armor and cybernetics. After her transformation, she looked more male than female and more cybernetic than man. She clenched her fist, feeling the raw unrestrained power and knowledge of martial arts flowing through her veins. She stepped out into the open streets

"Rangers…you're time is at an end." She said but was surprised.

Instead of her normal voice it appeared heavily modified, heavily dampened and heavily unnatural It's perfect…she thought as she smirked and drew out from her leg sheath a long sword made of a green crystalline substance. "I am a force of Evolution…..I am the gods will….." she clenched her other fist preparing for battle "I am Kismet."