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Title: Humility
Author: Shadow/Phantomness
Pairing: Championshipping (Lance x Red)
Fandom: Pokémon
Theme: #1, Humility

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Shogakukan Comics. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Thank you. *Phantomness bows*

Notes: for telepathy, ** for thoughts, italics if a pokemon talks

Warnings: Het

It seems inconceivable, but Red really does not like to show off. Certainly, she is Champion of the Kanto League, so technically the strongest trainer in the Kanto region, but only the Elite Four truly know her, and only she knows them.

No mere wandering Trainer could even come close to guessing how they really are. That's good.

Those gossip magazines don't know the truth either.

Lance holds her close, and Red hisses.

"Shh…" The Dragon Master croons. "I know it hurts." He places his hands on her body, and Red sighs, watching blue light seep from her lover's fingertips. The wounds she sustained in her battle against some upstart challenger from Saffron City fade away almost instantly.

"You should have yelled at him more."

"I didn't want to." Red bites her lip, before continuing. "But he was being cruel to his pokemon."

"It is not an uncommon occurrence, Champion." Her husband chides. "I would have done more than shout."

"But then I would be sinking to his level." She frowns. That is not nice!

"Perhaps," Lance places a chaste kiss on Red's lips, before he stands. "Well, I have work to do now."

"Can I come and keep you company?"

He arches an eyebrow. "Certainly…"

They sit there, quietly, and as Lance runs his fingers through her dark hair, he is happy, because…

Even if Red is sometimes too modest, it's nice to have her around. Of course, nice is relative, so perhaps he should say exciting.

Red agrees, as her fingers trail down Lance's chest; and the Dragon Master only chuckles before pulling her into a proper kiss.

Needless to say, paperwork is not a priority at this moment.

End Fic

Completed 10/18/16

Edited 5/12/09

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