Note: Everything except the very end has been taken directly from the manga, with a little from the anime.


"I missed you so much, Raito-kun!" Misa leaned towards him as best as she could without propping herself up; her hands were handcuffed behind her back, as were Raito's.

"Misa." he muttered, leaning away from her teary, sparkly eyes just a little bit. The car they were in began to pick up speed. They turned to the driver.

"What's going on, Dad?" Raito asked, face set with worry.

"HUH?! DAD?!" Misa interjected, blushing slightly in embarrassment. "Oh no, Raito. I called your father a stalker..." She said in a tone that suggested she was a five-year-old who was confessing to have committed some horrible deed.

"Are we finally being cleared and released...?" But if they were to be freed, wouldn't Aizawa or his father already have removed their handcuffs? So if that wasn't it, were they being moved somewhere else for another confinement?

"No..." Damn. "Right now you two are..." Only slightly pained hesitation showed in his voice. "being taken to your execution. An underground facility has been set up and your executions will be carried out in secret. I volunteered to take you there..."

"Execution? What are you talking about Dad?!" His doeish eyes were wide with horror. Would his own father... Would he really...?

Next to him, Misa gasped, "What?! You're joking, right?! Dad... Ha ha..." She gave a pathetic little laugh that seemed to indicate that this was the worst joke she had ever heard.

Raito tensed, but tried to listen over the sound of the car--which was accelerating again--as his father said, "L has concluded that Raito Yagami is Kira and Misa Amane is the second Kira. He's declared that once you two are executed, the Kira killings will end."

Raito was silent for a few seconds, absorbing this. Then, "I thought the killings had already stopped..."

"No, they continue."

"They do?" That's not what I was told..."

"L was probably keeping it from you to procure a confession. That's of no importance to you now." What!? Of no importance? Of course that was important! If the Kira killings had started again, even while both he and Misa were in confinement, under tight surveillance, and receiving no news of the outside world, then shouldn't that be proof enough that they weren't either of the Quires? And what about a trial or something at the least...?

"L has promised that your deaths will stop the killings, and the police and government have agreed to his proposal. Kira will be eradicated in secret..."

"No way! Wait, Dad! I'm not Kira!!" Raito shouted, getting desperate.

Taking his outburst as some sort of signal, Misa also said, "Yeah, what are you thinking? He's your own son!"

With a sort of dooming finality, Souichirou said, "It's not my choice. It was L's. L controls the police. He's solved numerous cases and has never been wrong."

Flailing mentally for some argument, for something, Raito said, "Dad! You believe L over me?!"

"L is even saying that if this doesn't stop the killing, he will take responsibility and end his own life."

Raito positively gaped at him, eyebrows knitting together. "L... What is he thinking..." If Raito died and the killing didn't stop then L would end his own life...? But the killing wouldn't stop, and with L gone, there would be absolutely no hope of catching Kira. Why wasn't anyone questioning this?

"I understand that from the facts we have, this may seem like a reasonable assumption but... This is a mistake! L is making a mistake... Why would he come to a conclusion like this...?" No response from his dad. "Something's wrong here... This isn't like L at all... L has always solved his cases with hard evidence. Why would he let this one end like this?"

Abruptly, Raito's father jerked the wheel of the car, and both Misa and Raito, unable to stop themselves with their handcuffed hands, were dumped sideways onto the seat or--in Raito's case--slammed brutally into the window. The wheels of the car kicked up dust as it went down a small, barren hill. It jerked it's way over bumps and rocks, before screeching to a stop under an overpass.

"We're here."

"Where is this? Why did you bring us out to the middle of nowhere?" Raito asked, looking out of the window at the dead grass, litter, and setting sun, which seemed to paint the world in brilliant blood red hues.

"Oh! Are you letting us escape?!" Misa asked hopefully, leaning towards Souichirou. Raito's thoughts were just a bit more morbid. Was the place where they would be executed here somewhere?

"Yes... Nobody will see us out there..." Souichirou said, as if to himself. "I've brought you here instead of the execution ground... Raito..." Raito turned from looking out at the lowering sun, giving his father a questioning look. He noticed that, for the first time since they had been picked up, his father was actually looking at him.

"I'm going to kill you here and then kill myself."

He felt his chest constrict as he sat up straighter, tense. "What are you saying, Dad?!" Terror. For the first time he could remember, he felt true terror. "Y... You can't be serious...!!" His heart had sped up, and the blood was pounding loudly in his ears, but, oh gods, it didn't feel like he was breathing at all!

"Stop it! You're crazy!" Misa said, tears gathering in the corner of her eyes again. "Your child is Kira, so you'll kill him and kill yourself?! If you want to die, then die by yourself! Can't you even see that if you do that you'll be no different from Kira?!" She had spoken with real passion, but Raito's father seemed indifferent to it.

"No... I'm different than Kira..." He turned further towards them, and with real conviction in his words, his face, his eyes, said, "I have the responsibility of being his father and the police chief."

"AHHH!!! You're insane!!" Misa shrieked, the tears pouring down her cheeks now.

"Dad! Misa's right! If we die here, we'll never uncover the truth! We should run away! The truth might come out. No, I'll find the truth while running!" The constricted feeling in his chest tightened painfully while he said this--despite that he was clearly drawing air, he was panting and sweating and out of breath.

"It's too late, Raito..." Souichirou reached into his coat. "It's already been decided by those above me. You're dying either way. This way at least it'll be by my hand..." He pulled the gun fully from his coat.

Raito did his best to keep blinding panic from gripping him, finding himself again flailing in his thoughts for some sort of lifeline.

"Stop, Dad!" Raito yelled, voice shaking. "I swear I'm not Kira! If we die here, we'll fall right into Kira's trap! Don't you see that?!" What trap? He was just pulling stuff out his ass, trying to make his father see some amount of reason.

"Amane... Raito and I will die here, but I have no reason to kill you. The police will find this car soon. You'll be executed at the planned site..."

Sweating hard, still searching for some saving point, a temporary raft even, Raito said, "L-listen Dad! If we were Kira and the second Kira, then there's no way we'd let you kill us!" The gun was in his face now, and he was staring down the barrel. Oh gods, please let this work! Please! he thought desperately, addressing whatever higher beings might exist. "There are no witnesses here, if we were the Kiras, then..."

"Shut up." his father said, cocking the gun.


"Raito, we're both murderers. We'll see each other again in hell."

"NOOOO!!!" Misa screamed.


Blood sprayed the back seat and splashed across Misa's face. In the middle of Raito's forehead was a rather large hole, singed around the edges with blood leaking out, but the back of his head had been close to destroyed. Chunks of gray brain matter stuck against the back windshield, slipping sluggishly down to rest on the back of the seat. Raito himself slumped back into the cushions, the side of his head thunking dully against the window.

"R-Raito!!!" Misa screeched. From the speaker hidden above the rearview mirror, several gasps sounded.

Smoke rose mockingly from the gun.


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