Summary: A while back he thought he killed everyone but Sasuke, that is until he ran into her. The one little girl he had long forgotten. (ItachiXOCC, Uchihacest like thing)

Chapter One: Introductions

It was a celebration coming from Konoha, well that's what it sounded like when you were coming up close. When you enter the village you'll know it was a celebration, but for what exactly. Uchiha Sasuke's return was what, everyone was celebrating for his return and for Naruto bringing him back. All the now Jonins were all at the Hokage tower having a feast. Sasuke was sitting in between Sakura and Naruto, holding onto Sakura's hand. He had finally come back, and he came back for her. Even the Sand Siblings were there. Everything was going well until an ANBU appeared next to Tsunadae whispering something into her ear.

"What?! But that isn't possible the record said they were all killed by him, that there was only ONE SOLE survivor!" Tsunadae growled, everyone instantly grew silent, everyone already knowing what the subject was on…Uchiha Massacre. Sasuke kept his gaze on Tsunadae as she snapped at the ANBU, Sakura squeezed his hand in reassurance.

"Squad seven go to my office now!" Tsunadae roared standing from her seat and exited the banquet room, the three teens excused themselves and ran off after Tsunadae. Sakura having to pry Naruto's lips from Hinata's; in the Tsunadae's office a young teenager girl around 19 stood there. The young girl wore a black kimono with red flowers on it and a red Obi tied around her waist, dirt was smudged under both of her eyes and there was a band aide on her left cheek. She had black onyx eyes just like Sasuke did. She also had the coal black hair which went down to almost the middle of her back.

"Is this her?" Tsunadae asked looking up at the ANBU.

"Yes Hokaga-Sama." The ANBU said then took his leave shutting the door behind him.

"Mimi is sorry for any inconvenience. Mimi told the nice ANBU man that Mimi would wait until morning." The girl said her voice very childish for her age, Sakura saw Sasuke freeze before walking over to the girl placing his hands on her shoulders.

"Uchiha Mimi as in Uchiha Obito's younger sister?" Sasuke asked with pleading eyes holding back tears he didn't know he was.

"Hai, Sasuke-kun, Sasuke is not the only Uchiha left." Mimi smiled then was pulled into a hug.

"So the note my mom left for me was right, they got you out of the village in time…Who was it who got you out?" Sasuke asked the tears finally falling down freely Sakura and Naruto smilling.

"Mimi don't think Sasuke want to know…Persons name causes pain for many people." Mimi replied quietly her voice very sad.

"It was Itachi wasn't it?" Sasuke asked taking a step back from his older cousin looking down at her. Mimi only nodded sadly, Sasuke placed his hand on her head smiling now.

"I always wandered why he took a liking to you…Itachi did love you didn't he? That's one of the reasons why he did what he did, isn't it?" Sasuke asked.

"It's only a fraction of it…Itachi and Mimi grew apart and Sasuke know that, Mimi was dumb. Mimi was never good with Mimi's emotions…The main reason Itachi did what Itachi did was to protect Sasuke from Uchiha relatives." Mimi said, Sasuke chuckled.

"Looks as if you still have your speaking disorder." Sasuke said.

"Speaking disorder?" Tsunadae asked, Sasuke turning to her.

"When Obito died Mimi here was very young but she was close to her brother. When she heard of the news she began talking in third person but also refuses to say he, she, him, they and those other words. She'll say person, their last name or first name. It's quite normal for her. She was almost back to normal when she was put on the same genin squad as my brother. The two grew unnaturally close is what my father said. After he became an ANBU though, Mimi went back into depression and distanced herself from everyone again. Then the murders happened, but before they did I thought everything was going back to normal because I saw Itachi and Mimi together even though our parents and hers forbade them see each other…That's what I believe cause Itachi to go insane." Sasuke explained watching Mimi run over to the window when the fireworks began to go off.

"Why did they forbid them seeing each other?" Sakura asked curiously.

"They had fallen in love with each other and tried asking each side of the parents permission to marry. It was during a family reunion dinner, when they asked I remember everyone getting into an up roar. Father and Itachi actually got into a fist fight, Mimi disappeared for a couple nights before Itachi found her and brought her home…After that nothing was ever the same Mimi talked like she does now but back then she barely did until two weeks before the massacre…It was the worst morning because my dad found Itachi and Mimi in bed together, but the two kept seeing each other until the massacre happened." Sasuke explained further watching the happy face upon his cousins' features.

"Sasuke, do you want to kill your brother anymore?" Naruto asked stepping foreward.

"I did but after I killed Orochimaru and received a supposed letter from Mimi, my mind changed. There was hope Mimi was alive and I can't take Itachi away from her. I'll put up with him if I have to. I also want to introduce her to Kakashi, the one who knew Obito the most." Sasuke smiled, Sakura walking over to him wrapping her arms around him.

"Let's go back to the banquet…Bring Mimi, I know everyone would love her as much as you do." Sakura replied letting go and walked over to Mimi who was entranced by the fireworks.

"Mimi?" Sakura asked seeing how Mimi's face suddenly went saddened.

"Mimi remembers back in the past when Mimi first met Itachi, Itachi was very mean and critical. When Itachi and Mimi were put on the same squad, Itachi hated me, but Itachi never called Mimi weak unlike Itachi and Mimi's other teammate. Mimi don't remember teammates name. It was a festival and Itachi sat next to Mimi on the hill by the academy watching fireworks like the fireworks tonight. Itachi said he was sorry for making Mimi said. Itachi said Itachi didn't know Mimi was Obito's sister. Mimi cried, because Mimi thought it was Mimi's fault. After that Itachi and Mimi grew close until Itachi and Mimi were forced apart. Mimi hasn't seen Itachi since Itachi hid Mimi in cloud." Mimi explained tears falling from her eyes.

"You want to see him?" Naruto asked, Mimi only nodded using the sleeves of her kimono to wipe her eyes.

"Let's go to the banquet Mimi, you can sit in between Sasuke and I." Sakura smiled holding her hand out. The Uchiha girl smiled and hugged Sakura happily, the cherry blossom kunoichi smilling and then the now five walked back to the banquet hall where everyone was whispering about what was going on. Mimi had behind Sasuke watching everyone unnoticed but everyone suddenly turned facing them.

"Hey what took you guys so long?" Kiba asked everyone agreeing with nods of their heads.

"Well you see guys Sasuke just found out Itachi and him aren't the only Uchiha's left." Sakura explained happily then pulled Mimi out who looked to the floor blushing.

"Everyone this is my older cousin Mimi Uchiha. Please be nice to her she has a bit of a uh…." Sasuke began but didn't know the right words to say.

"Its alright Sasuke, Mimi doesn't mind what Sasuke says!" Mimi smiled up at her cousin.

"As you just heard she doesn't talk like normal people, but…she is normal." Sasuke explained.

"How old is she?!" Chouji asked threw a mouthful of chips.

"She's 19 years old." Sasuke said, and soon after many questions later they were all eating again. Though Mimi was smiling only a lingering shadow from the upper window and Sasuke could be the only ones who could tell she was depressed inside and on the verge of breaking. Sasuke only hoped his brother would come to bother him again before his cousin was fully lost in darkness.

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