Chapter Two: Breaking Complete Bonds

It was the next morning and Sasuke woke up to a loud crashing sound coming from the kitchen. Sasuke looked down to see the pink haired kunoichi still asleep both shirtless and wrapped in the sheets. He sighed nudging Sakura on the shoulder until she woke up.

"What is it Sasuke?" She asked stretching and yawning.

"Mimi is trying to cook." Sasuke chuckled watching as Sakura groaned getting up to go change only to be pulled back into bed by Sasuke and cuddled her lips connecting with his.

"We should really go check on her." Sakura smiled up her now fiancé, Sasuke smiled back the two getting dressed and headed downstairs just as the kitchen was blown up. The two looked at each other and ran in to see black charcoal all over the walls. Mimi stood there smiling an oopsey smile. Sasuke just started laughing holding his stomach.

"Mimi you go get cleaned up Sasuke and I will clean the kitchen." Sakura said giggling as well.

"Are Sasuke and Sakura sure?" Mimi asked, Sakura nodded leading her to the stairs, Mimi sighed and ran up the stairs.

"She still believes she has to clean every mess she makes…Sigh It's a surprise she's even a Chunin…She dropped out afterwards...She had worked to become chunin, and made it a month after Itachi had, she dropped out soon after. It was a miracle she got into the ninja academy, she had to beg her parents for a whole year, then she got one of our cousin Shisui to convince them completely. My father didn't care as long as she didn't get into Itachi's way…Well he sure got pissed when he found out when Itachi and Mimi were on the same squad. Itachi was the brains of the group, their teammate was the brawn…Mimi was known as the pretty face or the distracter. She'll purposely get into trouble with the enemy while Itachi and their team mate did the rest. What my relatives don't realize that if it wasn't for Mimi most of the village victories wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for her and her team mates." Sasuke explained beginning to get everything cleaned up.

"I see, so she is smart." Sakura said.

"Not really, her IQ is of a mere five year old and by the looks of it, it still is. Her parents never told her about Obito, she was two when he died, Itachi was five. Its weird she got into the academy early, but that's beyond this point. The one who told her about Obito was my brother. That's how she found the pictures and about him. She went to her parents and they then criticized her for not reaching to Obito's expectations and for being dumb…She didn't go to school for a week after that. Itachi had to go pry her to school and training, but it never got her spirits up. Her training skills became worse, their teammate insulted her even more, worse than what I would do to Naruto. He even tried convincing their sensei to get a new teammate. Itachi was enraged by that and nearly killed him…Mimi only watched like a broken shell clutching to the single picture of Obito she had. That day at the festival Itachi found her at the academy playground crying saying she was useless. He said he was glad he decided to look for her because he had found her there clutching the picture in one hand and a kunai in the other. He told me she had said if her parents hate her so much then she'll die and join her brother. Itachi stopped her…That was the first kiss both my brother and Mimi had, they never parted until after the family reunion." Sasuke explained both hearing the shower upstairs turn on.

"I see…So that smile she puts up is…" Sakura began.

"Has been fake ever since she found out about Obito…The only time I saw her truly smile was around Itachi." Sasuke said hearing the front door open someone coming in.

"What happened here?" Came Naruto's voice.

"Mimi." Sakura and Sasuke both said.

"So a 19 year old did this?" Someone asked, Sasuke and Sakura turned to see Kakashi Hatake standing there holding a bag full of ramen.

"Unfortunately Kakashi she is 19 and you better be nice to her!" Sasuke warned.

"I know, I know Naruto has already informed me on her speaking disorder." Kakashi laughed nervously.

"I want you to tell her as much about Obito as you can." Sasuke said going serious.

"So the rumors are true, she did survive the massacre." Kakashi stated bluntly then sighed and nodded.

"How much does she know?" Kakashi asked.

"That he was her brother and that he died when she was two…Her parents refused to tell her anything." Sasuke explained when Mimi ran in wearing a pink kimono which had blue birds on it.

"SASUKE THERE'S A SPIDER ON THE TOILET, GO KILL IT!" Mimi yelled hugging onto him, Naruto went into sweat drop and headed up the stairs killing the tiny spider then went down stairs to see Mimi staring out the window watching a butterfly with wid eyes.

"Okay she is not human!" Naruto said everyone laughing.

"She has split moods but isn't bipolar its just her personality since she never gets angry…Not once have I seen her mad." Sasuke sighed looking to Mimi.

"Sasuke, does Sasuke believe Itachi is watching Mimi, making sure Mimi is safe?" Mimi asked all of a sudden.

"Of course he loves you." Sasuke said going worried over where the conversation was leading to.

"Does Sasuke think Obito is watching over Mimi? Does Sasuke think Obito loves and misses Mimi?" Mimi asked, Sasuke sighed walking over to his cousin placing his hand on her shoulder.

"One hundred percent positive…Now I want you to meet someone. This is Kakashi Hatake he was one of Obito's team mates. They were best friends, he'll like to tell you about Obito." Sasuke explained, Mimi nodded and followed Kakashi into the living room where all they did was talk, well Kakashi was the main one talking Mimi would only ask questions. Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto just sat in the kitchen listening the whole entire time. By the time they were finished the sun had already set, Mimi had fallen asleep when Kakashi began explaining the funeral, good part was that was near to when he was finishing.

"How is she?" Sasuke asked as Kakashi walked into the kitchen.

"Asleep, she fell asleep when I explained the funeral." Kakashi chuckled.

"At least she knows now…Her parents should have told her though." Sakura said with a relieved sigh watching as Sasuke began doing the dishes.

"What I'm worried about is finding Itachi." Sasuke said looking into the seat.

"I'll say this she does look a lot like Obito, just with a girly face…I'm just happy to know the little sister Obito had always asked his mother for is still alive. The last thing Obito told me before he died was he regretted leaving his baby sister before he ever got to train her or be there for her. He truly wanted her to be happy." Kakashi said taking a seat in between Naruto and Sakura, Sasuke sitting in between Sakura and Naruto. Before anything else could be said the high alert alarm was going off.

"Crap lets go the village is under attack." Kakashi yelled running out.

"Mimi stay here!" Sasuke shouted following soon after, Mimi sat there fear written all over her face as she ran up stairs into Itachi's old room. She had to run back downstairs for a kitchen knife before going back. She found a little area with Itachi and her initials carved into the floor and began cutting the boards out. Under the boards was a little stash are her and Itachi had made weapons and a safe was in there. She grabbed a nap sack and put everything in there into it. After that she ran downstairs and into Mikoto and Fugaku's room looking under the bed pulling the kunai box out from under it stashing weapons into it.

"Okay Mimi is prepared!" She said before running out the back door just as she heard the Uchiha house front door blasted down.

"NO!" Mimi shouted jumping the fence and ran down the Uchiha District streets not knowing who exactly was chasing her.

"We've got her, un, she's and Uchiha yea!" Some male said him and a red head getting on both sides of her.

"No…..SASUKE!!!!" Mimi screamed dodging the two before they grabbed her and ran out of the district. Sasuke and his team heard Mimi scream and froze.

"You three keep fighting I'll get to her!" Tsunadae said and ran towards the screams.

'So the Akatsuki's are not here for Naruto…They're here for Mimi!' The Hokage thought speeding up now. Mimi was on the Hokage Monument when she turned to run back to the see the red head and his blond companion.

"What does red head and blond head want with Mimi!" She screamed at them stepping back to meet the edge of the cliff.

"We just want to take you on a little trip is all." The red head said walking closer to her.

"Stay….STAY AWAY FROM MIMI!" She yelled throwing her last kunai at him, the guy easily dodged it, the blond then was suddenly behind her on a white bird thing hitting her in the knock out point and hoisted her over his shoulder. The two then began flying off.

"ITACHI WE'VE GOT HER!" The blond shouted who was now right above Sasuke and his friends.

"MIMI!" Sasuke yelled going to throw an attack but Naruto stopped him.

"Don't you might hit her!" Naruto said no one knew what to do as the Akatsuki's retreated. Sasuke growled knowing he had no choice but to let them go she was with Itachi, he couldn't and wouldn't stop Itachi from what he was doing. Sasuke could only hope Itachi wouldn't hurt her.

In the forest, the blond was now walking with Mimi still over his shoulder when she woke up memories of what was going on flooding back causing her to scream and ear drum shattering scream. The second she hit the ground from letting her go she took off running, but was short lived when a blue man picked her up by the front of the shirt.

"Going somewhere kid?" He asked bearing his teeth, which only caused her to scream louder kicking him in the groin. The blue man released her falling over, Mimi took a run for it only to run into something, more like someone. Mimi looked up and froze because of the hat and cloak collar she couldn't see what he looked like until he spoke.

"You've become quite a nuisance Mimi, please behave we are not going to hurt you." Came the calm and dangerous voice of none other than Uchiha Itachi.

"Itachi? Is that Itachi, Itachi?" Mimi asked standing up with a smile.

"Sigh I see you haven't really changed…Yes it is me." Itachi said tacking the hat off, Mimi instantly hugged him all her emotions pouring out all at once. Itachi sighed once again hugging her back.

"Listen we must keep going, I hate to say this but you are now our hostage." Itachi sighed, Mimi tensed and took a step back at him staring at him with hurt in her eyes.

"Mimi don't look at me lik…" He began but she tried running again but only got twenty steps before she was pinned to the ground by Itachi.

"Stop being a nuisance Mimi, I don't want to hurt you." Itachi warned.

"Itachi don't care, Itachi never cared for Mimi…NEVER!" She screamed trying to wriggle away but was reduced to sobs and choking. Itachi sighed sitting on the ground and pulled the younger girl into his lap.

"I do care it's just not place to go against orders…I do care for you Mimi. I always have." Itachi apologized and just held the girl until she was fast asleep. Itachi then stood up holding Mimi bridal style walking back to the others.

"How do you know her?" The blue man asked now recovered.

"She's my cousin also the one I'm in love with Kisame, Deidara, Sasori." Itachi said looking to each person with a glare. They nodded and began walking again Itachi looked to the sleeping girl in his arms and couldn't help but smile.

It was the next morning when they reached the Akatsuki base and Mimi had yet to wake up. She had only stirred from when Deidara and Sasori were arguing over art but that was about it. Now they had to wake her since the two leaders walked out. Mimi woke up the second Itachi poked her in the waist the only way to force her awake. Mimi only looked down when she saw them and had to use Itachi to balance when he set her down.

"Come here child." The blonde haired leader said.

"Mimi is 19. Mimi is now child." Mimi said yawning, yep she was grouchy alright was what everyone thought.

"I see you aren't good at waking up." The same guy said.

"Mimi never was." Mimi growled before going to behind Itachi climbing onto his shoulders and just sat there.

"MIMI'S ITACHI!" She yelled at them, the leader next to the blond leader began to laugh.

"You're not very bright kid we could kill you right now for all we cared." He said.

"Well then leader number two is a meanie!" Mimi snapped, the first leader staring with wide eyes.

"Mimi your going to get yourself killed." Itachi said.


"No one cares about Mimi anyways…No one ever did except Itachi!" She said again, Itachi sighed lifting Mimi off of his shoulders setting her on the ground before hugging her again.

"This why you're our prisoner. I convinced them to let me bring you here so I can be with you…And to love you." Itachi said before connecting his lips with Mimi's who didn't know what to do and became scared Itachi releasing the kiss.

"I guess we'll have to work on it." Itachi said smirking his famous smirk, that scared many people but never Mimi she simply smiled back before going over to the second leader kicking him in the shin then ran back to Itachi sticking her tongue out.

"Looks like she doesn't like you Madara!" The blonde leader laughed.

"CAN IT ARASHI!" Madara yelled, Itachi sighed in disappointment.

"Itachi can stay in Itachi's room?" Mimi asked looking up to the Uchiha prodigy.

"Of course you can." Itachi smiled and headed in Mimi right behind him. Inside they passed right by Tobi who had stopped and watched them go by.

'Mimi…what are you doing here? And with…Itachi?' Tobi thought.

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