CF:i got the idea for this after reading ghost's of yesterday the prequel to the movie,i thought know one on earth ever really did ask about or find out what happened to ghost one so here my take on what could have happened if some one did ask. just a oneshot

Unsung Hero's

"i wanted to ask you something optimus."said a sector 7 commander quietly. i looked his way.

"what would that be?" i answered. A sad look crossed the commanders face before he answered

"have you ever heard of the ship ghost 1?" i must have looked very sad at the question because the next thing he said was.

"im guessing that look means yes?" i nodded.

"yes we did encounter them. There the reason we knew were the allspark and megatron were." he nodded.

"we have always assumed we knew what happened to them but we would like confirmation so we can tell the family's that we know for sure that there dead,and not wondering the galaxy somewhere."

"yes there are dead.." i answered the mans experetion fell.

"we always had hoped that even as small a possibility as there was, they might still be alive." he sighed heavily. "thank you optimus for telling us that." the man tunned and started to walk away.

"commander!" i called after him,he glanced back at me.


"you should know they went down fighting to buy your world time to prepare for what was coming,if they had come back when they still could have the desepticons would have followed them back here and your world would never have survived ."i smiled. "they are certainly hero's by anyones standards."he smiled back at me.

"true...hopefully someday the world will find out about you guys then they'll know about ghost 1 and those brave people,they could have tried to come home but they stayed and made sure no one got though that wormhole."at that he moved off,i smiled sadly i was glade someone from there home now knew what had happened to them,unsung hero's were the saddest story's in war couse no ever really knew what had happened to them or what they had done to avert disaster. there were many like that in our millennium old war, the people who held the gates just long enough for other to prepare or escape, and there would aways be many more for as long as the war went on.


CF:so?i was crying a little when i wrote this but then it is a little sad but happy at the same time...

just a friendly reminder YOU FLAME YOU DIE!!!!!! see? wasn't that friendly!(smiles angelically)

Skan:you scary some times you know that right?

CF:and proud of it!