Three Seals

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Naruto groaned as he woke up, his gut hurt. He looked around and saw most of the rookie nine standing in a clearing, with a very tired looking Sasuke being tended to by Sakura. He stood up and almost cried out, his gut was killing him. He suddenly had a great fear of what had happened to him.

He turned his back on the group and lifted up his shirt and groaned, the seal had been damaged and was probably going to break but he wouldn't let that stop him. He recalled when he got this seal. He had been six, he was murdered. The ninja who did it had symbolically stabbed right through the seal, boy had that been a mistake. This stab wound had forced the seal into over drive, merging him with the demon fox within him, effectively destroying the seal, only leaving behind part of it. The part of the seal left behind contained the foxes consciousness and soul, leaving him with a human mind but the body of a half demon which was a bad thing, a very bad thing.

This half demon body changed his appearance drastically, claws, tails slight change in hair and eye color, it also made him a hell of a lot stronger and faster, about as strong and fast as he was when he drew on the demons chakra when he was normal. He then remembered something.


Jiraiya sighed as he finished his work on the six year old screaming in pain before him as certain parts of his natural body that just didn't occur in humans where sealed away in an intricate and powerful seal.

He had done his best at his sensei's orders, Sarutobi was currently watching, wanting to comfort Naruto but unable to until he was sure the ritual was done and it would be safe to do so. Jiraiya had worked a master piece on the boy, three seals one on top of the other. The first confined all the demon foxes Chakra back within its cage, but the chakra leaked in such a way that it benefited Naruto, he was constantly upgrading his chakra stores which where already massive for someone his age, however the merging process had changed Naruto's chakra signature, where as humans where blue and demons where red his as a deep purple indicating extreme potency but none of the evil that demons had.

His chakra was interesting, if the same amount of human and demon chakra was used to create some Kage Bunshins the results would be extremely different, where a human would create one the same amount of demon chakra would create one hundred, Naruto's was no where near that potent he would be able to create around twenty.

However it didn't end there, the Demon fox was not only the most powerful Biju (sp) or tailed beast, it was elementally neutral, while all others had a element and usually created their corporeal bodies out of it held together with their chakra, Kyuubi's body was made out of pure chakra, so he had control over all elements, earth, water, fire you name it.

The middle or second seal held these abilities away from Naruto's control or awareness really, he did know what was happening and why and he totally agreed to it, he didn't want to be hated even more than he was.

The final seal held as mentioned previously his physical changes but it held other things as well, an instantaneous healing rate, that made sure that anything not immediately fatal would heal in seconds, minor wounds and cuts would heal as soon as they happened. Sarutobi still wasn't entirely sure if Naruto could die in this form, he was pretty sure that he would but there was no way he could test it. This final seal also withheld the last of the physical changes, which where to his sight, hearing and sense of smell.

Sarutobi had run tests on them all, Naruto could read the fine print on a contract scroll from over a kilometer but he had to concentrate to do it, focus on that spot like a telescope, he could hear someone's heart beat if they where within one hundred feet ensuring they couldn't sneak up on him, he could also hear Sarutobi whisper while he was four hundred feet away.

He could also pinpoint the smell of Ichirakus (sp?) ramen stand while two kilometers from the village, but it was possible he just smelled it on himself, so he figured he could scent things within five hundred meters give or take fifty meters. He sighed as Naruto finally stopped screaming in pain and passed out. Jiraiya stood and wiped sweat off his brow, he looked exhausted, "There done, but I got to warn you Sarutobi, if any of them are broken after he turns twelve we cant change them back, because basically his half demon form is still there and it will age with him, its just hidden from sight because its not contained in this world anymore, or at least that's how I think it works, these seals where a back up the fourth created incase this happened, his note where vague. Hell I'm pretty sure that gaki didn't even know himself, it would be just like him, sigh he just had to go an put the greatest demon of all time into his own kid".

Sarutobi sighed, he had heard this rant before, only he and the Sannin knew, no one else it was far to dangerous, especially for Kakashi who had been devastated to learn that the kid he was supposed to be godfather for had died with his mother in childbirth. His father the fourth his mother just a simple village girl from one of the many farming communities outside of Konoha.He sighed, he hoped Naruto would understand when he found out.


Naturally Naruto didn't know about his parentage, but he knew if the seal broke now and he changed physically he would be screwed, the village would banish him or try to kill him either way his life would be over his dreams shattered. He sighed, he stopped sulking and recomposed himself, while a few people believed he had a happy mask on and was hiding his pain they where just the folk that believe everyone has psychological problems. Naruto did wear a mask but all it was, was a dumb ass mask, he was genuinely that happy go lucky sure he did have his dark moments like with that kid Inari, but otherwise he was fine.

He dismissed it and got moving with his team.

Naruto withheld a groan and kept a smile on his face, the pain was getting unbearable. He had smiled and cheered as Sasuke fought and won using a technique he copied from Rock Lee, he had watched impassively as Shino had dealt with his opponent coldly, calmly and ruthlessly. Naruto had watched a little sickened at how that Sand shinobi had his neck broken and then turned out to be a puppet and won his match.

Naruto had cheered on Sakura when she faced Ino, and had been a bit shocked at the double knockout. He had been pissed at how casually that Sand kunoichi had dealt with the cute weapon throwing girl on Lee's team. Now he was heading down to win his own fight. He had sighed to himself as Shikamaru won his match with typical lack of effort.

Naruto endured Kiba's taunting and taunted back, his determination shining through, little did he know that Sarutobi watched able to clearly see what was wrong and wasn't entirely worried about he, he had planned to get Jiraiya to release the first seal soon anyway. He watched and waited.

Naruto smiled when he felt like snarling and ripping Kiba's throat out, how dare that bastard kick dirt on his dreams. However since the seals repressed his true abilities he was getting his ass kicked and the seal was hurting even worse. Only the third and Kakashi noticed that Naruto was clutching his stomach somewhere he hadn't been hit.

Sakura sighed, she had hoped Naruto would put up a better fight than this, she winched as he was hit in the stomach and sent rolling away, she groaned as Ino teased her about how he was losing. Naruto got up once again, he was saying something , well yelling something. "HOW DARE YOU STOMP ON MY DREAMS I'LL KILL YO….", Sakura and everyone else frowned as he stopped midway in his rant, he looked shocked.


Sakura eyes widened as Naruto suddenly rocketed backwards about three feet before he rolled to a stop, she looked at Kiba, he seemed shocked it meant he hadn't done anything. She looked around everyone looked shocked, except the Hokage who looked…contemplative.

Hinata felt like crying as Naruto was beaten up, she felt like screaming when he was knocked back from some unseen force. She watched him, hands clenched above her heart as he got up on his knees.

Naruto knew what was happening but he had to be sure, he forgot about the fight it wasn't important anymore. He ripped off his jacket and then his shirt, ignoring the cries of indignation from Sakura and Ino. The seal was glowing, he stared at it "NOOOO".

Sakura cried out in disgust when Naruto suddenly began to strip, she was the last to see the glow on his stomach. She watched in fascination, as a part of his stomach began to glow, he screamed out "NOOOO" this was shocked her and everyone most, he seemed horrified at what was happening.

The only impassive one was Gaara, he was meanwhile receiving the strangest advice from his 'mother' "Watch and wait, this one is powerful do not kill him he will kill you" he was actually worried for once in his life, someone who could kill him despite mothers protection.

Naruto tried to keep it in as the pain spread across his body, but he couldn't it was too much. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Hinata cried as he started to scream, it looked like he was in terrible pain.

Sakura gasped as he started to scream, he sounded like he was in a lot more pain than Sasuke had been when he got that seal thing from the freak in the forest. That was when everyone noticed it, his body appeared to be cracking up, thin little lines of a glowing white light appeared all over his body, slowly jaggedly almost like glass slowly cracking under pressure.

"AHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHHHHHHH" this began to freak out, he appeared to be in massive pain as he clutched at his stomach but he was also laughing as well. Kiba was the most freaked. Soon however the little lines of light stopped appearing and the light intensified. People began to look away or cover their eyes as the light grew. Soon everyone turned away but could still hear him, he screamed one last time and it ended. There was a pulse of light, and everyone felt a slight shockwave ripple through the building.

Sakura was the first to turn back and gasped, this was soon followed by more gasps and cries of surprise from almost everyone in the building. No one noticed the Leaf Jounin giving the Hokage looks as they lifted Kunai but with a wave of his hand they relaxed.

Hinata stared, where Naruto had been crouched was a small crater, someone was standing in the middle of it, he was definitely Naruto, but had had changed so much. His eyes where closed, that was the first thing she noticed. She then noticed that his remaining clothes seemed to have shrunk, his pants now ended a short distance from his knees and his sandals had broke open and where now discarded to his left. That's when it dawned on her, he had gotten bigger. He had grown at least a foot in height and his entire body had broadened, he didn't look like some muscle bound body builder that would be disgusting. He looked masculine. Unfortunately Hinata's closed mind and shy personality where unable to accurately describe what he was now.

Anko who was watching as well could put it easily; he was a whole lot of Man.

Hinata continued her observation, his muscle tone had increased considerably, after all this is Hinata his stalker no doubt she's fallen out of many a tree after seeing him take his shirt off. His short spiky hair now rested a little below his shoulders, its color had changed, instead of being a almost glowing gold color it was now a wild looking reddish gold that oddly looked like a lions mane. He had lost all the baby fat on his face giving his face a sharp hard edged look, his cute little whisker marks had deepened and lengthened giving him a feral look (Naruto on the bridge battle when he loses it). His eyes snapped open and Hinata gasped, they where the same deep blue but there were small traces of red here and there in his eye. He moved his arms back behind him and to either side (not sure how to put it hope u can see it) as he did so his mouth opened and he growled his head tilting back slightly.

That's when everyone noticed he had fangs, not Kiba's slightly elongated canines but real honest to Kami fangs, they seemed to grow longer as his mouth opened and when it close people where surprised he didn't puncture his lips. Then everyone noticed the final change, it was quite surprising really as they had been swishing about all over the place since this started. He had nine tails coming out of him just above his butt, right on his tailbone. They where a reddish gold same as his hair with pitch black tips, that swished and flicked seemingly with minds of their own. They never seemed to collide as they danced around behind him. This was just far to much for Hinata.


Kurenai got out of her shock long enough to notice Hinata had fainted and she turned back to studying the boy in front of her. He looked feral, he looked hot, she was ashamed she had such a reaction to someone so young but she couldn't really help it. While she was fighting rather effectively the blush that wanted to come to her face, other women where having more trouble or in just one case not bothering.

Ino stared, Naruto was hot now, while Sasuke had been pretty in a boyish way he had nothing on Naruto now, the tails both added to the wild look he had, but also looked damm cute as well. She never noticed her high blush and the small amount of drool on her chin.

Sakura was having more luck than her blonde rival, she managed to have a blush but stopped at drooling, she couldn't tear her eyes away from his bare chest. Unfortunately Inner Sakura wasn't really helping much. Inner Sakura while being a direct representative of Sakura's repressed emotions also had her own to deal with and thus was utterly shocked by Naruto's changed appearance. So shocked in fact she was reduced to very small child like sentences that still got her point across somehow "ME WANT ME WANT ME WANT!!" oh how Sakura wished she didn't agree with her inner self.

Temari had watched in awe and a little fear at what had happened, she was now torn between lust and terror. Terror because when he had been reviled her brother had taken a full step back, away from the boy, he practically reeked fear. She was also incredibly turned on by this younger man, she had thought his teammate was hot when she first met him and now hated herself for making an ass of herself because of that arrogant prick. The fact that this boy was also so dangerous as to make her brother Gaara feel fear was both terrifying and extremely exciting.

Anko was the only one openly showing her feelings of the situation. She was staring down at the boy practically salivating. Even Ibiki had moved away from her feeling the instinctive fear one feels when getting between a hungry predator and their prey, make no mistake Naruto was her prey.

If you think I'm done describing reactions…'d be wrong

The men where having different Reactions,

Sarutobi was thinking something along the lines of 'I wonder how powerful you are now Naruto' or some variation of that.

The rest of the boys in the room that where Naruto's age where intimidated, like a small runt of a lion trying to cross the territory of a lion four times its size who was defending a pride of lionesses (dunno why all the lion analogies…ahh who cares). The men in the room, which where Kakashi, Ibiki, Baki the Sand jounin, Asuma, Hayate the proctor and several of the medical nin watching just incase, where all pissed every single one of them. Why where they pissed, because they where intimidated on an instinctual level by some kid, they where also pissed cause they could practically smell the attraction that every female in the room had for the kid.

Except for one male, the sound jounin, barely stopped himself from licking his lips and grinning like Anko was, currently wishing he had bitten the boy as well, even if he hadn't been putting on a curse seal to just bite him. (if you cant guess who this sick fucker is you are one dumb biatch)

Sasuke woke up for a minute in his hospital bed which he had been placed in after his curse mark had been sealed, he had a feeling he was missing out on seeing something he would have really really enjoyed seeing. (come on if he isn't gay or at least bi I'm the president of the USA).

But I digress

Kiba summed up pretty much everyone's opinion in three little words "WHAT THE FUCK?" Naruto smiled, he had detected a strange smell and the fox had been kind enough to point out what it was, feminine arousal, one problem it was coming from every woman in the room. "Well how to put this, hmm this is what I really look like, something happened to me when I was six that made me look like a fox and with the help of one of the Sannin I had it sealed away so I looked relatively normal if quite short. This is what I really look like, the sealing also had the bad side affect of sealing any and all abilities I gained via my transformation".

He saw disbelief on many faces, he couldn't help but feel a little frightened at how Anko was looking at him, but he also saw curious expressions on all of the Jounin's faces. "Well if you want to see my abilities why don't we just get on with this fight…eh Kiba?" Kiba to his shame jumped slightly at being addressed, he regained his resolve and growled, the entire time Akamaru had been whimpering while watching Naruto, but gaining confidence and strength from his masters resolve he growled and got into an attack position. Naruto smiled at them, a pleased happy smile, he spoke again "come on attack me Kiba I'm tired of waiting" Kiba grinned his fangs showing and nodded then he charges. Kiba was a little angry when he noticed Naruto not going into any type of defensive stance, but then saw his face was concentration he was watching Kiba's every move. Kiba charged.

Sakura quickly thought over Naruto's words, 'he deliberately held in his power to find acceptance and yet I still treated him like shit, that's great'

'don't mope about it sister, just make it up to him'

'how do I do that?'

'simple, get him in the sack' Sakura blushed and couldn't respond straight away, just as she was about her inner self flooded her mind with images of herself kissing him with her hands on his bare chest, then images of her lying naked on him while tracing idly on his chest, and oh so many more. She was lucky Ino was having similar thoughts and vice versa otherwise they would have seen each other having nose bleeds. Kakashi however had seen this and smiled 'oh I'm so proud and if Naruto could teach me how to do that I'd call him Sensei hehe'

Hinata had managed to wake up, and now saw how everyone who had been contemptuous of the runt in orange fighting the feral looking Kiba, now watched in interest, meanwhile Kiba was getting closer.

Naruto wasn't entirely sure why his instincts told him to stand still and wait for Kiba to attack him, all he knew was his tails where getting a bit restless. Suddenly when Kiba was within a few feet, he attacked, just not with what people where expecting. Three of his tails came from around his back and swatted Kiba away in a blur of color. Kiba finally came to a stop and bounded to his feet, he was about to yell out at Naruto when he saw Naruto's shocked face. It dawned on him that Naruto had not been expecting that to happen.

Naruto realized something almost immediately, he just gained the knowledge, his tails where hard to hurt, they where incredibly strong and fast, they could grow and stretch to incredible lengths and hold tremendous weights. However to attack outside the natural distance they had required chakra and his own concentration, when not concentrating they where a sort of defense system, not an absolute defense but still a good one. He tried stretching one and was pleasantly surprised when it went from the six foot tail to a twelve foot one.

Kiba saw Naruto concentrate as one of his tails stretched out over twelve feet, Naruto then smiled a smile that was many things, it was a pleased smile, it was an excited one as well, it was also a smile that turned on many women in the room, it was also a mischievous one. Now many finding out they have nine tails that can do many things like attack people and defend them would consider the possible battle applications of said appendages. Naruto by nature was fox like, and foxes or kitsune's by nature are tricksters and pranksters, Naruto was currently thinking of all the pranks he could pull with these appendages and their added reach. He shook his head and brought his mind back to the battle.

Sarutobi smiled; little did Naruto know that the seal had repressed a certain aspect of Naruto's personality, specifically an aspect that came from his Kitsune influence. This aspect was an advanced appreciation for the fairer sex, in laymen's turns Naruto was a player who was king of the game. Back to the battle.

Kiba began to sweat as Naruto's tails stopped their constant moving and formed a sort of cone around him, each tail was evenly spaced and slightly curved to form a sort of ball. Kiba suddenly realized that the large section in front of said cone was just large enough for him to fit into. The tails shot forward.

Sakura watched in awe as Naruto just stood calmly while his tails shot forward and whipped around the room doing their best to hit Kiba. Kiba was dodging while Akamaru was being apparently left alone. Kiba threw something at Akamaru who swallowed it, people with sharp enough eyes would see it was some sort of pill. Naruto's tails paused and pulled back to him as Akamaru grew bigger and his fur turned red. He suddenly jumped on Kiba's back. Kiba formed several hand seals and shouted out "Human Beast Clone" suddenly in a puff of smoke Akamaru became identical to Kiba.

Naruto's tails shot forward, this time with more targets it was easier for both to dodge. Naruto growled, as he retracted his tails that attack was useless they where just too slow right now to catch up. He smiled as he leapt forward.

Kiba grinned as Naruto gave up using his tails, the grin failed when Naruto began to move at a speed faster than his own. Kiba barely dodged Naruto's knee, somehow he was going for the right Kiba, little did he know he could smell which one it was. However as he moved out of the way of Naruto's flying body, he wasn't fast enough for his tails. The first thing he knew was that something wrapped around his foot and flung him into the floor, hard enough to make it crack.

Kiba stood a little wobbly, it was then he realized that Naruto was a foot away and his tails had Kiba pinned, wrapped around his arms legs and neck, for something that looked as soft as Akamaru's fur Naruto's tails where as hard as iron. Kiba did his best to struggle free, Akamaru started to run at Naruto still in his Kiba form, but he froze when a Kunai was put against Kiba's neck. Kiba stopped his struggle and looked at Naruto's face, the fox boy raised a single eyebrow, and Kiba gave a defeated sigh, he spoke words he didn't really want to "I surrender". He was lowered to the floor by the tails, Naruto smiled at him and walked off, Kiba flipped up his middle finger at Naruto's back and couldn't help but chuckle when the boys tails curled up with the very middle tail sticking straight up forming a crude much larger version of what Kiba had done.

Naruto walked calmly up the stairs, he figured he'd get a whole lot of questions afterwards and didn't think he could tell the truth, so he dredged up a lie he had prepared a long time ago, that he was actually a half demon, specifically a half fox demon. However it seemed that everyone was buying his original explanation for now, he started up the stairs and suppressed a smirk at the looks the kunoichi where giving him, he was a little shocked though that Hinata's jounin sensei was glancing at him as well. He walked past Hinata who was blushing crimson as he went past, he smirked and stopped in front of her, he turned his whole body towards her and smiled wide making her blush even more "Hey Hinata are you Okay you look ill?" it was obvious by his smile he knew what was going on, instead of putting a hand to her forehead to check her temperature one of his tails rested on her forehead. Her eyes widened, she swayed slightly and then promptly fainted as Naruto leaned closer to her. However before she could hit the ground his tails wrapped around her keeping her from falling, he smiled again as his tails lifted her and deposited her gently in her sensei's arms.

However he wasn't done, as Kurenai made sure she had a good grip on Hinata she felt the tip of one of Naruto's new tails lightly brush under her chin. She gasped and blushed, her blush deepened as she saw the mischievous grin on his face; he knew exactly what he was doing to her. Asuma growled as he did it but didn't do anything. Naruto started walking again, leaving behind a blushing woman and an unconscious girl who had a large smile on her face.

Naruto walked past Ino as he joined his sensei and female teammate, as he walked past he noticed the look on her face, he gave her a lady killer smile as one of his tails darted in and touched a very very private place then left, however it was too fast for her teammates to see. However they didn't miss her reaction, she gasped and shivered slightly she stared at Naruto's back as he walked past.

He walked up to his team and just smiled, and turned to the board to see who would fight next. Sakura was suddenly very disappointed, he had quite obviously touched Hinata and her Sensei with his tails, and even if she hadn't seen anything he had done something to Ino, why not her. She sighed, and the gasped when she felt something touch her side she giggled as something touched just under her ribs and began to sway back and forth.

Sakura looked up at Naruto who was watching her, suddenly all of his tails shot towards her and began to tickle her, she doubled over in laughter trying to fend of the tails as they rubbed across her most ticklish spots, he stopped soon after as the board said who was going to fight next.


Hinata seemed to withdraw into herself at this, Naruto quickly shot one of his tails over to her making several people in-between jump back in surprise.

Hinata was terrified, she jumped when something tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up and gasped at first not realizing what it was, after all she only saw a black tip that looked almost like a blade. She then calmed down and blushed, suddenly rocketing from terror to calm to extreme nervousness in an amazingly short time frame. She blushed crimson when the tail touched the top of her head, she was curious as to what Naruto was doing as was everyone else in the room. The tail seemed to be trying to force her head down, she suddenly caught on and was tearing up about to start sobbing when the tail swept into her view once again.

The tail stayed still for a second before beginning to slowly swish side to side, Hinata believed it looked like a moving finger, almost like when someone moves their index finger side to side to indicate a negative. She gasped when it dawned on her this was exactly the point, the tail then swept under her chin and she giggled at its softness as well as the pleasant sensation of the fur against her skin. The tail seemed to be forcing her head up, this time she went with the motion, it then curled slightly bringing her head to face its owner, she looked into Naruto's eyes and all he did was nod before the tail retracted itself.

Hinata frowned she had no idea what he had meant by that, then it dawned on her 'head down is bad, he wants me to hold my head up high, he wants me to be brave to stand proud, well I will, I will be brave for Naruto, and then he will like me and then we can have se….NO TIME FOR THAT NOW' she dismissed the quickly rising perverted thoughts and diminished but didn't get rid of the blush on her face at the fact Naruto had touched her and provided her with support. She walked down into the arena where Neji already waited.

Kurenai beamed, she had never seen Hinata walk so confidently in the entire time she had known the girl and all because of Naruto.

Kakashi chuckled to himself, he would never again doubt Naruto's ability to change someone's point of view, he had turned a shy demure little girl into a brave young woman with a simple touch and no actual words, and after all he had changed the heart of an A-rank nukenin with a simple impassioned speech. He smiled to himself and turned back to the fight.

As Hinata stood in front of her opponent there was a loud wet slightly sickening sound from somewhere in the room, she looked around and saw several people looking at Naruto. He smiled sheepishly "what you didn't think I'd always walk around with those friggin tales", now everyone else looked sheepish as it was a kind of dumb situation. Hinata giggled slightly and turned back to face her opponent, the fight began.

(gonna skip this bit guys, sorry alright, it is a major turning point for Hinata but the aftermath is the real turning point in the story particularly this one)

Neji charged Hinata as she stood holding her side, suddenly something blurred in front of him and he was held by something else. He looked at what was holding him, it was the jounin "Why did you interfer?"

"This match is over Neji" said his own sensei Gai

"That be right, the main house gets the special treatment" he said as he turned back towards the lavender eyed heir, he barely stopped himself from gasping. The transformed Naruto was standing in front of him, his teeth bared in a snarl the overly large canines looked ready to rip into the prodigy however it was his eyes that scared him the most, instead of the changed blue with bits of red they where completely red and glowed slightly. He then noticed that everyone of the nine tails was back and pointed at him barely six inches away from touching him, it was only then only then that he noticed the tips had changed color. They had changed into sharp metal points that would have torn him apart if he had moved that six inches forward.

The tails retracted and the fox like boy turned his back on him and faced Hinata.

Hinata looked up at her savior, she tried to smile when she felt an incredible pain in her chest she began to fall but something caught her and lowered her to the floor. She opened her eyes and felt a great upwelling of warmth in her chest as her crush looked down on her with obvious concern. "Na-Naruto-kun di-did I change?" she managed to get out as she felt her consciousness slipping from her "you sure did Hinata" Hinata felt like she was going to cry but she slipped into unconsciousness.

Naruto turned from Hinata as she was taken away by the medics and faced the silently fuming Neji, "Neji" he said as he walked past him "if we meet in the finals, you will die" his voice made even the ever stoic Hyuuga shiver in fear as it was filled with such venom as well as what sounded frighteningly enough like malicious glee, as if the speaker would enjoy said activity immensely.

Naruto walked past the Hyuuga and he smiled he could smell his fear. He walked back up the stands as the second last match was quickly decided. He chuckled and Sakura giggled at Lee's enthusiasm, Naruto sniffed the air as Gaara used his sand to transport himself to the arena floor, he didn't smell quite human "That boy smell familiar kit"

"Kyuubi?" Naruto whispered so quietly only he could hear

"Yeah we can talk now we could have when you where six but those fucking seals that damm pervert put on you suppressed that, oh and speak inside your mind to avoid suspicion stupid monkey"

"oh okay, and shut your face you tail less fuzz ball"

"damm humans, no respect once I figure out what's so familiar about that boy I'll tell you, oh and before I go the reason your tail tips became metal is the second seal the ablity seal has slipped slightly but only slightly. You already know my ablities over all elements well metal is an element a rare one too, now you can only make your tips metal so far so I suggest you either try to make them all metal or try to make the tips use other elements, also my chakra is slowly being converted over into yours by the time your thirty you will have near limitless chakra"

"oh okay but if I released that seal would I be able to use all the elements"

"Nope, now before you go off and spout some of your useless flesh babble let me explain, I've studied these seals for six years, the seal the contained your form was breakable and removable, the others will actually kill you if you remove them, I doubt the pervert or that old monkey you call the Hokage know that part, their meant to limit your power. The abilities seal is quite ingenious really, I doubt many demons including some of the higher level ones could create something like this, it unlocks slowly upon your activation of each separate element it requires you to actually train to unlock more control over my abilities with each elements. You following so far"

"yeah I have to unlock each element and then like every other person I have to master it, however unlike with humans it will be different where as they have to master it via learning techniques with said element, I merely have to practice using said Natural element, to use an example I could unlock the fire element and when I master it, I can control any flame, does this mean I can control fire Jutsu's even if I'm not the one to set it off?"

The fox took his time to answer, or at least he seemed to in reality he was just shocked that Naruto had given such an intelligent and correct response. "you are correct kit however no you can not control enemy Jutsu's and you will still feel the full force if they hit you, so my advice for right now is don't get hit. However once you do master all these elements you could simply raise a wall of an particular element that will cancel out an elementally based attack, just don't be dumb enough to try and counter with an element that will increase its damage level like wind against fire"

Naruto nodded mentally "Thanks fuzzy"

Naruto tuned back into his surroundings and was a little surprised to find only a few seconds had passed. He didn't notice Sakura eyeing one of his swishing tails

Lee was about to attack Gaara and start the fight when a rather strange sound was emitted from the platforms, it took Lee a second to work out what it was it sounded like a groan, or maybe a moan either way it was a completely pleased sound as well. He looked over his shoulder and was surprised at what he saw.

Sarutobi giggled quietly to himself as he watched what had happened, Naruto was standing ramrod straight both his hands on the railing in front of him apparently clenching very hard, his head was held back so he was looking at the ceiling but his eyes where closed a wide smile on his face, he groaned again. Sarutobi then focused on the reason for his groans, Sakura totally oblivious to the reactions Naruto was having was currently clutching one of his tails and alternating between squeezing and stroking it.

Sakura giggled to herself as she played with one of Naruto's tails when he suddenly groaned, she looked up at him and studied his expression 'if I didn't know better I'd say he's having an…OH MY GOD' Sakura gasped as she let go of his tail and backed away blushing an incredibly deep red. She looked around the room and noticed everyone was staring at them, she looked away from everyone but came face to face with Ino, who to her shock looked jealous.

Meanwhile Ino was thinking 'it should be me that makes him groan like that not forehead girl'

Naruto meanwhile was recovering 'what the fuck was that?, it felt so good I couldn't move'

"The pink hair vixen was stroking one of your tails, for kitsunes which you are now one of have extremely sensitive tails when it comes to members of the opposite sex. It is strange if an enemy or a woman who you didn't know which would be your case since your male grabbed your tail you would feel nothing other than what they actually did to it. However if a woman your attracted to like that girl just then where to play with your tail it would be the same as if she was doing the same to your…ahem plumbing… without the messy consequences at the end."


Naruto regained his composure and saw everyone was looking at him "WHAT YOU GOT A PROBLEM?" everyone immediately turned away from him. However the women in the room where all thinking something along the lines of 'I want to make him groan like that' except for one, a certain purple haired snake using kunoichi who was thinking something along the lines of 'oh yeah once I get that fox alone I'm gonna make him groan like that I wonder what sounds I'll make'.

Naruto currently unaware of a certain nymphomaniacs plans for him, he leaned back against the wall next to Sakura she was blushing at his proximity after what had happened. He smiled to himself as he leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear "we'll finish later" her eyes widened and she looked at him, a mix of fear, excitement and suspicion that he was just messing with her. She pulled a Hinata, simply she fainted. Naruto caught her with his tails and turned back to the fight leaving her safely wrapped up in his tails behind him. He didn't notice Ino's jealous and angry looks, little did he know that despite all the built up animosity towards him and his dumb ass ways, his transformation which changed him to childishly cute to in two words hot stuff had made all the females in the room and one male attracted to him.

This however seems very shallow, but if you consider how utterly annoying he can be and how oblivious he is it is easy to understand that once he had attractive features they would be able to see his endearing qualities that much easier this is still shallow and disappointing but it is only mildly shallow. However back to the story.

Naruto watched in apprehension Gaara's abilities with sand, he had a sense of foreboding as to how dangerous this match actually was he also had a great fear that it wasn't actually Gaara controlling the sand. Kyuubi confirmed his fears "the boy is another vessel, specifically the vessel of Shukaku the one tailed Raccoon the incarnation of Sand" Naruto gasped and whispered "Shit" however everyone attributed it too Lee's continually blocked attacks.

Naruto moved in front of Kakashi and gave him a pointed look, he began to whisper so only Kakashi could hear him. "Warn Gai, Gaara is another tailed Beast holder, the Shukaku, the one tail Kyuubi told me its how he controls sand. The kid is unstable since Shukaku wont let him sleep ever, this fight could become really bad really fast" Kakashi's visible eye widened and he nodded slightly and moved off to talk to Gai.

Naruto moved back to talk to Sakura.

Kankuro and Temari where talking, "I'd like to find out about that kid with the tails and why Gaara fears him" said the pig tailed kunoichi.

"Well you can go find out, if he scares Gaara I wont have no contact with him, and Temari be careful be very careful, the leaf where attacked by the Nine tailed Demon fox 13 years ago, you get me?" whispered the puppet user. Temari just nodded having already figured that out, however no one else had made the connection between nine tails and fox like features on a 13yr old boy and the nine tailed demon fox just yet except for Shikamaru but he saw no danger and considered it too troublesome to tell anyone else.

Naruto looked up from the fight to see a blonde bombshell walking towards him. He took the time to study her, blond pig tails giant fan, her style of dress was appropriate for being a ninja and was no doubt comfortable but it was also good looking on her. He had seen how she fought, it was vicious but intelligent. Once he was done with the fighting style analysis and general appearance his logical battle mind lost dominance and was replaced with his normal male mind which promptly forgot all that had been considered and admired her body.

Long slender well shaped legs, delicate soft looking skin with lots of hard muscle underneath that could be seen rippling slightly as she walked very generous curves in all the right places, a well sculpted face with deep green eyes. He smiled unknowingly as he looked her up and down.

Temari smirked when she saw the former blonde checking her out, she decided to have some fun with him before she asked serious questions. She stopped a foot from him and leaned forward slightly "see anything you like?" he smiled at her, and a strange twinkle appeared in his eyes that made her feel flustered as well as nervous like she had bitten of more than she could chew, a whole lot more. She blushed when he took a step closer so the gap of a foot was closed to mere inches, he leaned closer so she could feel his warm breath on her face as she looked up into his. (AN remember he's a good foot taller than he used to be making him taller than everyone else in his age group including Kankuro and Temari who are a couple years older than him) "And if I do what do I get?" he asked as a tail brushed her side causing her to shiver.

She placed a hand on his bare chest and lightly traced her fingers across his skin causing him to shiver this time, she looked him right in the eyes and licked her lips "I'm sure I can think of something?", he grinned wide bearing his fangs, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Sakura was awake and glaring at Temari, he slowly set her down still slightly amazed at his control over his new limbs. He then moved his tails behind and around Temari and pulled her up against him. The entire time Lee was still trying to get through Gaara's defenses.

Sakura watched as Naruto flirted with the girl from sand, she just wished it was her pressed against his chest not some foreign ninja. "GET THAT NO GOOD HUSSY OFF NARUTO-KUN"

"YEAH…wait Kun?"


"no I'll wait till shes gone then invite him on a date, buy him some Ramen and he'll be mine"

"I hope your plan works but if you see the way he's looking at all the girls here it could mean war if you keep him to yourself"

"You mean share him…I dunno I'll think about it"

Meanwhile outside Sakura's mind, Temari had gasped when he pulled her up against him. She had been trying to think of a way to escape this situation and get back in control of both herself and him when he leaned his face down into the crook of her neck and bite her very lightly. Once she realized where he was going she tried to get out but as soon as his teeth touched her neck her mind blanked out completely, his tongue flicked against her neck and she moaned quietly. This while not drawing attention like Naruto's previous groans thanks to Sakura did gain some attention, Sakura and Ino where both quietly fuming while Kankuro was just staring at the pair in shock he had expected his sister to flirt slightly to help question the kid with the tails, but now she was wrapped up in his tails being given a hickey by the looks of it.

Temari was totally oblivious to the attention they where getting as she closed her eyes and whimpered slightly as he bit a little more and began to suck on her neck, his arms went around her waist and she unconsciously put her arms around his neck and leaned her head to the right giving him more access. The suction increased a whole lot more causing her to moan once again a little louder his time, drawing the attention of one more person. Kakashi looked over at his student 'oh Naruto's just giving a hickey to that sand girl' he did a double take 'Naruto's giving her a Hickey, GO NARUTO GO, damm kid I got to find out how he does it and then score, maybe they could write an Icha Icha book about him that would be great' Kakashi giggled slightly and turned back to the fight.

No one had realized it yet but Naruto was releasing very mild pheromones that increased the level of arousal any female around him felt (used this before in VOK but hey it's a good concept).

Naruto pulled back slightly and admired the fresh glistening new bruise that had formed on the skin of Temari's neck, he gave it a licked it then kissed it and pulled back slightly leaving a path for her to escape.

Temari took a few seconds to realize the sensation on her neck had stopped, she opened her eyes and looked into a pair of blue and red eyes that seemed to be filled with laughter. She stared into this pair of eyes for a moment before she remembered what had happened, she gasped and her hand flew to the wet spot on her neck she took a step back and blushed crimson. She'd just been given a hickey by a kid who's name she'd only learned by reading a board, more importantly a kid who was at least two years her junior and in front of a crowd. He was smiling at her just waiting for a reaction.

She considered it strange that she hadn't slapped him already, she tried to compose herself "so uhh…uhh how did you transform?" she was surprised when a terribly sad look crossed his face and then he grimaced "Well from what I understand, and I'm sure this will be quite a shock" he said as team ten and their sensei, Kakashi and Sakura leaned closer "I awoke me heritage when I turned six, specifically my half demon heritage" everyone gasped, Temari took a step back and immediately regretted it at the pained look he quickly hid "heres the real shocker though, I'm apparently half Kitsune or Demon fox, and my coloration and number of tails indicate my parentage, so which demon foxes do we know that are red and have nine tails" all the Konoha nin gasped again "exactly Kyuubi no kitsune or apparently dear old dad".

"Umm kit your not that far off from the truth"


"well I just found out myself by seeing your DNA okay so don't blame me, and I'm not your dad, I'm well your uncle you see my sister another Nine tails married a Human your father, I don't know who it is so I can't tell you sorry. The reason I attacked was because I heard she'd been murdered during child birth when she would have been weak. This is also the reason your so powerful, see I thought you had the fox like features because of the thing that happened when you where six, but apparently I was wrong and so was everyone else, what they did get right was your inheritance of my abilities and chakra."


"yep hopefully that's it for plot twists"


"never mind, sort of a private joke, anyway that's it, so simply you're my nephew and your half demon fox but you have the nine tails because of me when you should have only one and would have only one for your entire life. The other seals work exactly the same as we discussed before, now I saw how you dealt with that blonde vixen and it brought a tear to my eye…sniff…I'm so p-proud"

"oh shove it Kyuubi, or do you want me to call you uncy Kyu eh?"

"Damm gaki anyway your gonna live for a long time kit, where a full fledge demon fox can live for basically forever unless they get fucked over like I did…ahem…anyway a half demon will only live about five hundred years, but in your case it will probably be thousands of years due to my influence"

"What's this got to do with the vix…AH I mean Temari"

"well when you mate, which you can with several vixens you will give them a mark which will tie them in to your life force by giving them some of your chakra, basically they will age and live as long as you do and they will only survive a few short years after your death if you die within the next hundred years, after that they die with you, so yeah I think that's it"

"okay goodbye…Uncy Kyu"


Naruto tuned back into the word "or at least a Kitsune exactly like him which means a relation" he then gauged their reactions, surprise and shock naturally but no hate no anger not even from Temari who had a slight look of understand. "its why Gaara smells weird" he said as Lee began to take of his weights. Temari gasped but before she could respond Lee's weights hit the ground shaking the building and making massive craters. Temari's and everyone else's eyes widened at this display, he began to move at incredible speeds, he gained the advantage.

The fight progressed quickly, however it still ended in Gaara's favor, Naruto growled when Gaara crushed Lee's arm and leg. He then watched in utter disinterest as Choji was quickly defeated. "You can tell everyone words going to spread quickly anyway, and knowing you Ino everyone in the village will know in about an hour maybe two" Ino blushed and Naruto began to walk away retracting his tails when Temari grabbed his arm "what do you know about Gaara" she whispered fiercely anger and fear flashing in her beautiful eyes. "He's the container of Shukaku" she flinched and glared at him daring him to tell anyone else "how do I know because I'm one too" her eyes widened but she didn't let go "not only am I a Half demon but sealed within my belly is my uncle Kyuubi no Kitsune, what I told you about him maybe being my dad was originally a lie but he told me I was almost right on the spot, his sister was my mother". Temari's eyes widened even further at this "I won't tell anyone" she promised, though she didn't know why she promised unknown to her she was attracted to Naruto not only on a physical level but a mental one as he had her on the ropes before when they flirted.

Naruto smiled down at her, he then noticed they where alone up on the stands the winners of the prelims where down on the ground receiving instructions apparently, these two had been overlooked for the moment. "Well before I go down there, there is one more thing I have to do" Temari immediately suspected what it was and unconsciously inched forward. He kissed her. Her eyes widened and then slowly closed as she snaked her arms around his neck, his tongue flicked against her lips in a silent question, she opened her mouth allowing him access and he immediately began to explore both with his tongue and hands. She moaned into his mouth as he simultaneously battled against her tongue and squeezed her ass. They where like that for a few more seconds when a loud and pointed cough broke through the haze, they broke apart and looked down to see the Hokage, the other people who passed as well as Ibiki and Anko watching them.

Temari blushed and hide her face in his chest while clutching onto his shoulders

Naruto spoke first "Hey can't you see where a little busy here?" Sarutobi chuckled to himself but answered as he should "I think your disturbing the other semi-finalists" Naruto threw him a quizzical glance "other than her brothers I think there enjoying the show unless their gay" Shikamaru and Dosu grinned. Kankuro glared at him while Neji, Shino and Gaara remained as stoic as ever. "I know you did old man" Temari gasped at Naruto's disrespect for the village leaders and glared when the old ninja blushed and looked away. "What bout you Ibiki?", Ibiki just shrugged, he looked at Anko.

Anko grinned "I don't mind as long as I get some too" Temari gasped and tightened her grip on Naruto while all the males in the room looked at her like she was crazy, Naruto chuckled "okay" this called all attention back to him. He distinctly heard Sarutobi mutter something about 'I hope he can keep up with her', Naruto chuckled and let Temari go she sighed and straightened out her uniform before walking down the stairs to join the group.

They picked the numbered balls out of a box, the whole time Kankuro was glaring at either Temari or Naruto. Naruto grinned at the results.

Match 1 Naruto Uzamaki vs. Neji Hyuuga

Match 2 Gaara vs. Sasuke

Match 3 Shino Abrurame vs. Kankuro

Match 4 Shikamaru Nara vs. Temari

Match 5 Dosu Kinuta vs. winner of match 4

Naruto smiled as he left waving to Temari, totally aware he was being followed by Anko.

Well since I winged this chapter like I always do in my fanfics I hope it is not difficult ot understand so let me give you a run down.

Naruto is a half demon, who's father was the fourth Hokage and mother was Kyuubi's as yet unnamed sister. He managed mature his half demon form at age six, a normal half demon kitsune would have one tail, he had nine due to Kyuubi's influence. He had three seals placed upon him one to hide his appearance, one to make sure he gained his elemental abilities slowly and another to make sure he gained Kyuubi's chakra slowly but faster than before. Now Jiraiya and the third think his appearance is due to Kyuubi, soon it will spread that he is actually a half demon, Sarutobi will question him and learn everything next chapter hopefully this cleared it up for you.

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