Hey folks since it's been so long since I last updated I figured you guys deserved an explanation from me, originally I plan to stick this onto the end of an actual update but since I dunno when thats gonna happen I can't do that. The fact of the matter is folks I am not abandoning anything (well except Angel of Darkness) the reason I haven't updated is because for the last year I have been doing my best to help my Mother through a battle with Cancer that has lasted almost three years, however even through this my Muse was still working and churning stuff out but my mother passed away quietly in her sleep roughly a month ago and my Muse stall out. It however seems to be digging itself out of whereever it went but Don't expect any updates till the new year ok folks, i'll try and get you guys a christmas present but I can't promise anything.

Thank you for your patience and stick with me folks I'm not dead yet.


Uncle Joe