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Death Note:

Ryuk's Entertainment

Chapter 1

Kira's Final Victory

Light Yagami walked away from the police and SPK members in the warehouse, "Well," He began, "Whether the notebook is real or fake, it wouldn't hurt to check, right?" He asked, finishing a speech he had just delivered to the people in the room. It was a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand in this situation, but it might work. No, he knew it wouldn't get him out of this situation.

But it would make him able to kill Near… or as he now knew, Nate River. He was far enough away from them to begin now…

"If the notebook is real…" He began, going for his watch, "Or fake." He finished, opening the secret compartment in his watch, where he kept a small piece of the death note. He quickly pulled out a pen, and began to write in it, N-A-T-E-R… He thought as he wrote. But he was soon cut off by a bullet that hit him in the wrist.

It was the only one who had always believed in him, Tota Matsuda. He desperately tried to convince Matsuda to help him, but to no avail. Matsuda told Light that he drove his father to his death, which was very much so true.

But Light had another trick. Even if he wouldn't get out of this okay, he could finish off his nemesis's successor. He went quickly back to the watch, using his blood to write, I-V-E-R to finish the detective off. Just as he finished writing, he was shot again, and the piece of the note went flying away from him. Light crashed to the ground.

Aizawa picked up the piece of the death note, "Near… He finished writing your name." He said, a somber tone in his voice. They knew what this meant, and Near simply looked at Aizawa with a small expression of shock.

Near didn't fear death, and the fact that he had caught Kira was victory enough for him, "It doesn't matter, I still won. Kira has been caught." He said, trying to calm down the rest of the people there.

It was Matsuda again, now standing on top of Light, his gun to his face, "I'll kill him, I've got to kill him!" He yelled, being pulled away by the others.

Light had been counting the whole time though, now chuckling as he lay on the ground bleeding, "37, 38, 39, 40." He said out loud, and just as he said forty, the white haired detective clutched his chest, his heart attack beginning. There were several grunts he made as it went on, as he just couldn't manage to hold it all in.

Light laughed, "I win." And the young detective finally stopped moving. With a final breath, Near said, "I win," and then died. Light saw Mikami out of the corner of his eye, and now figured everything was okay, "Mikami, kill them! Write!" He yelled, but the man simply stared in anger.

"I can't write in this situation! The notebook is a fake! Look at what you have gotten me into! You… You are not god! You are the lowest of scum!" He yelled back, and Kira began to realize how grave his situation was. The police and SPK began to walk towards him, Aizawa spoke up, "Mogi, Ide, we'll apprehend Yagami Light, a suspect in the Kira case… and a mass murderer." He said, taking a look at the death note with Near's name on it, Damn it. He thought, wishing they would've stopped him sooner.

The SPK were around Near now, trying to see if there was anything they could do to get him back. One was about to try CPR, but they decided it wasn't worth it. Near was dead by the death note, and there was no way around it.

Light spoke up, drifting further into insanity, "Stop it! Don't come near me!" He tried to crawl away, and then asked, "M-Misa! Where is Misa?! Misa, kill them!"

Mogi spoke up, "Misa-Misa is at the Teitou hotel."

"Hotel?! What is she doing at a time like this?! That idiot!" He yelled, still crawling along the floor, a streak of blood behind him, "Takadaa, what happened to Takada. Kill, write!"

Aizawa spoke up, "Kiyomi Takada is dead."

"Light, you're done for. Nice and easy, or you might die of blood loss." Ide said, but Light kept carwling, "Don't come near me! Someone, kill them!!" He yelled in vain.

Ryuk sighed, and walked up to Light, I guess this is it. Too bad, it was fun to watch. Ryuk thought, for once not craving an apple.

"Ryuk! Yeah, Ryuk, write their names in your notebook!" The police pulled their weapons at Ryuk, "Stop it Ryuk!" One yelled to the Death God.

"I'll write." The Shinigami said, pulling out his death note. He began to write, and the police opened fire, shooting Ryuk several times. He smirked, "Sorry, I'm a shinigami, you can't kill me like that." He told them, Light began to laugh as he knew what was coming next. He would be god!

The police and SPK were in shock. Were they really about to be killed? The police were shooting at the death god, but it was no good, Damn it! Hal Thought, unsure of what would happen to them now, Did Near die so that we could just go next?!

"Now that Ryuk is writing your names, it's too late, you can't stop him! You will all die now!" He yelled, only to be cut off by Ryuk, "Nope Light, It's you whose gonna die." Everyone calmed down at this, but Matsuda began to feel pity on him after this.

Light went into a state of panic, "Ryuk, you…" He began, but Ryuk was already almost done, "S-Stop it!"

"I was hoping to see you get out of this one Light, but when you asked for my help… it's over. At least we got rid of each others boredom for a while. I enjoyed this." He said, the name written in the note. He showed it to Light.

"Die?! I'm going to die?!" He asked Ryuk, angry and panicked.

"Yeah, in forty seconds." He said, and that was it. Light began to plead for his life, and Ryuk simply explained that there was no going back.

Matsuda got up, and spoke, "Light-Kun…" But he was stopped by Aizawa, "Stop that. Are you feeling sorry for him now?" He asked, knowing how angry the man had been just a minute before.

Light was panicking, and then finally the forty seconds was up. Light yelled, "I don't want to die!" But to no avail. He fell to the ground making an attempt to grab Ryuk, but simply fell after. He would die here in another moment, and then with his final breath he said, "God-damn…" and that was it. Yagami Light, was dead.

Ryuk looked at him for a moment, and put his death note away. Without another word, he left the building, and flew off into the city. He stopped on a tall building, and chuckled, "Wonder if I'll ever find one as entertaining as Light again?" He asked to no one in particular. Though, now he would need another note…

3 Years later….

Steven Trask was standing out front of a small movie theater in Florida. He and a few friends had gone out to see a movie, which… didn't turn out to be all that good. He didn't care though, he just had to wait on his ride to come and pick him up. At this moment, he wondered why he didn't have his license yet.

At this same moment, a familiar shinigami was watching the entrance of the theater, wondering where the best place to 'lose' his death note would be. After a few minutes of looking, he decided to drop it into the parking lot which could be seen from the front of the building.

Steven looked up to the parking lot just in time to see something fall. He looked closer, but it was too dark to see what it was exactly. He went to the edge of the street, took a quick look, and ran out to the thing that he just watched fall. It appeared to be a book. He picked it up, and tried to read the odd font on the front. Though, he found it impossible in the darkness. He looked up, and saw only the sky and stars. This bothered him, but he went back to where he was originally standing.

That spot was under a light too, so he could now read the cover. He smirked, "Death note?" He said, and opened it. There were rules on the inside cover. He read them to his self, and chuckled, "Death note, eh? Wonder if you work…"

Ryuk looked down at the teen, and smirked. This one seemed to be interested in the book. He extended his wings and flew off, he needed to go back to the shinigami world… and get a new notebook.

It didn't matter though, unbeknownst to him, he was about to get the entertainment he once enjoyed…

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