I have really wanted to make a Billy and Mandy story so here's one!

It was a normal night in Endsville. At Billy's house the idiot resident was staring out the window, exactly why no one could tell because the size of Billy's nose made it impossible to see out of. "Billy, what are ya' doing?" Grim asked with his usual I really wish I wasn't enslaved by a dumb kid and mean kid tone. "I'm waiting for meteor shower! That's when space takes a shower, but with giant rocks instead of water." He told the skeleton. "And if you wish on one of the shower rocks it will be granted! I'm gonna wish for… uh. What should I wish for?" Billy continued on. "Dat's da stupidest ting I've ever heard." Grim commented. "I know! I'll wish for a barracuda, named Steve! We'll be best friends! He'll bake me cupcakes and we'll skip through flowers and hold hands just enjoy the moment!" The idiot excitedly announced. "No way! I'm wishin' for 'dat!" Grim said.

"Aw, now what will I wish for? I'm gonna have to think pretty hard…" Billy then began concentrating at a level never witnessed by any creature. Billy groaned in attempt use his brain; veins even began to pop from his head. Grim of course was starting to get freaked out. A gigantic smile appeared on Billy's face "I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO WISH FOR!" He yelled. "What?" Grim asked. "I'm not telling you! You'll just steal it like Steve the Barracuda." The meteor shower started, Billy looked up and whispered his wish. Nothing happened, and Grim started laughing. "I told ya' wishin' on shooting stars is stupid!" The skeleton exclaimed.

Meanwhile in the far off town of Amity Park, Samantha "Sam" Manson was in big trouble. All of a sudden the bushes around her came alive and vines shot out grabbing her. "Who wished for evil plants?" She yelled to no one in particular.

So it was Billy after all…