The Party After The Party

[Happy Birthday, Tezuka!]


Fuji had been somewhat secretive all that week, but then he was always secretive. It should have been simply of facet of Fuji, but the time he chose to be secretive, being three days before October 7th, also known as the day he was born was quite suspicious.

"I'm too old for birthday parties," Tezuka said.

"You're learning, Tezuka," Fuji said both impressed and fairly amused, "However it's already started and you'll just have to be surprised when the time comes."

Tezuka groaned. "Oh joy."


Perhaps it would've been a bit less obvious if Fuji hadn't sent him off to get a very particular kind of punch which he later found was only sold in one store in Chiba, which Fuji gave him very unique directions to (by the red post, near the docks by the white house)

But he did eventually return victorious. With some help from a childhood friend of Fuji's. It was already late by the time he opened the door. The hisses of "Quiet, quiet!" only made it all the more obvious.

"Surprise!" came the chorus. All his old teammates were there. Even some of the ichinin and non regulars had showed up, and his coach. Echizen was taller, Inui was still in his lab coat. Oishi's hair had grown out, Eiji's was the same. Ryuzaki wore a red cocktail dress which she was way too old for, while Kaidoh looked the same, right down to the bandana, despite Tezuka hearing he'd gone into banking.

The decorations were particularly garish, being that it had been a collaboration between Fuji, who he suspected was either color-blind or secretly trying to get Tezuka to rip his horrid 80s reject clothes off, and Eiji who loved bright things even if putting them together caused seizures.

"We have a hat for you," Fuji said.

He stood on tiptoe to put on a ridiculous hat, which was just as eye burning as the decor. Tezuka glowered.

"Before we eat, we've got to let him open his presents," Fuji said.

"But Fuji, I'm starving," Eiji whined.

"Grab a bit of sushi to munch while Tezuka opens them, then."

The presents were fairly straightforward. Inui had helped with Tezuka's favorites from his precious data, so plenty of them provided that he'd not be wanting for spare rackets, or oolong tea. Eiji had gone a different way, however with teddy bear socks with pom-poms on them. Fuji had liked Tezuka's expression so much upon opening that he took a picture. Of course Fuji was in charge of pictures, and of course he chose the most embarrassing positions and situations to save for later viewings.

"Now Tezuka, it's time for my present," Fuji said, his voice turning very sultry. He bent over, and all Tezuka's mind was filled with all the other birthdays, and deep down there was a fear that Fuji was adding exhibitionism, and possibly lapdancing to the list of birthday presents.

"Fuji, not here–!" Tezuka hissed.

"Maa, Tezuka, don't be so paranoid. I just got you some grip tape that you wanted. I knew you were low."

He leaned close, and pressed something against Tezuka's hand. Something soft, and fuzzy, as well as cold. He felt the outline of circles – handcuffs?

"Now, now... I wouldn't want anyone else to get the mental image of you in this..." Fuji whispered. He thrived in invading personal space so much that no one was surprised to see Fuji practically sitting in Tezuka's lap.


"Don't worry, Tezuka. Saeki spiked the punch with something really potent. I asked for presents first for a reason. You'll get your real present soon enough."

So that was the wild goose chase Fuji had sent him in. Apparently all along it'd been a home blend made solely by Saeki and Fuji during one of the more eventful summers. It was proof that if Fuji and Saeki spent any more time with each other, the world would be in danger.

"I know for a fact that most of the team can't hold their alcohol, let alone something like this."

Two cups and Eiji was already drooping. Oishi was starry-eyed and Kaidoh was flushing. Possibly from Inui's attempt to dance the robot, with his own addition of robot grinding. Kaidoh might have been married, but a few drops of alcohol and it was back to high school again, complete with his very caring senpai.

"It won't be long at all, Tezuka..." He rubbed against Tezuka as he moved away, in a particular Fuji way which he always passed off as an accident. Tezuka took a long breath. Maybe this party wasn't quite so bad after all – or at least the after party looked promising.