Things Not Quite Dead.

Priest Seto once stole his heart...

Disclaimer: I own YGO. I also own Harry Potter, JKR just borrowed him and used him in her bestselling series. And yes, as a matter of fact, I do own the universe. -snort- And if you believe that, then you're an idiot.


Bakura watched Ryou from the back of his mind, as the boy followed the tour group in his father's museum. Right now, the group had reached a display of canopic jars.

...That made him think.


You know, boy, I once had my heart stolen.


Yes. By this devilshly handsome young man. Blue eyes, bad attitude. Seto or something or other. Worked in the Pharaoh's court.


Mhm. We met because I got caught. He met in the dungeons, and we chatted. Mostly I called him a prick and told him he needed to get laid, and he told me to shut my mouth or lose my tongue.

That sounds... Like an argument.

Mhm. We had a lot of those over the next year. Pharaoh Brat wanted to use the Shadow Games to seal me into the Ring. It took them that long to get ready for it, Takes a lot of magic you know.

And in the meantime, you fell in love with Kaiba, Ryou responded.

Fuck no. When the time came, he cut my chest open and ripped out my heart. Stole it right from my chest, the bastard did. Then I was locked away, and woke up here.

Silence. Ryou had flinched.

What's for lunch, by the way?

Yes, it's extremely short, and not exactly my best work, being pointless and all, but eh. It was meant to be a short ficlet and a play on the words "He stole my heart." Written for Anti as a challenge recieved from Hanana.