Inside the Blackest Heart Alternative Ending

The two wizards walked through the house, pushing open door after door searching for Hermione's room. They found bedrooms but the beds were only full-sized. Lucius paused now and then to kiss the witch in his arms, much to Snape's annoyance.

"Lucius, damn it, will you come on!" he snarled at him.

The blonde wizard stopped kissing Hermione, whose arms were laced tightly around his neck, and looked at the irate Potions Master.

"I want to keep her heated up, Severus," he said, looking down into Hermione's dilated amber eyes. She looked so ready for more. He was going to enjoy this. Snape scowled at him.

"If she gets any more heated she's going to burst into flames," Snape retorted, "Give her here. I'll carry her." He approached the wizard with his arms outstretched.

"No," Lucius said, scowling at him and turning away with the witch.

Snape looked murderous.

"Lucius, you are really trying my patience," Snape said, frowning at the wizard.

"What patience? You have no idea how to approach this situation at all, Severus. Have some style, some flair, for gods sakes. She isn't a plaything at a Revel. She's a Primordial."

Snape's fists curled at his sides, and he began stalking back up the hall. He was tempted to hit the blonde wizard, and that simply would not do, especially with Hermione in his arms. The Potions Master pushed open another door and found a large bedroom with a king-sized bed. It looked like a guest room but it would do.

"Bring her in here," he said to Lucius, "There's a bed."

Lucius followed him in, looked around and set Hermione gently on the floor.

She looked around somewhat dazedly.

"This isn't my bedroom," she said softly.

"It doesn't matter," Snape said, grabbing her and pulling her to him roughly. He claimed her mouth, not about to let Lucius outdo him. He slid his hands down her back and over her buttocks, pulling her against his erection, and rolling it against her as he wrestled with her tongue. Hermione moved against his hard, lean body.

"Severus, it's been so long," she gasped against his mouth.

"It won't be much longer," he growled. "I've got something good and hard for you."

Suddenly the witch was pulled from his arms. Seething, he watched as Lucius claimed her mouth again, in a much gentler, though equally consuming kiss, his large hands exploring the witch's body. He moved from her mouth, over her chin and down to her throat. Hermione was gasping, arching against the wizard as his mouth moved over her flesh.

Severus scowled, and began unfastening his robes, watching as Lucius lowered one strap of her dress, then the other, slowly sliding it down over her breasts, his lips nibbling at every bit of revealed skin.

"Yessss," Hermione hissed. Snape felt as if he would explode as he heard the desire in her voice. He shrugged out of his robes, and stood poised to pounce in his tented silk boxers.

Lucius had both Hermione's breasts exposed, and stepped back, sliding his hands around her fullness and squeezing watching her face as it contorted with pleasure. Suddenly another set of hands appeared, sliding across her belly. Snape had approached her from behind, pressing himself against her, dropping his head and locking his mouth to her throat, sliding her dress lower as he ground himself against her from behind. Lucius let the witch go, and began unbuttoning his own robes, watching Snape caressing and undressing the witch the rest of the way.

The feel of the Potions Master hands on her body, his warm mouth sucking her throat and his hardness rubbing against her buttocks was sending Hermione into meltdown. Through half-lidded eyes she watched Lucius remove his robes, revealed a muscular torso, washboard belly and tented silk boxers.

"Oh gods," she breathed as she watched him approach her.

Her dress was pooled around her ankles now, and all she wore was a pair of sheer white panties. Lucius kneeled and slid them down over her hips and legs. She lifted her feet so he could remove them. Then the wizard removed her flats, examining her feet.

"You have beautiful feet, Primordial," he breathed. The blonde wizard began kissing her legs as the Potions Master massaged her breasts, tweaking her nipples while licking and sucking her neck.

"This isn't so bad, is it Hermione?" he whispered in her ear. "It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes," she breathed as Lucius planted kisses on her thighs, his large hands running over her hips. The wizard pressed his face against her bush, and inhaled.

"Gods, she smells good, Severus," he said to the other wizard.

"Trust me, she tastes like honey," Snape replied.

Lucius slid a finger into Hermione's moistness, and she cried out, bucking against Snape wildly as Lucius' finger flicked over her nub. The blonde wizard drew his finger back and tasted her juices. A look of pleasure lit up his face.

"Damn," he said, looking up at the witch. "Hold her, Severus."

The Potions Master slipped his arms under Hermione's and up around her shoulders, holding her in a loose full nelson.

"What, what are you…" Hermione gasped. Lucius lifted her legs, resting her thighs on his shoulders, opening her to him as Snape held the witch back against his chest. Lucius then lifted her thighs higher with his hands and dove into her wet center with his tongue. Hermione buckled and cried out with pleasure. Snape held her steady as she writhed under Lucius' hungry, licking, tasting muscle.

"Oh, fuck!" Hermione cried out as Lucius slid two fingers inside her, thrusting them in and out as he sucked on her nub. Hermione's entire body tensed up then stretched out, forcing Snape back for a moment, but Lucius had her pinned below, and didn't miss a lick or stroke. He nibbled, licked and sucked under Hermione was a shuddering mass of nerves on the edge of exploding. She was babbling incoherently, thrusting her hips against Lucius' mouth and fingers as Snape held on to her bucking body. He pressed his mouth against the Primordial's ear, licking it with his tongue and encouraging her to let go so he could hurry up and take her.

Suddenly the Primordial drew up her legs, and Lucius felt her tighten around his fingers. He quickly pulled them out of her and licked them before plunging his tongue as deep inside her as he could go, twisted and rolling it inside her as she screamed and orgasmed strongly, her eyes rolling back in her head, her body pushing hard against Snape's.

"Yes!" Lucius breathed against her core, and he began to drink her in, sucking at her as her thighs tightened around his head. She was absolutely delicious, and the blonde wizard was in heaven as he swallowed her sweetness down, his lips glistening with her release, getting off on her whimpers. His member was so swollen it was painful, and he was ready to possess her. As her pulsing eased, Lucius rose, still holding her thighs apart and before Snape realized what he was doing, the wizard pulled his boxers down, slammed deep into the witch and started stroking her violently. Hermione started shrieking as the blonde wizard plunged into her wildly, pulling her into him with each thrust. She was tighter than Narcissa, and the feel of her wet, soft sleeve around his aching member was pure heaven. He closed his eyes and slammed into the Primordial with abandon, groaning and grimacing with pleasure.

At first, Snape was tempted to pull the witch away from the rutting wizard. After all, Lucius had already taken first pleasure of her, nibbling her sweet core until she orgasmed and drinking her juices down. Snape felt it should be his turn now, he hadn't touched the Primordial in over three years. But as he watched Lucius' lustfully ram his glistening organ into the shrieking witch over and over, it was obvious Hermione was loving it. Her need had been denied her too long. To pull him away from her now would be cruel, and probably cause a fight between the wizards. And he didn't want to fight, he wanted to shag. He could share the Primordial.

Hermione screamed shrilly and flexed her body powerfully as Lucius pulled back and gave her a series of particularly vicious strokes, and Severus almost lost his balance. He struggled forward and hoisted the bouncing witch's body higher and firmer against his chest, tightening his hold on her, bracing one foot behind him. He placed his face next to her ear and encouraged Lucius so she could hear him.

"Fuck her, Lucius!" he intoned in her ear, while egging the wizard on. "Bust an new hole in her…that's how she likes it…isn't that right Hermione?" The Potions Master said, licking her ear slowly.

"Oh gods" Hermione shrieked, her body going hot and stiffening, before she orgasmed again, calling out Snape's name in a ragged scream, rather than the blonde wizard's. Lucius didn't care as the Primordial's sleeve gripped him so tightly he howled from the pressure.

"Fuck, she's got good trim!" he groaned, forcing himself through her pulsing tightness, his face contorting with pleasure as her thick, hot juices washed over him. Severus' own thick organ throbbed as he saw the look of bliss on Lucius' face. He had to have her.

"Come on Lucius. Let's carry her to the bed and change up. You can take her mouth, I need some relief right now," he said, rubbing his erection against the gasping witch's back.

Lucius began to back up with the witch toward the bed, still stroking her as Snape followed. It wasn't smooth transference, with Hermione's body jerking wildly back and forth in the Potion Master's arms, and Lucius stopping every couple of seconds to bend his knees and ram up inside her at differing angles, causing interesting variations in her cries, which were weakening. Finally they got her to the bed. Lucius pulled out, his gray eyes still hot as he helped Snape position her in the bed. Hermione was far gone, her sexual need spiraling out of control. Lucius had broken through all the months of need admirably and taken away all inhibition, and the Primordial arched and writhed in the bed, anxious for more male contact, her amber eyes turned hotly on the two wizards. There was no inkling of control in the amber orbs at all. The thinking, rational part of the Primordial had indeed left the building.

"Damn," Lucius breathed, looking down on the beautiful witch as she undulated sensually on the bed, rubbing her own hands over her body and between her legs. He looked at Snape with a bit of awe.

"You handled THIS by yourself? She looks like she could survive a Revel and still want more!" Lucius said, shaking his head.

Snape was removing his boxers, climbing into the bed, and trying to get a grip on the slippery witch, who was covered perspiration, her thighs slippery with come and the juices of her continued arousal.

"Yes," Snape breathed as he managed to grab hold of the slick Primordial, "but when I was doing her, I kept her maintained. She didn't go a long time without being properly shagged."

He managed to flip Hermione over to her stomach, licking her juices off of his fingers before pulling her bum up into the air and positioning himself at her entrance.

"What you see here is a product of neglect," the Potions Master finished with a grunt, ramming his tool deep into Hermione and smirking with satisfaction as she cried out hoarsely.

Severus began to drive into the Primordial's body brutally, his hands on her buttocks, spreading her cheeks wide, his black eyes watching his huge girth bury itself into her pretty, pink core. Streaks of creamy lubrication covered his shaft as he poled into her tightness, her sharp cries following each punishing stroke. Snape closed his eyes in pleasure as she slid deliciously around him, her soft walls familiar but new to him now. Snape reacquainted himself thoroughly, pulling her towards him roughly and arching into her, his buttocks clenching powerfully.

Lucius watched Snape take the Primordial, stroking his own swollen member as he did so. He watched the deatheater with interest. He had rarely seen Severus more brutal with a woman. Not even at the Revels. It was as if he were more focused on punishing her than possessing her. Snape had a huge tool, and he was burying it to the hilt in the Primordial, fast, hard and deep, and by gods she was taking it all.

Suddenly Snape pulled out of the witch and dropped down to a sitting position. He grabbed Hermione by the waist and yanked her back, forcing her to straddle his lap, her back facing him. Snape impaled the Primordial hard, stroking her deeply, gripping her waist and jerking her back and forth over him, his face contorted with lust.

Lucius climbed into the bed and stood in front of the bouncing witch, looking down at her. Her eyes were glowing as if she had a torrent of fire burning inside her, her full mouth slack as the Potions Master drove into her. Lucius fisted his hands in her hair and widened his stance and bent his knees, crouching slightly so his swollen member was face level with the witch.

"Suck me, Primordial," he breathed, pushing into her mouth, hunching in tightly, holding himself steady. Snape's violent penetration drove her forward and back, so her hot mouth caressed the blonde wizard's thick organ, sliding over it every time the Potions Master stroked into her and yanked her back. Lucius groaned, throwing his head back, his handsome face twisted in bliss as Hermione's lips dragged over him.

The two wizards took their pleasure of the Primordial, Snape sitting with her straddling his lap, pistoning into her body like a mad man, and Lucius crouching in front of her, his hands locked in her hair, letting her mouth and Snape's thrusts do all the work.

Hermione was all lust and sensation as the two wizards took her at both ends. She felt so full, so wanted, and so complete. The witch was burning up, Snape's delicious stroke from behind adding more friction, threatening to ignite her and make her explode, while Lucius' hot length in her mouth and his uninhibited groans, curses and hisses of pleasure was more fuel added to her fire.

Hermione felt the familiar bubble boiling over, but this time it was larger and sweeter than any before it, and she began to shudder violently as the two wizards continued to physically possess as much of her as they could, both men groaning as the tremors of her body added more pleasure to their penetration of her, pleasure vibrating along their shafts as she trembled.

Snape felt the Primordial beginning to tighten around him, the heat from her body almost scorching, as the pulse began. He started stroking her faster, knowing what was coming. Lucius was gasping, beginning to tighten as her shuddering mouth flew over him.

"Lucius, get ready…she's going to come," Snape panted as Hermione let out a low moan that began to increase in volume. Perspiration flew from Snape's body as he worked frantically toward release, not wanting to be left behind when the Primordial came. This is what he was working toward from the moment he entered her. He knew she had to be ridden hard, and her mind taken away in order to reach that pinnacle of bliss he longed for, that he could only find with her. He wanted that. He stroked into her and began to talk to her.

"Come for me, Primordial!" he gasped at her, pulling her down roughly as she tightened even more. "Let it go, Hermione! Give me what I want, damn you!"

Dimly his words reached her, and she complied…the bubble inside her bursting with intense sweetness, racing through her body, sending her soaring. Severus growled as he felt her heat wash over him, slow rolling and delicious. Then her power manifested, pouring powerfully through the orgasming witch and into both Snape and Lucius.

Both wizards began to shudder violently, suddenly swept to the edge of release, waves of pleasure washing over them as they both contracted, then expanded, bursting, bliss streaming through them both as they came simultaneously, Lucius' eyes rolling to the back of his head, and Snape biting his lip against the intense delight of his release until he drew blood, both flooding the Primordial with their seed and being drawn with it into her being, ripped away from their bodies, soaring, spinning, spiraling through space…the three becoming one, melding together, blending without beginning or end…hovering together in an interminable moment before breaking apart and plummeting back like stars cast down from heaven, to land gasping, quaking and shuddering in a pile of tangled limbs as they collapsed, Snape falling back to the bed, Hermione falling back on top of him and Lucius pitching forward and landing on the witch, barely able to keep from crushing her.

They lay there together like fallen dominoes, stacked on each other, Hermione sandwiched between the two wizards, her head resting on Snape's chest, and Lucius' head resting on her breasts. All three were gasping, their chests rising and falling as they breathed deeply, trying to still their pounding hearts. Both wizards flung their arms out in exhaustion. All three lay there in silence for several minutes.

Finally Lucius asked, "What the fuck just happened?"

Snape, who was on the bottom of the pileup, lifted his head slightly.

"You came with a Primordial," he said, letting his head drop back.

Lucius looked up at Hermione, his gray eyes full of wonder. The witch was sound asleep, resting comfortably against Snape's chest, seeming to emit a palpable glow of satisfaction. Lucius could see his come had run out of her mouth, down her chin and cheek and also into her hair. A bit pooled on Snape himself. She had been in no state to swallow.

The wizard said to Snape,"Scourgify the Primordial, Severus."

The dark wizard lazily waved his hand and Hermione was cleansed. Lucius lowered his head back to her breast and listened to her heartbeat. It was slow and steady.

After a moment, he asked Snape, "Will this always happen?"

"No," Snape replied, "Not always. You have to get her to the point her powers manifest. You have to reduce her to the state of nothing but feeling. In other words you have to really ride the shit out of her to get that to happen."

"I see," Lucius said quietly. He was in awe.

He had no idea that possessing Hermione would give him such an amazing experience. He was still quaking slightly. Suddenly the wizard realized that the witch beneath him was much more than a mere status symbol…and found he no longer had the desire to exploit her as one. But he would definitely remain her Consort. He would have to hide this particular aspect of the relationship from Narcissa. He had a feeling she wouldn't understand.

"Rethinking things, Lucius?" Snape asked, a bit of mirth in his voice.

"You could say that," Lucius replied.

"Coming like that will make you rethink everything. You know, I never came near her in three years, but I couldn't get that experience anywhere else. And I tried. I've shagged everything that moved…and nothing came close," said Snape.

He fell silent, then added, "We're a couple of lucky wizards, Lucius."

Lucius thought so too. The wizards lay there in silence a couple more minutes.

Then Snape said, "Lucius, could you roll off of the Primordial?"

Lucius scowled. He was comfortable.

"Why?" he asked, his jaw set stubbornly.

"Because you're crushing my balls, that's why," Snape replied.

"Oh," he said, rolling off the witch and laying alongside her, looking at her. She really was lovely.

"Do you think she'll want us to engage her again when she wakes up?" Lucius asked, still studying the sleeping witch.

"Maybe," Snape replied yawning. "She'll probably want to eat first. As long as we don't let her eat too much, we might be able to convince her to go another round. In any case, I'm going to get some sleep. I'm exhausted."

Lucius was spent too.

"Sounds like a good idea," he said, yawning also and closing his eyes.

Snape closed his eyes, and draped one long arm across the Primordial's belly protectively.

Lucius opened one gray eye, and noticed this. He said nothing.

Next time they did the Primordial he'd simply make sure that he ended up on the bottom.


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