Skulker felt proud of himself as he looked at the glass tube in his hand. A small tendril of smoke rose from the green liquid inside, along with a small whisper of air as he poured it into a small dart. After setting the tube down onto the table in front of him, he picked up the dart's lid and carefully screwed it on.

Taking one of his mechanical fingers, he pressed a button on the arm of his ecto-skeleton, opening a compartment. Inside was a hand-sized dart gun, which he pulled out and aimed at an imaginary enemy. With a small chuckle at his momentary game, he opened the lid and slid the dart into the gun before cocking it into place.

He smiled at the gun. He had worked hard to find what was inside it, feeling it was what was finally going to help him catch his most desired prize. He had hunted it for so long, and it had slipped out of his grasp.

But he wouldn't take it anymore. The ghost boy seemed to defeat him every time he tried to catch him, no matter his plans or his power. Danny Phantom and his friends always managed to beat him, no matter what he did. But now, he felt he finally had the key to success.

But he wasn't going to make it that simple. He had been defeated by the ghost boy and his pesky friends too many times, and had been humiliated on many occasions. He wanted to capture him, but he also wanted revenge. He wanted it to match the frustration that had built in his own mind after failing his hunt every time. He wanted them to suffer.

And he had learned that the best way to attack an enemy is to attack his heart.

Satisfied with his work, he placed the gun back into its compartment. With the soothing thought of getting great revenge on his biggest enemy, he unsheathed his mechanical wings and rocket booster.

"Let the hunt begin."

- - - - -

Danny found himself staring at her again. Lately, he just couldn't keep his eyes away from her own. She was not looking back at him, as she was having a conversation with Tucker about their homework as they walked home from school, but the words were barely audible to his ears. She made a comment to her friend, followed by a smile at her own comedy. Danny's stomach felt light as it spread across her face, and a familiar feeling lifted his heart.

He was in love with his best friend.

It was something that he had taken a long time to realize. Others seemed to know his feelings for her before he did, but they never told him outright. They would just leave small, teasing comments or sly looks that he would deny. But they always seemed to be thrown in his direction whenever he was with her, and he had finally pushed away his denial long enough to realize that they were right.

But he never had the courage to tell her. He was too afraid of her reaction. He thought it was possible that she felt the same way because of the signals from other people, but he didn't want to count on it. If she didn't feel the same, his feelings might make her feel uncomfortable. He decided to just stay her friend, deciding that it was better than risking losing her all together.

Just then, Danny froze as he realized that Sam's eyes had shifted, and were now looking back at him. His feet continued to carry him along the sidewalk, but his eyes locked onto hers. He tried to pull them away, knowing it would be obvious for her to find him staring at her, but he couldn't do it. He started to feel panicky as a small frown of confusion came to her face. Come on! Stop staring! he told himself. But her eyes kept him in a trance, refusing to let him look away.


Hearing his name called finally gave him the kick he needed to look away from Sam. He looked next to him at his friend Tucker as he realized that was who had called him.

"What?" he asked, able to keep a casual air in his voice.

"Make Sam stop bugging me about my homework!" the techno-geek whined. He hoisted the backpack on his back, which was packed with schoolbooks. "She says it's my own fault I have all this work, and I should just do it without complaint!"

Danny paused before looking back at Sam. She no longer seemed perturbed by the fact that he had just been staring at her. Instead, she just smiled as their friend whined. Maybe she hadn't noticed?

Danny looked back at Tucker. "Well, you should," he said in a teasing voice.

"Ha, see?" Sam said with a teasing smile, acting as if she had just won the argument with Danny's help.

Tucker looked away from them both and said, "Fine." He tried to say it with annoyance, but there was good humor in it. A small smile crept onto his lips as he said, "But you guys will be sorry when I end up being a mindless zombie caused by too much reading." Danny and Sam chuckled before exchanging a look. As their eyes met, Danny again found it hard to look away from Sam. He figured she hadn't noticed the first time, but he didn't want her to notice this time.

However, the eye contact was broken as his ghost sense went off.

As soon as the blue tendril wafted out of sight, Danny looked around for the ghost. His fighting instincts instantly kicked in, ready to fight the ghost and protect his friends.

"Oh great," Tucker whined. "I have to carry this heavy bag, and help fight a ghost!? This just isn't right!"

His comment was brushed off by his friends as they looked around. Just as Danny's eyes caught sight of a dumpster in an alley, noting it as a place to go ghost, he heard Sam call his name.

"Danny! It's Skulker!" she said, pointing at a floating figure about one hundred feet down the street. The few people that were around were now running away as fast as they could, relaying their fear to the world with their screams.

As soon as Danny caught sight of Skulker, he hurried behind the dumpster, threw off his backpack to lighten his weight for speed, and started his transformation.

A ring formed around his waist, then split in two and spread up to his head and down to his feet, slowly changing his clothes into a black and gray jumpsuit. It past his chest, revealing the D on his outfit, then spread to his head and his feet, leaving his hair white, and his shoes now gray boots.

Without a second's hesitation, he took flight and flew straight for the mechanical ghost, Sam and Tucker following on foot.

He was slightly confused as he saw the ghost just floating there, arms folded and a grin on his face. He considered taking the advantage and getting the first shot, but decided to see what Skulker wanted before attacking. It was unlikely that Skulker just wanted to talk, but he would avoid the fight if he could.

Stopping his flight and floating eye level a few cautious feet away from the ghost, Danny said, "What do you want, Skulker?" He heard his friends footsteps come to a halt a few feet behind him.

Skulker unfolded his arms and let his grin grow. "Well, what I want really isn't your business, is it?" Without letting the ghost boy respond, he turned around and flew off with a great burst from his rocket. Danny immediately took chase after him. He thought he might want him to follow, but he couldn't let him get away. He kept a good pace with him, but kept himself from attacking. He didn't want to provoke Skulker until he found out what he wanted.

Within a few seconds, they had passed a few blocks at their speed, causing any passerby to flee in fear at the sight of the ghosts. Danny ignored them and followed Skulker as he made a sharp turn into the park.

The mechanical ghost flew through the open park, stopping near a small group of trees. He turned to face Danny, who had arrived seconds after he did.

Danny found himself just as they were before, floating feet away from each other. Again, he asked with a little more force, "What do you want, Skulker!?"

Skulker just smiled. Without a word, he unsheathed a gun from his right forearm and shot a missile at the ghost boy.

Danny easily dodged it, letting it explode on the ground behind him. The attack now let him know that Skulker did want to fight, so he powered his ghost ray before putting up both hands and firing at him.

Skulker flew upwards to avoid the green ray, letting it pass underneath him. His hand itched to pull out his dart gun and finish this part of the hunt now, but stayed his hand. He only had one shot, and he knew the ghost boy would easily dodge it. He had to wait until he was weakened or distracted.

With that in mind, he unsheathed a gun from each of his shoulders, wasting no time in shooting multiple missiles at his enemy. Danny went intangible, knowing he couldn't dodge the small projectiles in time. As soon as they went through him, he turned off the power and shot another ray at Skulker. The ghost did a small loop to dodge it, followed by another aerial spiral as he caught sight of a second ray heading at him.

Just then, Sam and Tucker came running from the entrance of the park. They saw the ghost battle ahead and ran over to help. They didn't have a Fenton Thermos, but they would do what they could.

Skulker finished his small spiral after dodging another round of the ghost boy's plasma rays. He glared after him as he realized that weakening him would take a little longer than he thought. As he took the momentary cease-fire to decide his next move, he saw the ghost boy's friends heading his way. As he did, he decided to try a distraction. Lifting his mechanical arm, he released a large missile in their direction.

Danny saw Skulker shoot the missile and prepared to dodge it, but was surprised as he realized that the ghost's gaze was not on him, and the missile flew past him. His eyes followed the projectile, and he gasped as he realized that it was heading straight for his friends. He hadn't even realized that they were there.

Before he could react, the missile came in contact with the ground in front of Sam and Tucker, causing a panicked yell coming from each of them. They immediately took cover behind a large tree, blocking the battle from their view.

Just as he saw them disappear, Danny turned his head toward Skulker and prepared to fire a plasma ray. But just as he did, he saw a bigger-than normal gun come out of Skulker's back and shoot a large missile at him.

Danny was able to fly upwards and dodge it just before it hit him. As soon as it passed him, he shot a double-handed ray at Skulker. He smiled in success as it hit the ghost in the chest and sent him flying backwards.

Before he could prepare another shot, he heard a resounding crack from behind him. When he turned his head, he could see the tree that Sam and Tucker were behind had been hit by the missile, and was already falling in their direction. Their hands were over their ears, clearly shocked by the sound of the explosion, but unaware of the danger they were in.

Danny immediately put on a burst of speed and flew to help them. Just when the trees branches were about to crash onto their heads, Danny wrapped his arms around each of their waists and flew out from underneath it. No sooner had they cleared the danger did the tree crash into the ground with a great rumble.

Danny landed with his back to the tree and set his friends in front of him, keeping a protective hand on each of their shoulders. When the resounding crash faded, he turned his head long enough to glance at the heap of leaves that lay on the ground. He cringed, then looking back his friends. They were finally aware of what they had just escaped from, and were breathing heavily.

Danny removed his hands from his friends' shoulders and looked at their shocked faces.

"Are you guys ok?" he asked.

Sam nodded feebly as Tucker said, "Yeah, we're fine."

Danny sighed in relief. That was too close for comfort. If he had waited another second, they would have been crushed.

He looked back at his friends. He was about to tell them to go somewhere safer, but stopped as he saw a look of horror on Sam's face. She looked past him and said, "Danny, look out!"

As soon as the words left her mouth, Danny spun around and used both of his hands to keep his friends behind him. As soon as he did, he felt a sharp pain shoot through his right ab.

"Ah!" he yelped as he was hit. He looked down to see a small dart protruding from his stomach. He reached a hand to it and pulled it out, leaving a small sting as it did. He momentarily looked at it before looking up. He saw Skulker floating a few yards away from them, a small hand gun in his hand and still pointed at him.

Skulker let a wide grin spread across his face before lowering his arm. Without a word, he turned around and flew off through the park.

"Hey, get back here!" Danny yelled, wasting no time in flying after him, dropping the dart as he took off. But he only made it about thirty feet when a sudden drowsiness clouded his mind. Within seconds, his vision blurred, and everything went black.

Sam and Tucker watched as Danny slowed in flight. Before they knew what was happening, he stopped, and began to fall from his spot twenty-feet above ground.

"Danny!" they yelled in unison, running out to him. As they did, Danny hit the ground with a small thud. His body rolled several times before it came to a stop, leaving him laying on his stomach. As his body lay still, it changed back to his human form. Seconds later, the two reached their friend and knelt down next to him.

"Danny!" Sam said frantically, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Danny, come on man!" Tucker said, his voice somewhat strained. They had no idea why he just passed out like that, and they were worried.

When they didn't get a response, Tucker carefully, but quickly rolled Danny onto his back. His eyes were closed, and he didn't respond as he was moved.

"Danny!" Sam said, putting her hand back on his shoulder. She searched his face for a sign of consciousness, but there was none.

"What's wrong with him!?" she asked, finding it hard to mask the worry in her voice. She thought she was overreacting, but she couldn't help it. She had seen him fall from higher heights, but he rarely got out of them without injury. But her main concern was that he passed out while he was in mid-air, and they didn't know why.

Tucker shook his head. "I don't know." He studied his friend for a moment as he tried to figure out what happened.

Finally, he realized what it was. Without saying anything to Sam, he got up and ran back to the fallen tree. Sam watched him with confusion as he knelt down and searched the ground for something. He picked up a small object, then got up and ran back to her, kneeling down by Danny.

He held the object up for them both to see. "This is the dart that Danny was hit with."

Sam paused. "Well, what is it?" she asked. She found herself worrying that it might be poison.

Tucker took a second more to study the dart before answering, "I think it's a tranquilizer."

Sam felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. He was only sleeping, and he didn't appear to have any injuries from the fall.

She sighed. Feeling a bit calmer, she asked, "So, how long is he going to be out?"

Tucker hesitated. "Well, they usually last a few hours."

Sam's eyes widened. "What!?" She started to feel stressed again. What were they supposed to do? "If he's not home soon, his parents will know something is wrong. What are we gonna do?" She started to get a flashback of the last time he had lost consciousness suddenly, after he fought the Lunch Lady. They had to carry him home and tell his parents he was exhausted from schoolwork. Maybe they'd have to do it again.

Before her question could be answered, Sam looked down as she felt Danny's shoulder move under her hand. Tucker looked as he noticed the movement, just in time to see Danny's eyes crack open.

"Danny?" Sam said, putting her other hand on his shoulder. He just blinked lightly with his barely open eyes and let out a small breath. "Hey, can you hear me?" Sam asked.

Danny's head felt cloudy, and he barely recognized a quiet sound as Sam's voice. He turned his head toward it, and saw two very blurry figures next to him. He blinked again, making his head start to clear. He was now aware of the grass underneath him, and wondered why he was on the ground. He was also aware of two hands on his shoulder.

"Hey man, you ok?" he heard Tucker's voice ask. He blinked again to force his vision to clear. He was finally able to see his two friends clearly in front of him, looking at him with worry plain on their faces.

He wasn't sure how to answer Tucker's question, as he didn't know what was going on. Instead, he asked, "What happened?"

Hearing his voice made a smile tug at Sam's lips, realizing that he was ok. Tucker smiled with relief, and decided to answer his friend's question. He lifted the dart up for Danny to see and said, "Skulker shot you with a tranquilizer, and he flew off after you passed out."

A tranquilizer? Danny thought. Somehow, the thought confused him.

Instead of trying to figure it out, he started to sit up. He found it a bit harder than he expected, as the fatigue tried to keep him on the ground.

But he was able to do it as he felt Sam's hands gently support his back and help lift him into a sitting position. When he was upright, his head started to spin, so he put his face in his hands, and closed his eyes, trying to keep himself from passing out. At the same time, he was aware of Sam's hands being placed back on his shoulder. He knew they were hers because of how gentle they were. Despite his spinning head, the feeling made his stomach burn.

Finally, he could think more clearly, so he removed his face from his hands and looked at his friends. He glanced at the dart in Tucker's hand before asking, "How long was I out?"

"Just a couple of minutes," Tucker answered. He looked at the dart as he said, "But it's weird; you should have been out for hours. That's what they usually do."

Danny was puzzled. Really? "Are you sure it's a tranquilizer?"

Tucker looked at the dart again. He considered it, then nodded. "Yeah."

A small frown came to Danny's face. That didn't make any sense. Before he could voice hit thoughts, he realized that Sam hadn't said much since he woke up. He could still feel her hands on his shoulder, her fingers making small squeezes on his shirt occasionally. He looked at her, wondering if something was wrong.

When his eyes made contact with hers, he was a bit surprised to see some worry still in them. He glanced away for a second before asking, "Sam? Are you ok?"

Sam seemed a bit startled as he addressed her. "Yeah, why?" She wasn't aware that her hands hadn't moved from the spot she put them.

A small frown of confusion came to Danny's face at her tone. She sounded surprised at his question, as if it was obvious that she was fine. Instead, he glanced at her hands and said, "Nothing."

Sam followed his momentary gaze, realizing that her hands were still on his shoulder. She quickly pulled them back, trying to hide the blush that appeared on her cheeks. She avoided his eyes and said, "Yeah, you're ok so everything's fine."

Danny let his confused look linger a bit longer before deciding to let the reaction go. She always worried about him when he got hurt, so he shouldn't have been surprised. She just seemed more worried than usual.

Instead, he let his eyes wander back to the dart that was still in Tucker's hand. As he did, he finally realized why the thought of a tranquilizer confused him earlier.

"Wait a minute…" he said. His friends looked at him. "You mean that Skulker was able to knock me out, and he just left without trying to capture me?" Skulker wouldn't leave such a great chance at finally capturing him. Why would he?

At his words, Sam and Tucker exchanged a look. He was right.

They looked back at their friend. "Yeah…" Tucker said. He scratched the back of his head. "He just left."

"But why would he do that?" Sam asked. She seemed to be focusing on the current issue and forgetting her earlier incident.

Danny took a second to think about it. "Well, we'll find out soon enough," he said. "You know Skulker."

Tucker shrugged. "Yeah."

Well, there's no point in sitting here and trying to figure out one of Skulker's games, Danny thought. He knew he'd have to get home before his parents worried that he was late.

He put one of his hands on the ground and tried to lift himself up. Instead, his head became foggy as fatigue overtook him again, causing him to fall onto his side.

"Danny!" Sam said, helping pull him back into a sitting position with a hand. "Are you ok!?"

Danny put a hand on his head and said, "Yeah, I'm fine." He closed his eyes and tried to make his head stop spinning. "You don't have to worry so much."

"Well maybe she does," Tucker said, getting up and walking to the other side of Danny. He knelt down and asked, "Can you stand up?"

Danny kept his eyes closed. He hated to admit it, afraid that they'd get overly worried, but said, "I don't know."

Sam and Tucker looked at each other. They exchanged a small nod, then Tucker said, "Well, we'll help you."

They each took one of his arms and carefully lifted him onto his feet. They held him in place as he swayed, then waited until he said he could stand by himself.

"Thanks," he said without looking at them, trying to concentrate on focusing his eyesight. "I'm fine," he added, letting them know he could stand. His friends hesitated, then let him go.

As Danny waited for his head to clear, he thought back to the fight, and how Skulker just flew off. He was getting tired of Skulker's hunts, and getting sick of trying to figure out what he was up to.

Tucker eyed the dart in his hand again. He almost threw it on the ground, then decided against it. Instead, he took his heavy bag off his back, (which he was surprised he was able to run to the park with), and put it in a small pocket.

"What are you doing?" Danny asked, watching his friend with confusion. Tucker put the bag back on his back and said, "I have a feeling we should keep it. It was Skulker's, so that can mean more trouble than we usually know. Plus, it's not a good idea to just leave a ghost item in the park."

"Yeah," Sam agreed.

Danny made a small nod in agreement. Although his head was clear, his body felt like he had just run a marathon. His legs shook underneath him, and hoped Sam and Tucker didn't notice. They didn't, so he said, "We better get home." They nodded in agreement.

He was about to force his tired legs to take him home until he realized that something was missing. He thought for a second, then realized that he left his backpack behind the dumpster.

"Oh man."

"What?" Tucker asked.

"I left my bag at that dumpster."

"Well, let's go get it," Sam said.

"No, it's ok," Danny said. "I'll just go myself. It'll be faster if I just fly, and we passed my house on the way here anyway." The thought made him realize that his parents, supposedly the best ghost hunters in the world, didn't notice two ghosts pass their house. It was fine with him; he didn't feel like getting shot by their weapons and hearing bad puns from his dad.

Sam looked hesitant at Danny's suggestion. "Are you sure you can get there by yourself?" She looked at his face. "You look exhausted."

Danny couldn't help but smile. Instead of answering, he changed to his ghost form. "Sure I can," he said confidently. He hovered a few inches off the ground. "You worry too much Sam." With that, he turned and flew out of the park.

As soon as he was out of sight, Tucker looked at Sam. He put on a teasing smile and folded his arms. "Yeah, about him."

Sam turned her head quickly to look at him. She saw his teasing stare, then looked away as a blush formed on her cheeks. "What are you talking about?" she said, trying to sound sincere, but failing miserably. She could feel Tucker's eyes still on her, making her shuffle her feet.

Tucker kept his stare on her, letting his smile grow. "You've known what I've meant for years."

Sam couldn't take his eyes burning into her any longer, so she started walking away. Tucker caught up with her and looked at her, but kept his teasing stare to a minimum.

Sam sighed with frustration, and put her hands over her face. "Could I be anymore obvious!?" she chastised herself. She wasn't able to control her worry for Danny, and almost announced her feelings for him with her actions.

"Aw, come on Sam," Tucker said sincerely, deciding not to torture his friend anymore. He put a hand on her shoulder as she let her hands fall to her sides. "There was nothing wrong with your reaction. It's how you feel, and you can't help it."

Sam lightly shrugged, although she knew he was right. "I just wish I could tell him." She hesitated. Tucker knew her dilemma, but he was ok with her saying it, knowing it would make her feel better. "If I knew he loved me back, I could do it."

Tucker frowned sympathetically. Sam wasn't able to hide her feelings for Danny from Tucker. He had made it his mission ever since the three of them met to get them together. He could tell they liked each other, but they wouldn't admit it. So he decided it was his job to help his friends get together.

But he was only able to make Sam admit it to him. He knew Danny felt the same way about Sam, but he could never get him to admit it. He would always deny it and quickly change the subject. Tucker considered telling Sam about Danny's feelings, but knew it wouldn't be a good idea. Although he was nosy and in their business about their feelings for each other (a talent he was very proud of), he knew it would be best for them to hear it from each other.

Tucker removed his hand from his friend's shoulder. "Well, why not just tell him?" He smiled as Sam looked at him. "You might be surprised."

Sam gave him a sarcastic frown. "Oh really?" she challenged good-naturedly. "So you know everything about my 'relationship' with Danny?"

Tucker put a hand in front of her face and looked away with mock passion. "I do not like to brag about my gifts."

Sam rolled her eyes. "Uh-huh." She smirked. "Well, why don't you use some of that talent to do your homework?"

Tucker put his hand down and glared at her. "Don't start with that again."

- - - - -

Danny felt relieved as he left the park. He didn't have to hide how tired he was now that Sam and Tucker couldn't see him.

He made his way to the dumpster and found his bag still lying where he put it. He reached down and threw it over his shoulders. He hesitated as he considered walking the rest of the way home, but his wobbling legs told him otherwise. It was less tiring to fly.

He took off from behind the dumpster, and made his way toward his house. He landed in front of the steps and, after looking around to make sure no one could see him, went back to his human form.

He started the decent up the stone steps to the front door. Although there were only a few, his legs burned with each step. He guessed that his fatigue was a side effect of the tranquilizer.

When he finally got to the top, he took a second to catch his breath. His legs shook underneath him, and he had to force them to stop as he opened the door. The last thing he wanted was to run into his parents and have to lie again to get out of telling them what really happened.

He kept his gaze on the floor as he walked inside. He just wanted to go to bed now, and not get up until the next day. He would have to explain to his parents where he was the next day, but right now, he didn't care. He just wanted to sleep.

He shut the door behind him and prepared to walk up to his room, but stopped as he saw his older sister Jazz sitting on the couch across the room, looking up at him from the magazine she was reading.

"Hi, Danny," she said with one of her bright smiles.

Danny acknowledged his sister's greeting with a small smile. "Hey, Jazz." Great, his voice sounded tired. Now she was going to panic.

Jazz's smile turned into a frown. "Hey, are you ok?" she put her magazine down and got up. "You sound sick," she said as she rushed over to him.

"I'm fine," Danny insisted. His legs shook as they protested to the fact that he was still standing. He hoped she didn't notice.

"Hey, you're shaking!" Of course she noticed. She stopped in front of him and looked at him as if expecting something horrible. "What happened!?"

Danny put a hand on his head and closed his eyes. "Jazz, will you chill?" He didn't mean for the words to sound forceful, but he was getting frustrated as his body kept reminding him that it was going to fall over any second. Ever since she had found out about his ghost powers, she worried about him constantly.

He calmed his voice before saying, "You sound like Sam."

Despite her worry, Jazz's lips lifted into a smirk. "Oh really? What do you mean by that?" she teased.

Danny waved the comment off with his free hand. "Nothing, just forget it." He didn't feel like letting Jazz tease him about Sam.

Jazz smiled, but let it pass. She knew how Danny felt about Sam. She had tricked him into admitting it with her 'Great Psychiatric knowledge', and was trying to get him to tell Sam. But he refused to, not wanting to ruin the friendship if she didn't feel the same way. But Jazz knew she did feel the same way, through 'Women's Intuition.' (And she thought it was obvious.) But she decided to let him do it when he was ready, just like she waited for him to tell her about his ghost powers.

Pushing aside the momentary teasing, she focused on what was going on. "So what happened?" She eyed him worriedly.

Danny removed his hand from his face and looked at her. "Skulker showed up after school, and shot me with a tranquilizer."

"A tranquilizer!?"

"Jazz, please," Danny groaned. "Do you want Mom and Dad to hear?"

Jazz eyed the door that led to their parent's lab, as she knew that's where they were. She looked back at her brother and said, "Sorry."

Danny nodded. His eyes started to droop, and he felt like he was going to fall asleep any minute.

Jazz tried to keep her voice calmer. "So, what did he want?"

Danny let a tired sigh. "I don't know. He just attacked and left."

Jazz hesitated. "Wait a minute…" She put a hand on her chin and stared off into space, putting on her 'I'm gonna figure out this ghost problem' look. Danny groaned.

"I'm guessing the tranquilizer didn't last long, since you're home almost in time," she started. "And Skulker didn't try to capture you when you were unconscious?" She frowned. "Why?"

Danny just shrugged. He was too tired to try figuring it out now. It could wait. "I don't know, why don't you ask him?" he said. He started walking over to the staircase.

"Wait!" Jazz called. He looked back at her. "Aren't you gonna tell me what happened?"

I just did, he thought. Oh wait… she wants every excruciating detail, thinking she'll figure it out if she hears it.

"I'll tell you tomorrow." He started the decent up the stairs.

"Where are you going?"


"Ok," she said. "I'll cover for you!"

"Thanks," Danny said so quietly he doubted she heard him. He concentrated on getting up the stairs while keeping himself awake.

Finally, he reached the top of the stairs. He didn't stop to rest as he saw his bedroom door just down the hall. He made his way to it and opened the door. After shutting it behind him, he took his backpack off and dropped it carelessly on the floor. Without a second thought, and without bothering to change his clothes, he walked over to his bed and plopped onto the soft mattress. He rolled from his position on his back to his left side, facing the closed door.

Within seconds, he could feel his consciousness slipping away rapidly. He couldn't wait to just feel the comfort of sleep, ready to get rid of the fatigue and start a new day.

Just before he fell asleep, he heard a small sound. He opened his tired eyes to look around. There was nothing there, so he closed his eyes.

When he heard it again, it sounded like a voice. It made his eyes open again, although he could swear it was coming from inside his head. He lifted his head and looked around. There was nothing there.

He decided that it was just his mind playing tricks on him because he was so tired. Without giving it a second thought, he let himself fall into a deep sleep.

- - - - -

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