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"We're here."

Daniel wearily raised his head and stepped away from Jack's support. The long trek back had them stopping far too many times, and at one point, he had to finally admit defeat and asked for help. The team arrived in front of the Stargate bone weary, aching, tired.

The Stargate loomed over them, the chevrons dull and inactive. Daniel stood in front of it in awe. He remembered seeing it the first time, in the embarkation room. Even looking down at it, the Stargate looked large. But here, in where its maker had originally intended it, it looked enormous.

Daniel felt twice as small standing in front of it.

"Hello," the archeologist whispered, knowing he wasn't going to get any answer.

"Carter, you got the symbols?" Jack asked quietly, his eyes on Daniel's back. He was hoping seeing it would have Daniel suddenly jumping up in recollection, but instead, the young man was staring at it like the first time he was introduced to it. It left him a funny taste in his mouth.

"I got them, sir," the captain said just as quietly, flapping the wrinkled notebook in her hand. She flipped over to the pages Daniel last wrote on and went over to the DHD.


Sam paused as Daniel came over tentatively. He looked at the notebook in her hand. Wordlessly, she handed it over to her friend. It only seemed right somehow for Daniel to be the one dialing them home.

"Thank you." Daniel smiled faintly and stared at his own handwriting on the rumpled pages. Sadly, he couldn't see him writing this. It was strange to see his handwriting staring back at him, testifying his involvement with the team.

"Dial us home, Daniel," the colonel just said as Carter got into position to punch in the codes to open the iris.

The archeologist nodded. Slowly, he drifted his hand over to the symbols, matching them to what he wrote. His fingers traced the edges of the raised text, marveling over the simple device.

He punched the first one.

"Chevron one locked." The technician announced as Daniel stood there watching. He stared at the reddish glow that lit up the brace as it moved on its own to clamp down in position. The inner track began moving once more.

Daniel punched in the second symbol.

"They're at it again." Kawalsky commented as the sirens rang. Daniel winced as he saw the gray shield whirled shut. He could hear banging as something came through and struck their barriers.

"You okay?" Jack asked as Daniel paused.

"F-fine." Daniel punched in the third symbol.

"You can't stay awake forever." Sam said, looking at him with some concern. Daniel gave a funny laugh as he lifted his cup.

"I can try…" His eyes clouded over. "No…you're right. I'll try and get some sleep." He wondered if he was going to see Sha're again in his dreams.

Sam gripped his arm briefly, murmuring she would see him later.

Suddenly alone again, no work to do anymore, Daniel felt tired. And isolated.

Chevron four was now locked.

He wasn't going to leave. Daniel stood there, the castle rumbling underneath him, the walls shaking in sync with the tremors, and he refused to leave. He stood there, in front of this wondrous device, the journal Ernest left and the key to their existence.

He heard a footfall and turned.

Jack silently stood there by the doorway.

Jack wasn't leaving here.

Suddenly…the price of this answer was too much.

And Daniel took one last despairing look at the chamber and turned away.

The colonel didn't smile, didn't reproach him, but there was a relieved look in his dark eyes as he followed after Daniel.

"Fifth symbol," Daniel murmured, and he felt Jack and Teal'c stepping in closer to him. It was somehow comforting.

"SG-1, there's someone who would like to see you."

That was his cue. Daniel took a deep breath and took a step forward, his knees still knocking from the moment Janet told him they found them floating in the upper atmosphere in disabled death gliders. Alive.

He couldn't get himself to run although he wanted to. His legs were weak. The soldiers must have sensed this and parted slightly to let him through without difficulty. Some patted him on the shoulder. Reaching the center, Daniel stopped, suddenly unsure of what to say.

"Daniel," Sam breathed, and Daniel shyly looked up.

Teal'c nodded slightly, a pleased look on his face. And Jack.


His face held a slight stunned look at first, gawking at the specter before him. Then.

He broke out into a huge smile.

Darkness fled the colonel's eyes, and Daniel smiled wider, still unable to understand why he couldn't think of anything to say. But he did take another step closer. He needed to see them. To see them all. To know. They were alive. They were here.

They won.

Jack grabbed him around the shoulders, pulling him in. Daniel was too startled to do anything more than return the embrace as he felt Jack pounding his back enthusiastically, before a hand clapped him on the back of the head.

"Space monkey," Jack murmured in a fond voice Daniel never heard before, and he grinned as they parted.

They were all here. They truly won.

Daniel looked sideways at Jack, studying him as his hand floated over the sixth symbol. Jack gazed back, puzzled. The archeologist just shrugged one shoulder and smiled to himself as he realized he wanted to slam down on the seventh symbol right now.

So he did.

The column of light and water gushed out in a sparkling display.

Daniel stopped, staring at the Stargate.

"How could I have forgotten this?" Daniel whispered. He could still see the watery reflection when he followed behind the soldiers on that first mission.

"You didn't," Jack said, clasping his shoulder in a gesture that felt familiar to Daniel. "It's in there somewhere."

A hopeful tone came over Daniel's voice. "I hope so."

"Me too." Jack's voice was barely audible. He cleared his throat. "Come on, kids. In you go."

Carter gave Daniel one last look before jumping through. Teal'c, at Jack's nod, stepped through the wormhole as well. And Jack walked alongside Daniel up the platform in front of the Stargate and waited.

Eyes filled with wonder, Daniel brushed his hand across the surface and felt a tingle as energy laced his fingertips. He briefly forgot Jack was standing there as he dipped both hands in, the surface rippling like a pool.

"Daniel, you ready?"

"Not really." Daniel whispered as he withdrew his hands and stared at them. "But, I guess standing here won't do me any good either."

"Take as long as you need," The colonel said. Just as long as you come back.

Daniel took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Jack, sensing he was ready, took him by the elbow and guided him through. In mid-step, Daniel opened his eyes again just as his face passed into the sparkles of lights.

And was carried away.

The lights stretched to streaks.

"Then in one year…one year…you take the cover stone away. I will try and bring Sha're home on that day. But if I don't make it back…if I don't-"

Time slowed to nothing.

Her hands were soft as she pulled him closer. Before he could repeat that he would be back soon, she engulfed his mouth with her warm lips, and he tasted the sun in hers.

"Good bye my Dan-yel."

Space was so cold.

Sha're. How could I have forgotten about Sha're?

He felt pulled towards a destination.

"Then in one year…one year…you take the cover stone away. I will try and bring Sha're home on that day. But if I don't make it back…if I don't-"

"Go…I'll watch your back…'

"They don't know what to do with me…and I don't know what to do with myself."

"It was difficult for me at first, I wanted to hate him. But now I now it was a different Teal'c that chose Sha're, and I know that if there was any way from him to help me get my wife back he would do it gladly. Even if it meant giving up his own life. This Teal'c is my friend."

"My wife is out there, General. I have to be on this team."

How could he have forgotten?

"Good bye my Dan-yel."


"I would rather die than stay here in the knowledge that I will never be able to see my wife and friends again."

His friends.

"No, you look, Jack! I have everything under control, okay? God, you never show me any respect! Your way didn't work. Now I'm handling it. All you have to do is hang in there!"

All the things he'd done…

And they were still here.

All the people who left…

"Stay here, Danny. Mommy has to go with your father first and fix this. Okay?"


"Good bye my Dan-yel."

He felt so alone before.

"I am not leaving you behind!"

So alone.

"Daniel! God! What're you going to do, Daniel? Do you want to kill me? Look at you. I know what this is. I know what it's like. You can get through it..."

All the pain…

All the sorrow…

"I am not leaving you behind!"

He was never alone.

"I am not leaving you behind!"

How could he have forgotten?

And suddenly, the flashes of light disappeared, and walls and metal materialized around him.

Stunned, the trip that felt like forever ended so abruptly, Daniel felt his legs fold underneath him and landed on the ramp on his knees.

What was silent in journey before became loud.

"We need a medic here!"

"Daniel, you okay?"

"SG-1, stand down!"

"Where's the goddamn medic?"

"Daniel Jackson…"

"Daniel, stay still. We're going to get you—"

"Radiation counters clean, General."

"Danny, hold still, don't get up."

Everything was so loud.

"Get those alarms turned off!"

"Colonel, were there any other injuries you had?"

"No, no...What are you poking around me for? Take a look at him. Not me!"

"Sir, they're just trying to help."

And so familiar.

How could he have forgotten?

"…I remember."

The alarms went silent, and his voice became so loud it rang out in the entire chamber.

Everyone's inquires stopped mid-breath. Jack, his teammates, all stared at him as if he suddenly began talking in Latin.

"What?" Jack wasn't sure he heard correctly.

"I..." Daniel looked up at the colonel as the Stargate flickered off. "I remember."

"You...remember?" Jack was still standing there, not realizing the technicians were waiting to take readings.

"All of it?" Sam asked anxiously.

Daniel gave a funny laugh..."Unfortunately...yes..."

Jack stood there, staring, not really hearing at first. And he stood there as Daniel slowly got up with Teal'c's help, brushed off his pants and shyly extended his hand amidst curious onlookers.

"Hi, Daniel Jackson..." Daniel grinned weakly, wondering how different it might have been if they had started out like that.

Jack stared at the hand.



Daniel frowned slightly, looking unsure. "J-jack?"

A huge grin broke out on the colonel's face, taking Daniel by surprise. Jack reached out grabbed Daniel by the arm and jerked him forward into a bear hug. A muffled squeak from Daniel was all he heard as he pounded his friend's back with a big whoop.


Sam laughed as the other soldiers gawked at the sight. She gave Daniel no escape though when she rushed forward and gave him a hug as well. Daniel staggered back, into Teal'c when he was released. He turned warily at the Jaffa and yelped when Teal'c embraced him, nearly lifting him off his feet.

General Hammond, eyeing the spectacle, coughed into the microphone. He saw he wasn't getting their attention and wondered briefly if he should get Doctor Fraiser.

"SG-1?" Hammond looked over to the technician who shrugged. "Welcome back?"

"Thank you, sir!" Jack bellowed, and the rest of the team laughed as like they hadn't in what felt like a long time.




"Stop poking me," Jack grumbled, waving the hand away. He lay there, arms crossed in front, silently daring Fraiser to try that again.

She stuck a thermometer in Jack's mouth just as he tried to shoo her off. The colonel glared at her. She smiled demurely as the leader griped, the glass device bobbing up and down.

"There are other ways to check your temperature, sir," Carter's voice floated out to him.

Jack glanced across the room to the other bed and grunted.

"You keep talking, and I'll have to do this again to get an accurate reading," Fraiser scolded as she went over to the other bed a foot away. Sam and Teal'c stepped back, making room for her as she pulled out her stethoscope.

"Wa donth see wa yur donth theth—"

"Colonel." Fraiser turned and looked over her shoulder.

Jack shut up. He watched as the petite doctor listened to Daniel's heartbeat, his foot tapping impatiently under his covers. Stuck in bed, side all stitched up, Jack couldn't take his usual seat next to his friend's bed. And anyone who tried to sit there, blocking his view, received a nasty snarl from him. So the seat remained empty. Even Carter sat on the opposite side instead.

"Whall?" Jack mumbled grouchily, ignoring Carter's shushing. He craned his neck, trying to see what was Fraiser doing next.

"Sounds good." Janet folded her instrument neatly back in her pocket. She tapped the IV bottle and nodded, satisfied. "He'll need to keep that wrist in a brace. I don't see any need to bind his ribs. And—"

"He's still asleep, though," Carter broke in worriedly. "I mean...after we got him to the infirmary, he was practically sleeping through the entire examination."

Jack bobbed his head up and down, thermometer still in his mouth.

"Well, keeping him up the past days, waking him up every few hours can do that. He has a concussion so you did the right thing." Fraiser smiled down at Daniel, giving his hand a squeeze. "He's just doing a little catch up now."

"Whaf abu hiss memor ee?" The thermometer wiggled as he asked. The doctor shot him an impatient look.

"Colonel, if you keep this up—"

"Janet, what about his memory?" Sam jumped in anxiously, translating for the colonel.

"Well, from what you've been telling me, he was getting his memory back which is expected. Most amnesia from head trauma usually fades in time. There may be stuff that might not come back or—"

"Whaf!" Jack sat up, one hand grabbing his side in response.

"Colonel O'Neill, if you don't calm down—"

"Whaf yuf men of hith memor ee mik co—"

"Colonel O'Neill, will you lie down?"

"Whaf abu hith memor ee?"

"Colonel O'Neill! That thermometer is very expensive! You're breakin—"

"I dun giff a shet abow sum stupif therm—"


"You keep this up, and I'll have to move you to another room!"

"Sir, I'm sure Janet didn't mean—"

"You are all becoming quite boisterous. Please desist."

"Can you guys be quiet? I'm trying to sleep."

"I'm sorry, Daniel, but the col—Daniel!" Sam squeaked, spinning around. She looked down at the bed and saw a pair of sleepy blue eyes blinking back at her.

Teal'c frowned at everyone. "You have awakened Daniel Jackson."

"Yeah," Daniel's voice was weak, but clear. "You've awakened Daniel Jackson." He waved Janet off as she was about to kick Carter and Teal'c out. "No, can't they stay?"

Janet cringed as she found herself pinned by four pairs of eyes from all directions. Sighing, she rolled her own.

"Fine but you go back to sleep in a few minutes."

"Deal." Daniel smiled wanly. Janet shook her head, muttering something about being a vet instead and started to stalked away. She then stopped, spun at her heels and went back over to Jack.

The colonel watched her warily as she stood there. Janet leaned forward and yanked the thermometer out with a pop.

"I'll be back to do this again," she threatened, stuck the glass piece in her pocket and left.

The room fell silent.

"Well," Jack began.

"Well," Daniel returned.

Everyone looked at each other nervously.

"So..." Jack winced. His voice sounded loud.

"So..." Sam echoed. She stuck her hands in her pockets and studied Daniel.

"Um..." Daniel pressed the bed to glide up until he was sitting. Fiddling nervously with the edge of his blanket, he smiled shyly.

" much do you remember?" Sam asked softly. She tentatively sat down on the edge of the bed. "I mean. I heard what you said in the embarkation room, but-"

"Enough." Daniel's voice was soft, his eyes distant. "Enough."

"Oh." Sam looked down.

"It is good to have you well again, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c spoke, his voice booming. He gazed down at Daniel, a small smile gracing his lips. The archeologist's mouth turned up in response.

"Still needs work, Teal'c." Daniel chuckled quietly.


Daniel's smile faded, and he looked down at his lap.

"Daniel?" Jack sat up, leaning as close as he could while still on the bed. The archeologist looked over sideways. Swallowing, Daniel turned back his head.

"I'm really sorry."

Jack nearly shot out of bed. "What? What on Earth for? Sorry? For what?"

"Sir." Sam pointed to her own head, and Jack shook his head.

"No, I won't accept that. This wasn't your fault, Daniel."

"I didn't remember you guys. I thought you guys were going to hurt—" The young man shook his head in disgust. "I...I-I left you guys back there. I abandoned you there with those things!" Daniel's head whipped up, his eyes wide with self-loathing.

"Did you have a gun?" Sam asked sharply. Daniel looked startled.

"...No. I lost mine's during the first attack."

"Did you have a bazooka hidden in your sleeve that you didn't want to share?" Jack demanded.

"That's ridiculous. You know I don't."

"So how did you expect to go against that thing? For crying out loud," Jack huffed. Carter and Teal'c looked at each other and smiled.

The guilt in his eyes faded a bit as he shrugged. Daniel picked at the material of his blanket. "I'm still sorry."

"Fine," Jack said, crossing his arms once more. "Well...I'm sorry too."

Everyone stared at Jack in surprise.

"We should have taken the goddamn bridge." The colonel's mouth pressed into a thin line.

"Well, that bridge didn't help us much either, sir." Sam pointed out. "It didn't hold us as well. We would have fallen off that thing too."

"Thanks. I feel so much better." Jack scowled. The captain shrugged sheepishly.

"It's just so strange," Daniel murmured, his eyes staring off into the distance. Everyone else stilled. "I..." He bit his lower lip, words failing him.

"It was a weird mission," Jack quipped, waggling his eyebrows.

Daniel laughed nervously. "Yeah."

"I'm just glad you're okay." Sam smiled, patting his hand.

Daniel lifted his eyes and shyly grinned. "I'm glad I remember."

"All of it?" Jack asked quietly, his eyes glued to Daniel's profile. Something flickered across his brown eyes, all kidding aside. "You glad you remember all of it?"

Daniel looked at the ceiling for a moment. "Yeah...I am." He rubbed his face wearily. "Definitely makes one realize how much things have changed."

"For good or for bad?" Sam asked.

Daniel tilted his head, moving from Sam to Teal'c. The Jaffa gazed back steadily.

"I don't, wait...I do know." Daniel settled down deeper into the bed, feeling the warmth seeping into his body. He smiled slightly as Sam pulled the covers up. He wiggled a bit, going under the covers, remembering vaguely jackets tucked around him. The memory made him smile wider. The young man peered up at Sam, who looked puzzled by the scrutiny. But he shook his head and shrugged as he sank further into his bed.

"For good." Daniel blinked owlishly at Sam and Teal'c. He turned his head towards Jack who was studying him thoughtfully.

"It makes up for the bad, Jack."

"I hope so," Jack murmured, looking away. He could hear the others standing awkwardly as if unsure of what to say next. But the colonel couldn't think of anything to say, anything he thought left him a bad taste in his mouth. Jack wondered what memories came over Daniel as he arrived in the embarkation room. He wondered just how many of them were good. And if they really did outweigh the bad.

Jack had a funny feeling they really didn't.

"I can't believe how tired I am." Daniel's sleepy voice drifted to Jack, and Jack looked sideways at him. The young man rubbed his eyes, making a face as he felt the bandages just over his brow. "At least my headache is gone." He pointed weakly toward the IV, "Although, it could be because of that."

"Miracle juice," Jack quipped. Daniel shook his head, amused.

"You never really had a chance to rest back there," Carter mused. "We were there for so long. I doubt you had any true sleep."

"No..." The archeologist's eyes looked haunted. "Not really."

Does he ever get any true sleep? Jack's lip curled downward as he thought about it, his stomach churning uneasily.

"You can rest now, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c spoke. "Now that you remember."

"...Yeah, sure..."

The colonel closed his eyes, hearing the forced light tone.

"Want us to get anything for you?" Sam smoothed the cover blanket on top of Daniel's legs. The young man flushed at the attention.

"Uh...feed my fish?"

Teal'c nodded solemnly. "We will feed your fish every day until you are able."

"Great, just..." Daniel trailed off with a smile.

"Not too much," Teal'c finished, his eyes twinkling with contained amusement. It made Daniel chuckle once more, the sound lighter.

"Get some rest Daniel." Sam leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. The young man turned red.

"Hey..." Jack wheedled from the other bed. "Don't I get a kiss too?"

"" Carter grinned broadly, Teal'c arching his eyebrow towards the colonel as the leader grumbled good-naturedly.

Jack nodded to the others as they left, murmuring about returning soon. He didn't doubt it for a second. The man couldn't remember a time when that wasn't the case. He turned on his good side, wincing at the stitches pulling on the other. Daniel looked over with a small, sad smile. Jack returned it with one of his own and went back to studying the ceiling. The room fell silent, save for a few beeps from the monitors and the quiet whirring of filters around them. He scratched his chin, grimacing at the rough texture and wishing they had at least let him shave. He felt coarse under the day's growth of stubble.

"It really does, Jack."

The colonel started and glanced at Daniel. The young man wasn't looking over at him. Rather, he was conducting his own survey of the ceiling. Jack wondered what was he really seeing up there.

"Are you sure?" Jack asked softly. "Are you really sure?"

Daniel sighed. "There were times..."

Jack nodded, his eyes lower. "Yeah." Too many times.

"But I'm sure." Daniel's voice was firm.

Surprised, the colonel lifted his eyes and saw Daniel staring back at.

"Daniel," Jack's throat was so dry. "I never really got to apologize about what happened when I was infected with the Touched vir—"

"That wasn't you," Daniel cut in. "I wish I remembered that part when it came back to me. But it wasn't you." He blinked towards Jack, his eyes crinkling up in warmth.

Jack smiled, relieved.

"You told me back there, and I know it's would never try and hurt me...none of you would." Daniel rubbed his eyes and yawned. "I just wish it was like that with everyone I knew." He whispered in a soft breath.

Jack's smile faded. Daniel didn't explain, but Jack somehow knew.

"I can't believe how tired I am," Daniel repeated, his mouth wide open in a yawn. He drew up his blankets with a satisfied sigh. He didn't see the colonel studying him.


"...Yeah, Jack?" The young man answered in a sleepy voice.

Jack coughed awkwardly, his voice gruff. "It's good to have you back."

"...Thanks." Daniel went silent and Jack wondered if he had gone to sleep.


"What is it?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take off like that...well, I mean...I guess I did at the time, but..."

"It's okay, Daniel."

Daniel went on as if he didn't hear, his eyes unfocused. "All I could think of was getting home, but it didn't feel like there was anything there."

Jack frowned, his eyes sad. "You know that's not true."

"I know now, Jack. When I remembered," Daniel corrected. "But then...all I could think of was Sha're was back on Abydos." His voice lowered.

"I really wanted to see her again," Daniel sniffed, his voice odd as if he had a cold. "I still do."

"...You will."

"I want to see her as her again," Daniel said sadly. "I don't know if that's even possible."

"It is."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

Daniel fell silent. Jack waited a few moments, hearing breathing slowing down. Rubbing his face gingerly with his bandaged hands, Jack took a deep breath. Every ache in his body was telling him to stay still, but he wanted to get up and sit on that goddamn chair and wait for Daniel to wake up again. He wanted to keep watch, familiar with the demons that loved to creep up on his friend at night in his dreams. It was better than just sitting in bed, the silence now unnerving.


The colonel began to smile again. He should have known Daniel's mind wouldn't have just dropped off to slumber so quickly. "What?"

"Back at the forest...what you did..."

"You're welcome," Jack whispered, but Daniel heard and chuckled.

"What is it about trees and bridges, Jack?"

The colonel snorted. "Damn if I know. Bad mix. Throw in some of your dusty rocks—"


Jack's smile grew broader, but he kept his eyes on the ceiling. "Yeah, yeah. Get some sleep, Daniel."

"...Kay..." Daniel yawned loudly.

"Go to sleep. It's been a hell of a mission, but it's finally over. Go to sleep." Jack murmured, watching the eyelids droop down then flutter open again as they struggled to stay up. "We'll be here when you wake up."

Daniel sighed contentedly. "I know." He heard Jack say something else, but didn't know what. Floating, drifting, Daniel Jackson fell asleep, knowing full well who would be there when he woke up.

He wouldn't have it any other way.

And neither would Jack.