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Quick note: The story takes place after the Soul Society Arc (we're goin' manga so none of the bounto stuff) in the Arrancar Arc, after his first battle with GrimmJow. What would've happened if he hadn't run away to the Vizard.

Orihime ran as fast as she could, following Ichigo's reiatsu. They were in an abandoned part of town that had been closed off because of an accidental chemical leak that had happened a long time ago. She ran down the road as it twisted this way and that, it was a big highway now completely empty of life. Kurosaki-san...Kuchiki-san...please be alright...She thought worriedly.

Orihime came to an abrupt halt, that road dipped down into an underground tunnel. This type of everyday thing shouldn't seem so horrible...but this was different...it didn't have any lights. The tunnel was pitch black and had an eiry feeling to it...it just felt strange...she could feel Ichigo's reiatsu seeping out, which lately had been feeling strange itself.

Where is Kuchiki-san? She was supposed to be with Kurosaki-kun...but I don't feel her reiatsu anywhere... Orihime felt uncomfortable. She stared into the darkness, afraid to enter. What a creepy place to battle an Arrancar...I hope they're alright. She felt a little guilty to be worrying about them but to afraid to check. She tried to move her feet foreward, but she couldn't.

She had only just completely healed from the last time they'd faced an Arrancar, it wasn't his fault but Ichigo seemed to be blaming himself for everything. He just wasn't him...he was having trouble paying attention to anything, he was acting strange, and his reiatsu...felt horrible... Something was definitely going on.

Come to think of it, I don't sense the presence of Arrancar, they must have defeated it already. What if Kurosaki-kun's injured?! I need to go to him...just to make sure everythings okay...I'm sure it is... But in her gut she had the feeling she was wrong. Ichigo didn't want anyone to come because, as he explained, they were still healing and needed to rest. Rukia, though, wouldn't stand for his childness and forced him to let her come to help. Of course the other Shinigami would've taken care of it but that had to return to make a report or something in Soul Society...

Orihime forced herself forward into the dark abyss of the tunnel. After she was in it wasn't as dark as she thought it would be, she could still see...but then again she was still near the front. She walked slowly, nervously.

"Kurosaki-kun?" She asked as loud as she could, no answer. But she heard a sound...farther down the tunnel...what was it?

"Kuchiki-san!" She called, even though she didn't sense Rukia anywhere nearby. They must of gotten' into an agrument or something, looks like Rukia's already gone. She stepped on something strange, something metal. She bent down to get a closer look...it was Ichigo's zanpaktou. He had it strapped to his back all the time, and she'd seen him battle with it, but it didn't look as glorious until you saw it up close. In awe she ran her hand along the flat part of the blade. Her hand touched something wet...she drew back her hand to see what it was...blood. She reasoned with herself...he had been fighting an Arrancar...they have blood...

Orihime stood up, leaving the sword there. She became uneasy, now realizing that there were little puddles of blood all along the ground. Once again she heard the noise...louder this time...it sounded like someone crying, not just crying, but sobbing.

Who is it? She questioned hurrying towards it. She hadn't really ever heard Ichigo crying, and couldn't really imagine him doing so...but his was the only presence she felt.

She saw they figure kneeling on the ground. Part of her didn't want to believe it, but that orange hair was unmistakeable. It was him. She stood behind him for a moment, trying to build up enough courage to say or do something.

"Kurosaki-kun?" She asked softly. He turned around, it was obvious that he was crying, but what struck he most was the look in his eyes, one of utmost hopelessness and regret. Seeing that made her feel as if the whole world had crushed down around her, her heart crumbled, something had to be dreadfully wrong. Ichigo was a strong person. He didn't usually display these type of emotions lightly.

He seemed to be panicking about something. He was gasping for breath, staring down infront of him, shaking in horror.

"I-I..." He started but trailed off, he moved to the side, revealing a bloody Rukia. Her eyes were closed, her body motionless. Orihime ran to her side, immediantly checking Rukia's pulse...but there wasn't one...Rukia Kuchiki was dead. Orihime quickly turned around to Ichigo.

"What happened to Kuchiki-san!?" She shouted, clearly upset. Raised his hands up, staring at them. It was hard to see in the dark...but there was something on them...

Orihime realized that Ichigo was almost entirely coated in blood as well. He was bleeding from several bad wounds, but other than that his face, his shihakushyou, his hands were all splattered with blood.

"I-I...killed her." He stuttered. Orihime stared at him in shock, she wanted to deny it, she tried with all her heart to deny it, but all of the evidence pointed to the contrary. She sank down to her knees. Was the man she loved, a killer? Was Rukia really dead?

"Why?" She gasped, tears now trickling down her cheeks as well. He crumbled forward, slamming his fist into the ground. He ignored her question.

"I'll make you pay for this!" He bellowed, his voice cracking with rage. Orihime watched him, shocked and confused.

Ha! Make me pay? How do plan to do that, Ichigo? You're too weak. Do you think any of this would've happened if you weren't? He could hear the hollow mocking him in his mind.

"You didn't have any reason to kill her!" Ichigo growled. Orihime reluctantly put her hand on his shoulder;

I did it to watch you suffer, Ichigo! I told you, didn't I? I'm going to destroy your life and everyone in it. When you have nothing left you'll be too weak to fight and this body of yours will be mine!

"Let's get out of here, Kurosaki-" She started, her mind was spinning in circles, utterly confused, and all she wanted to do at the moment, that actually made sense, was to get out of there. Ooo, that woman would be fun to kill, wouldn't you say Ichigo? But she seems really weak compared to the other one...what a pity...

"I won't let you do that! I won't let you hurt anyone else." He muttered before looking at Orihime. She was staring at him like he was some lunatic or something, was he talking to her? She quickly slid Rukia's body onto her back, she ran out of the tunnel. The way he was acting frightened her, she knew she might be hurting him but she couldn't help it.

"Inoue!" She heard him shout, desperation clear in his vioce. It made her heart ache, but her legs wouldn't let her go back to him. When she was outside she ran a ways down the road, struggling to carry Rukia. She finally collapsed in front of a tall office building.

Reality slowly set in, as she realized that Rukia was dead and nothing could change that, she sat on the ground crying her little heart out. Kurosaki-kun...She worried. She had just ditched him, even though he probably really needed someone right now. But he made her feel extremely uncomfortable, frightened even. She wished she had a cell phone or something so she could call the others. She should have brought something, considering she'd only come looking for them because she was worried.

Orihime was going to head back to town, but she didn't know about leaving Ichigo. Of course Urahara had his body still so he'd have to come back, and he was able to take care of himself. But Kurosaki-kun really loved her. She admitted to herself, she'd known it for a long time, everyone probably did, but she'd played ignorant when she could. Rukia and her were good friends but...she loved Ichigo too, and she felt that if she admitted that she knew it would be wrong to continue liking him.

Orihime wandered back to the tunnel, she once again stood peering nervously into the entrance.

Ichigo struggled to keep him self up, he pushed against the wall and tried to continue forward without falling. It hurt. That Arrancar had done quite a number on him, the wounds were deep and plentiful. He had a cut down his left arm that was so deep he could see the bone, and it was that arm he was using to prop himself up against the wall. His arm felt like it was engulfed in flames, but he endured it, telling himself that he deserved it.

"Where'd ya put Zangetsu?" He complaind to his hollow, not really expecting an answer, his eyes searched the darkness. It should be around here somewhere...he'd dropped it as soon as he had regained control. As if you could carry it. The Hollow laughed. Seems you scared that girl away.

"Just be quite, would you. You usually don't talk so much." He retorted, just then his hand slipt and he fell foreward onto the ground. He lay for a moment cringing in pain.

Ha! Don't make me laugh, you don't usually respond so much. Mmm...that hurt, didn't it? But you deserve it for being weak, don't you? Keep beating yourself up...it's fun to watch...Ichigo! Ichigo forced himself up. It was sort of scarey...he was so close it felt like the hollow was standing right behind him. He couldn't help but wish that Orihime would come back. He started wandering...how was he supposed to live, after this? He didn't feel like he could stand it...he felt crushed under the weight of these pilling burdens, and without her to support him he saw no reason to continue.

He had friends...he had family...he needed to protect them...he needed to keep going for them...but how can you protect them when you're a threat yourself?

He managed to stand up again, cursing under his breath, he took turns scooting each foot foreward as he hung onto the wall of the tunnel. Baring in mind the whole way that it was his fault, that he wasn't able to stop her from being mercisly slaugthered before his eyes. She had run in here to try and get away... She was so desperate...to get away from him. His throat tightened and he sunk down to his knees. He felt like he was going to vomit, he lurched foreward, a river of blood seeping down his chin. His vision was getting blurry, though he could hardly see anything in here in the first place. His body refused to move, it was shaking with anger and grief. He hurt all over but nothing compared to the pain in his heart which felt like it was being stabbed by one thousand white hot knives. Ha, how weak! You're just going to sit here and let yourself die?!

Ichigo leaned against the wall behind him, staring into the darkness by his feet. He smiled sadly; "Yeah, pretty much."

He was pretty close to the entrance, he could smell the stingy, worn air of the deserted city. The light was bright, stinging his eyes, he couldn't see anything outside. Sitting in his bed of pain, it was hard to think of anything other then death, other then guilty.

Get up, Ichigo! You're so fragile! That girl should stilll be around, ya don't want me to kill her to do you? Ichigo ignored him, not wanting the hollow to be able to control him even though he was still in control. But he felt it whelming inside him, his eyes were probably changing as well, not probably, they were, he could feel it. He fought it, but he was weak, it was taking all of his strength. He could now hear Orihime calling his name, he wanted to tell her get away but he couldn't say anything. She walked right past him, her sense blocked by the build up of reiatsu. He expected the Hollow to try hard sense she was now there, but he seemed to let go and fall back entirely.

Ichigo seized the chance, ignoring everything he ran out of the tunnel as quick as he could. He just had to get away from this place.

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