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Look At Me

Severus's eyes widened. He was bleeding, he was dying—he had failed.

Lily, he thought desperately. Even in death, she was all he could think about. He saw her brilliant, bright eyes, her shining hair, her joyous laugh. Back in his childhood, in days so far gone he could barely recall them, he remembered that he had once thought that all of Lily Evans had belonged to him.

"How are things at your house?"

A beat. "Fine." A lie, but he hated to see her worry.

His vision was blurring. It was only a matter of time now, he knew, and then he would die. That much he had accepted. But where was Potter? Where was Lily's son? As much as he resented the bits of his father so prominent in the boy, no child of Lily's was going to die in vain because of his failure.

But now he could never make Potter understand. The boy wasn't here, as he was expected to be. Severus knew, of course, that the boy would have to die in order to kill the Dark Lord, but he had hoped that he might be able to provide what help he could until the inevitable moment. Someone had to destroy Nagini. He could have helped there . . .

Nagini had gotten to him first, though. He was as good as dead.

"So the boy . . . the boy must die?" Severus felt his heart beat pounding furiously in his ears. Those eyes, those eyes—those unmistakable, penetrating eyes! "I thought . . . all these years . . . that we were protecting him for her. For Lily."

Then the very eyes that had plagued him for seven years, ever since Potter's arrival at Hogwarts, were suddenly swimming before him. Potter had shed his invisibility cloak; his face was coated in grime and blood and unshed tears, but he seemed positively at a loss for words, staring back at Severus with a mixture of hatred and pity and confusion. In desperation, Severus reached up with all the strength he had left and wrenched Potter by his robe front so that he could hear.

The words would not form in his mouth. He closed his eyes, feeling blood rushing gushing between his teeth, and fought to speak. "Take . . . it . . . Take . . . it . . ." Severus pleaded, hoping that Potter would understand.

Apparently he did. Severus almost sighed in relief, but he was not through. It was not enough that he had relinquished his memories to the Potter boy . . . he needed to see her eyes again. Just one more time, before he died. Severus had spent all of Harry's years at Hogwarts avoiding eye contact, just so he would not have to endure the pain of the striking green orbs that belonged to his dead mother.

There was no energy left in him. Potter sealed the memories in a flask, and Severus felt his grip slipping off of the boy, sliding lifelessly to the floor.

His last words were no more than a whisper. "Look . . . at . . . me . . ."

Petrified, the boy obeyed. Severus looked into his green eyes and saw everything he had missed in those seven years. The eyes were haunted and despaired, misty with tears, but determined nonetheless. Severus continued to search them, trying to find her. Where was his Lily? Why couldn't he find her?

Ah, but he would find her . . . he almost smiled. Death could not come fast enough now, knowing that Lily Potter was somewhere on the other side, the best friend he loved more than anybody in the world.

Good luck, Harry Potter. Save them, he thought, willing Harry to see the message in his own stare. Understanding dawned on Harry's face, but it was too late; Severus Snape was dead.