Title: Uprooted

By: Sephira-san

Theme: # 5-Uprooted

Rating: PG

Warnings: None really...It's clean

Characters: Earl Cain C. Hargreaves, Mary Weather Duke Hargreaves, mention of Uncle Neil & Alexis Hargreaves

Disclaimer: I don't own Godchild, so I make no profit...

A/N: I always wanted to do fics with Godchild/The Cain Saga, so this'll be fun. I kinda wanted to do fics where it wasn't all way to graphic.


"Mary...Mary." called Cain.

The young Earl didn't see his sister in her room. Actually Mary Weather Duke Hargreaves is his half-sister. They have different mothers, but unfortnately they share the same father. Alexis Hargreaves.

Cain Hargreaves' Uncle Neil had taken the liberty of adopting Mary once his nephew had found her. Mary's mother had died a while back and Cain was aware of his fathers exitence. Yes, Alexis Hargreaves wass till part of the living and Cain had uprooted his sister from the streets to the Hargreaves Mansion.

"Hi, big brother...Ow." Mary rubbed her right hand. Her piano teacher had smacked her hand.

He closed his golden green eyes, "You have to learn to play the piano." Cain told her. "But you can take a break."

Her blue eyes brightened. "You got me a gift. Didn't you?"

"Yes, I did." he handed her a box.

"It's not another bear is it?" Mary asked. She opened it and smiled. "Oh, Cain. It's beautiful."

Cain had bought her a beautiful light pink dress with white ruffles. He wants to keep her happy and safe.