Here's another challenge!fic which isn't humorous and is relatively long. I hope it doesn't disappoint anybody!

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Jasper stood up from the bench and took a step. The streetlight above Jasper's head flickered momentarily and the shadow reappeared, standing big and tall above the petite girl. Like the light, fear flickered in the girl's eyes. Jasper felt amused at the strong wave of defiance that crashed over him. It spurred him onwards.

"What do you want? All I've got on me now is one long receipt, many snacks… and a few pounds. And nickels too. I can give you them all to you." Then she stopped as she examined his face. "But that's not what you want."

It was not a question. A statement, and a careful observation on her part.

The girl closed her eyes and pressed her temples, as if trying to think amid heavy metal music. But all was quiet. The park contained only two people and a light breeze. What a pleasant night.

And then the girl flipped open her cell phone, which seemed to have materialized magically. Jasper frowned and was just about to yank it out of the girl's hand when the girl showed him The Palm. Wait, The Palm implied. I know what I'm doing.

"Hello, Kim?" The girl spoke into the phone cautiously. "Yes, but I can't decide on the flavour. Do you want the sour one or—the barbecue one? Alright. You want mints too? Okay, I think I brought enough money. Oh, and I think I'm going to come in late because the last bus just left. Don't laugh, moron! Let's see you walk all the way home. Yes, walk. I'll hail a cab if I can find one. Yeah, goodnight. Oh and Kim? Love you too, kay?"

The girl closed her phone and sat down on the bare pavement. Grabbing a snack from the grocery bag she dropped earlier on, she popped it open and started munching.

Jasper looked on in disbelief.

The girl, as if only just noticed him, held out the packet of chips. "Take some if you want to." Not waiting for his reply, she threw him the packet of chips to him and Jasper caught it, of course.

Fingering her cell phone, tears sprang to the girl's eyes and they glided down her cheeks. Slow in the beginning, fast and furious now, her shoulders started shaking violently, but no noise escaped her. No sniffs, no nothing/

Jasper looked on in disbelief.

And then, she stopped

Tear stains still fresh on her face, but determination shone in her eyes. Jasper eyed her warily, trying to predict her next move, but to no avail. His muscles tensed up, but he relaxed soon after. No, he thought to himself, this girl will not escape.

The knowledge of that did not assure Jasper in any way. If anything, he was disappointed that this hunt would go without a struggle. He used to love walking after the victims who ran frantically for their lives. But he would always get them, sooner if not later. The fear from his victims gave him a ridiculous sense of power; he was in charge. Maybe he'll kill them before drinking, maybe he'll suck them fresh. Either way, he derived great pleasure.

But not this time. This girl was in charge this time. Her every action stumped Jasper and he felt trapped. It should not be this way. Yet, the girl called her friend not for help, but to bid goodbye. For God's sake, she even helped him! "I think I'm going to come in late"?! Her friend was going to bed, thinking that this girl would be safe.

"Now." A soft whisper, but firm and strong.

Jasper wanted to roar in frustration. He gave the instructions, he said who dies when. Not her! He didn't need her freaking permission.

A growl built in Jasper's throat as he stood before the small girl. But he had to control himself. Things still had to be kept orderly.

"Not here." He said.

"I thought so too. I know an alley good for a discreet death, but if you have a place in mind…" Innocent sarcasm dripped as she trailed off thoughtfully.

"No." He smiled forcefully. "Lead the way please."

The girl smiled in return and walked slowly. God, did no one respect a good captor and captive relationship anymore?

"Here." And it was perfect. Dark and sinister, nobody would walk in here to "accidentally see a corpse". No, it'll only be found when it was needed to be found.

Jasper could feel the girl's fear now and he finally got the immense sense of satisfaction. Life was good, after all.

"No, don't be scared. You won't feel a thing." Not. White lies don't hurt. Ignorance is bliss. Choose one.

And Jasper leaned in, taking in the girl's intoxicating scent, her furious heartbeat and the growing fear. There was a sharp intake of breath as he finally clamped his mouth on her neck, fangs sinking into the human's delicate skin.

Delicious blood flowed from her neck down to his throat. Hunger appeased by the human blood filling him up. The girl didn't scream. Instead, she was biting her lip, trying not to.

Blood escaped her body faster and faster as he got stronger and stronger. Two mere minutes and poof! A life wasted.

She should be dead by now. But just before he placed her on the ground, a whisper escaped her mouth and diffused into the late midnight's stale air. It was a soft nothingness, but Jasper's sharp ears caught it.

"Fancy that. A vampire."

Somebody else's ears caught the whisper too. And Jasper realised he wasn't alone. Spinning around, what he saw would've killed him if he could die.


His lover and saviour. His everything. It was she who rescued Jasper when he still thought he needed no rescue. It was she who made him feel that wonderful love. It was she who converted him.

And yet she stood there, after witnessing the ghastly act, face filled with disappointment and sorrow, eyes filled with unmistakable love.

Realization rushed to him in frenzy, but it was too late. All the years for trying so hard had eloped, together with the family who once loved him. Jasper sank to his knees as Alice walked away in sad grace.

A red-eyed murdered swallowed up by regret's shadow.


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