Title: Turn And Cry

Author: Wingwyrm

Summery: Captain Will Lennox loses the two most important things in the world to him.

Notes: This is a drabble, therefore, very very short; sorry. Also, first posted at TF2007Fun on LJ. -Also, minor edits to all five chapters done June 24/10.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!


Ratchet was the first one on the scene, as was typical since he was the search and rescue vehicle, but this time it was different. This time his first call out was not to an ambulance or to the police or anyone else. His first call was to his oldest friend.

Everyone was at the funeral, Sam and Mikaela, the rest team, the Secretary of Defense. Even Agent Simmons was there. Bumblebee was the one to lower the caskets into the ground while Optimus Prime was the one to give the eulogy.

Years later, even after more Autobots had come to Earth and made it their home with the others, Ironhide was always the one to go to the cemetery. He watched over the human who sat in the lawn in front of the two graves.

And when Will Lennox turned away to hide his tears, Ironhide would always feel a pain in his spark that he had allowed Sarah Lennox to insist that she could take the baby to town in the car instead.

:::To Be Continued:::