Title: Laugh And Cry

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


Two and a half months later Ironhide was startled to hear the sound of chuckling coming from his human from under his hood. Ratchet had been giving Will lessons on Autobots to help him think of something other then his wife and daughter.

"Will?" He asked, curious as to why his human had just burst out laughing.

"I just..." Will calmed down and shook his head, "Thinking about how S... Sarah used to threaten you. She had such a great sense of humor and..." He sighed, flipping a wrench in his hand, end over end, "I can't keep living just to be alive. I have to start living again. I miss her. I love her. Her and Annabella." He rubbed a thumb gently over his upper arm. There was a new tattoo there. Stylized names of both Will's girls and their dates.

"She loved you. Those where the first words I ever heard her say."

A single tear made its way down Will's face. "Yeah. Yeah, she loved me too. You know, you weren't the only one that she'd threatened! She threatened Bobby about his putting his feet on the coffee table, Fig about talking about dead alligator. Hell, she threatened the fucking stereo when it didn't work right."

"She was a hell of a woman."

"Yes she was." Ironhide rumbled under Will's hands, happy that his human was feeling better, was doing better. "Hell of a woman and a beautiful baby."

:::THE END:::