A/N: Another book of one shots from me!! This is my second one now, but I thought that I better make another one for my Oc one shots since I am starting to accumulate quite a few. I do take requests and I will write in both lemon (though I do warn you, my lemons are not what you would call perfect!) and fluff. If you have an Oc name that you like, please by free to give me the name along with the character you want paired with them, otherwise I can come up with the names myself :D

Mihawk X Oc

Shanks X Oc

Doflamingo X Oc

Ace X Oc

Smoker X Oc

Luffy X Oc

Zoro X Oc

Sanji X Oc

Ussopp X Oc

Beckman X Oc

Franky X Oc

Lucci X Oc

Pauli X Oc

Coby X Oc

Aokiji X Oc


The list is very small I know, but they are the characters that I can remember off the top of my head in three minutes, but do not feel as though they are the ones that you have to request, feel free to vote for any others that you may be fond of, the above are just some of my fave characters :P