Title: Outside, Looking In

Author: Wingwyrm

Summery: Will Lennox and Ironhide find out that Sam's been hurt.

Note: Posted originally at BeeXSam on LJ. -Minor edits done on June 24/10.

Disclaimer: I own nothing (that you recognize).

:::Part the First:::

Captain Will Lennox of the United States Army cocked his head to the side. There was a 2008 black Topkick pick up with an eight inch lift in his driveway. He'd never owned a truck like that. And it had been almost three months since the whole 'Autobots and Allspark adventure' as he liked to put it.

But he still remembered everyone. The occasional email from Sam didn't hurt.


"Optimus Prime asked me to retrieve you."

"What's wrong?" Even as he was talking, Will was getting into Ironhide and slamming the door shut. He knew that Prime wouldn't send anyone to get him unless there was a real problem. Prime understood boundaries... unlike Ironhide or Bumblebee.

"Sam is in a medical facility. Humans hurt him." Ironhide roared out of the driveway, his voice low and taunt, as though about to go into a homicidal rage at any time.

"Shit! What happened?" Will wanted to grab the wheel and speed off to the hospital, but knew that Ironhide would get him there as fast as possible. Besides, Will didn't know which hospital they were going to.

"Bumblebee called out to us that he found Sam just outside of the football field. He believes Sam was badly beaten by several assailants."

"God damn it," Will cursed and shook his head. "How's Bumblebee taking this?"

"Bumblebee is very angry. As am I," Ironhide revved his engine, his anger very evident. By the time that Ironhide reached the hospital, Will had all the information anyone had about Sam's condition. Ironhide's disdain for the wireless hospital security was clearly evident.

"I'll come back and tell you everything." The Captain jumped from the drivers seat, while Ironhide was in the middle of stopping and raced into the hospital. "Ma'am, where's Sam Witwicky's room?"

"Room 208. Up the stairs..." But Will was already gone, not waiting for the elevator, running up the stairs.

Mikaela was standing outside one of the rooms, looking in through the rectangle of glass.


Mikaela turned and threw herself into his arms. Will made sure to catch her securely as she burst into tears. "They beat him up! Because I was going out with him instead of one of the team!"

Ah fuck. Will tucked her head under his chin and shuffled them over so that he could look in on his friend. "Damn it."

Sam's face was black and blue with bruises, an oxygen mask over his face, and several stitches visible on one of his arms where Will could see he'd try to defend himself. Sam's other arm was in a bright, white new cast.

"I..." Mikaela let go of Will and took two steps away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.."

"Mikaela, it's alright. I'm here for Sam and for you."

The beautiful young woman nodded, "God, I have to tell Bee that he'll be okay... Could you, would you tell the others? That Sam's going to be okay? Bee is freaking right out."

"Yeah, I can do that Mikaela. Go make sure Bumblebee doesn't come around and scare everyone, okay?" Will knew that Bumblebee was a soldier. He didn't always think before he acted. That was one of the things that made sentient beings good soldiers. In the back of his mind he wondered when he'd started to classify humans and Autobots under 'sentient' instead of 'human' and 'alien'. He shoved that thought to the side though; there were more important things going on at the moment.

Mikaela hugged him again, kissed his cheek and shot off down the corridor. Will smiled faintly. She knew as well as he did that Bumblebee wasn't just going to sit around and wait for news on Sam.

"Uh, Mr Witwicky?" The doctor frowned and Will smirked. No wonder the doc was confused, Will didn't look anywhere near old enough for Sam to be his son.

"No, I'm Captain William Lennox. I haven't see Sam's parents yet." He frowned at the sudden thought. He hadn't seen Mr or Mrs Witwicky yet. They should have been the first ones contacted about Sam.

"Ah, well. Captain Lennox, I really can't tell you anything without the Witwicky's permission, but you can wait for them if you'd like."

"May I go inside? Talk to Sam?"

"He's unconscious right now; we have him on some pretty powerful painkillers, but if you want, go ahead."

"Thanks Doc." Will entered the room with a cordial nod to the doctor as he slipped past him. He took his time cataloguing the injuries that he saw. Split lip, black eyes, a couple of butterfly bandages over his left eyebrow. There were the stitches on one arm and the cast on the other. "They worked you over good Kid," Will sat on the hard green plastic chair, "I'm gonna wait here with you until your parents come, and then I'm gonna go talk to the Autobots. Prime is worried. He made Ironhide come and get me. Apparently Bumblebee was pretty panicky when he found you."

Sam just slept.