Title: Outside, Looking In

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:::Part the Last:::

Ratchet scanned Sam once more.

"Jeeze guy's, it's just a broken arm. It's fine."

"You had internal injuries Sam. We are worried." Will watched from Ironhide's shoulder, smiling freely finally. Ement and Sloan had been arrested under the charge of attempted murder, Sam was up and about and he'd gotten a call earlier in the day that his beautiful kid had rolled over, all on her own.

"Hey Will, can you get Ratchet to back off?" Sam rested on Bumblebee's hand, curled up with Mikaela. Will tried not to think of how that worked. A threesome. With an alien robot...

"No can do Sam! Ratchet is his own Autobot, he doesn't listen to me."

"Man, what good are you then?" Sam's smirk made Will flip the kid the finger in jest and both Mikaela and Bumblebee laughed. "Hey, Ironhide, what's up with the sticker?"

Ironhide growled, "Cap decided that I needed a... warning for other humans." Said bumper sticker was stuck to his right chest plate, which was, when he was a truck, his right front bumper.

Don't FUCK With Us

In pink, no less.

"You couldn't find another color?" Sam struggled not to laugh, his ribs still tender.

Will smirked. "I liked this one."

"You just got that one to piss Ironhide off, didn't you?"

"You know it." Ironhide swung his huge head to look at Will and the Ranger was glad he wasn't on the ground. Ironhide probably would have gotten out his canons. Then Ironhide just smiled. "What?" Paranoia wasn't just for battle.

"I think that I will tell Sarah about this."

"Ha! Sarah doesn't know you're a giant alien robot." Will laughed, "First you'd have to tell her that!"

"I have wireless capabilities. I am more then able to use the phone."

"Err." Will paused. That was true. The irony then was that his cell rang. With a glare at Ironhide he answered, "Lennox."

"Captain Lennox. This is Keller. Do you have the names of the two Autobots that arrived last week?"

"Yes Sir." He'd made sure to get all the information from Optimus Prime after he'd gotten himself under control. "Hammertread and Sunraider. Prime is getting them settled. Epps is helping out with the rest of the team." 'The rest of the team' being the survivors of the Qatar attack. They had been drafted as the 'Ambassadors' to the Autobots, since they had the most exposure them.

"Good. Anything goes wrong, it'll be your problem."

"Yes sir."

Keller hung up and Will shook his head. From what he'd been told about Hammertread and Sunraider, there wouldn't be any problems. Catching sight of Sam and Mikaela he grinned. They were kissing. The look on Bumblebee's face was pretty funny itself. He looked a little disturbed by the exchange of fluid, but he didn't look away.

God he missed Sarah. "Ratchet, I think I'm going to go now. Sam's alright, the perps where caught. I need to see my wife. It's been a week."

"Of course Will." Ratchet poked Ironhide in the side, "Take the Captain home Ironhide."

"Sure." Will jumped to Ironhide's hand then to the ground and waited for the Autobot to transform. Mikaela surprised him by hugging him again.

"Hey. Thanks Will."

Two more arms joined hers and Will felt a sense of pride, "Yeah. Thanks for coming Will."

"I'll always be here if you need me guys." Will kissed Mikaela's forehead, ruffled Sam's hair and untangled himself from their hug. Climbing into Ironhide's driver's seat he leaned out the window, "You know my number. Call me. Email me. Keep me in the loop. And when you three get married, I'll be best man!"

The giggling from the teenage woman barely reached him as Ironhide took off. Will promised to himself that he would always hold onto the memory of the look on Sam and Bumblebee's faces.