Nature's Law 1- Chemistry

Full Summary:
Opposites attract. When a freak accident occurs, this law of science becomes literal, and the Pharaoh and his worst enemy get stuck together by an almost... magnetic force. The others, including their hikaris are too busy making bets as to how long it'll take for them to kill each other, rather than being actually helpful, hence they'd best learn to work together quick smart, or they might never be separated. But... do they really want to be? NOT AU!
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Warning: Yaoi/Shonen-Ai! If you don't like, please don't read! Rated for later content and swearing. Darkshipping- i.e. Yami and Bakura

Flames shall be extinguished with great force because it is bush-fire season and I hate bush-fires. Many Australians do.

Now that's all said, the idea for this story was derived from the song 'Nature's Law' by Embrace. Not a songfic. I also would like to state that while I do NOT write lemons, I've been told that I get pretty damn close. If you want a lemon, I may just get my beta to write one... XD

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"Newton's law states that…" recited Ryou to himself, trying to fix said law into his head.

"What is 'Newton's Law'? And why are you talking to yourself?" interrupted a well-known voice.

Ryou winced. He had a hard enough time explaining it to himself and he wasn't a thousands of years old Egyptian tomb-robber. "It's one of the laws of Physics, and I need to learn it for the test today."

Bakura's ghostly form leaned on the door-frame, thoughtful look on his face. "Physics? For that hell-hole you call school?"


"Hn. Whatever. Is the pharaoh's midget in this… Physics also?"

Ryou shook his head. "Yugi does Accounting instead. And I wish you wouldn't call him that."

Bakura cursed. "Damn. I could've had fun annoying the Pharaoh while you were doing the test. Now I'll just have to sleep."

Ryou was glad his yami had reached an agreement with him. Bakura would no longer try to force his way out, but in exchange he was allowed to take control with Ryou's permission (i.e. they would take turns.) and Ryou wouldn't make it difficult. Bakura even managed to refrain from causing chaos everywhere he went.

The only thing that Ryou found mildly irritating was Bakura's continued vendetta against Yami, whom Bakura took great joy in tormenting.

Bakura seemed to be able to tolerate the others (even Anzu to Ryou's continuing shock- the girl was almost as hyper as Yugi could be, not counting her friendship speeches.) but Yami appeared to be able to incense him with a mere look.

The one-time pharaoh also seemed to enjoy goading the other into anger, for every time they met, they managed to get into increasingly aggressive arguments, whereupon their hikaris had to restrain them (well; try to restrain them at least.)


Ryou snapped from his thoughts. "Yes?"

"Doesn't that death-trap you use to get to 'school' arrive at 8.00?"

Ryou nodded in response.

"Then perhaps we should go, hm?"

Ryou looked at the clock on the wall and yelped. "We're going to be late!"

"You are going to be late. I don't 'officially' exist according to those fools at that 'school' of yours." Bakura smirked, disappearing.


Later that morning, a young man with large, spiky, tricoloured hair sat at a bench in the Chemistry labs. In the empty seat beside him appeared a phantom-like man who looked similar, but instead of the large, innocent amethyst eyes of the other, his eyes were a deep ruby, and his hair sported three lightning bolts in addition to the tricoloured spikes.

He also looked completely and utterly bored.


The solid boy looked up at his ethereal counterpart. "Uh-huh?"

"Is Ryou in this class? I'm bored and perhaps I can talk to the baka tomb-robber." As though realising what he'd just said, he blanched. "I must really be bored to even consider talking to that idiot!"

"And what idiot would you be referring to?" came a silkily dangerous voice from the side. The albino tomb-robber had entered the room with Ryou and was now standing with his arms crossed in front of the former pharaoh.

Yami's face brightened, apparently delighted to have something to do. "The white-haired idiot standing in front of me."

Bakura raised an eyebrow and looked behind him before switching his blood-red gaze back to Yami. That gaze had sent many a strong man to his knees whimpering, some said the reason why his eyes were so like blood (instead of merely the ruby shade that Yami possessed) was that he had spilt the lifeblood of others so much it had tainted him. "That wasn't a nice thing to say." he said, attempting a now ineffectual innocent look. "Poor yadounishi can't help being… less than intelligent."

Ryou sweatdropped. "I think that he meant you."

Yami shook his head sadly. "Point proven, I believe. He didn't even realise I was referring to him, the idiot."

The transparent tomb-robber clenched his fists. "And you didn't realise that I knew exactly what you meant, you arrogant prick."

Ryou looked at the other boy and shrugged as if to say; 'what can we do about it?' and sat on the other seat beside said boy. "Might as well let them blow off some steam, eh Yugi."

Yugi nodded resignedly. "At least no-one else can see or hear them. Oh, we have a practical today, did you hear?"

Ryou's face lit up a minute before realisation set in. 'Bakura plus Chemistry lab plus Yami equals BAD.' his mind reminded him, using the last time as an example. They'd been trying to see how high the total heat capacity of different alcohols was, when Bakura and Yami had somehow got into a fight over some random thing and… well… Let's just say it definitely wasn't pretty. At least they got a new Chem. lab out of it.

"At least we're only studying Electricity this unit."

Yugi nodded fervently. "No dangerous chemicals or boiling alcohols to attempt to throw at each other using Shadow magic." The two hikari stole looks at their other halves, who by now had descended to name-calling.

"Starfish boy!"

"Imbecilic moron!"

"Marijuana head!"

"I'd rather be a marijuana head than a she-male!"

At this particularly dangerous retort of Yami's, the two hikari winced. ("Oooh, burn." Yugi muttered, closing his eyes.)

"What did you just call me?"

("Is your Yami suicidal?" Ryou asked)

"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot you were deaf as well as stupid, so I'll repeat it; she-male!!" Yami yelled back.

Before Bakura could carry out his murderous retribution, the two hikari brought it to their attention that, by all means they could brawl later, but they were currently in the Chemistry lab, and it might not be the greatest idea to unleash the Shadow realm inside it. Again. Especially after last time.


Before the two yamis got the chance to start again, Ryou and Yugi got their equipment from the front of the classroom and set up the experiment. This new equipment was sufficient to distract the two ancient Egyptian spirits and they were quiet as they watched their hikaris begin the experiment. (which involved things that neither had ever seen, as they were usually asleep while their hikaris were at school except for the disastrous times when they became… bored. And then they weren't usually focused on the stuff around them- usually Bakura and Yami ended up in some sort of contest involving Shadow magic.)



"What is that dial for?" the former Pharaoh asked, pointing to the voltage dial on their power-source box.

"It controls how much power is going through the circuit." Yugi answered absently, paying more attention to the power passing through the opposing magnets on the bench in front of him.

Interested, the spirit touched the metal clip connecting the box to the wires, at the same time that Bakura said; "Wouldn't it be better if there was more power?" and cranked the thing up to the highest voltage it would go.

There was an almighty BOOM and the spirits screamed in agony as the electricity and gods knew what else raced through them and the magnets, attracting alarmed cries of "What's going on?" from the other students in the room (as well as Ryou and Yugi.) while their teacher raced to their bench. "Yugi, Ryou! Are you alright?" the teacher demanded.

"Yes, but we need to shut off the power! The box malfunctioned when it was turned up!" Yugi yelled, even as Ryou sprinted to the emergency power-stop button at the front of the room that shut off all power to the science block, slamming his hand onto the red button.

Instantly, the light from the electricity faded and the two men fell to the ground, unconscious.


"Who the hell are they?" the teacher demanded, pointing at the two on the ground.

Yugi's face was a study of disbelief. "You can… see them?"

He then realised- he could no longer see through Yami, or , for that matter, Bakura.

"NO freakin SHIT I see them, who the hell are they? No matter, just run them to the nurses' office." the teacher ordered, fear and shock loosening his tongue into using language he would never normally have used in school. "Kaiba-kun, Tsukiari-kun, help Ryou and Yugi."

Taku Tsukiari (a long-haired blonde with ice-blue streaks and blue-flecked gold eyes) and Seto Kaiba stood (easily the two tallest males in the classroom- counting the teacher) and they swiftly went to pick the two up.

Well, they tried.

"Sensei?" Taku said, neither he nor Kaiba moving the two.

"WHAT? Just get those two to the nurses'!"

"Well sensei, we would, but you see…" Kaiba drawled. "they're stuck together. We can't pick them up."

"So bloody well carry them both together! The nurse'll fix it!" the teacher roared. There had never been such a severe accident in any lab he was in, that other fool had been in charge during the… other lesson, thank god. Now he had the sneaking suspicion he could kiss that raise goodbye.

Shrugging, Taku called; "Oi, Michi! Come help us. And you two- either help or get out of the way." he addressed Yugi and Ryou, grabbing Yami's torso.

A girl who looked decidedly Goth unfolded herself from the corner, replacing her bookmark before stalking over to the blonde and Kaiba. "I'll take Whitey's head. You can take Marijuana-head there, Kaiba."

Kaiba raised his eyebrows before grabbing Bakura's legs (just to spite her), leaving Yugi to take his other half's legs.

"And lift." said Taku.

"Who made you the boss of this little operation, Tsukiari?" Kaiba demanded.

"Just shut up and lift, Kaiba-san!" Ryou yelled.

They lifted, and saw that, while not physically fused together, they were impossible to separate. No matter how they tugged, no part of one could be moved from the other without them somehow touching.

With many curses, yells and tears (from the teacher watching them leave) the four carriers (for a girl, the Goth was surprisingly strong.) and Ryou made it to the nurse.

"Ikashi-sensei!" yelled Ryou as they came into the room.

"Ryou Bakura, just what is going on?" A youngish woman- late twenties, early thirties came out of a separate room. She saw the burden suspended between the CEO, blonde, Goth and Yugi and said; "Good heavens, come in, come in. Put them on the beds."

Unceremoniously the four dumped their burden on one of the beds. The Goth tossed her blue-streaked black hair back, shifting her fingerless gloves as she did so. Gold-flecked blue stared at the two males on the bed, then their two look-alikes standing anxiously at the bedside. She quirked an eyebrow at Taku before the two left, followed closely by Kaiba.


"What happened?" the nurse demanded as she checked the extent of their injuries.

"We were in the Chem. labs and…"

"A Chem. accident, eh? Say no more. Let me guess- you're studying electricity?"

"Yes, but how'd you…"

She smiled faintly. "Your hair." Yugi and Ryou sweatdropped.

Finishing her examination, the nurse said: "There's no permanent damage. The one that looks like you Yugi, only has a mild burn on his right index finger, but the albino's whole right arm is burnt. Rather badly too I'm afraid. Was he in contact with the power-source when it malfunctioned?"

The hikaris shared a look. "Yes." they chorused somewhat embarrassedly.

She tutted. "Terrible luck." as she turned and went through her supplies for a burns-ointment. "They're bad, but if he looks after it, he shouldn't need to go to hospital. I won't mince words, it'll hurt like hell when he wakes up." she said bluntly, turning with grim purpose to the burnt flesh on the prone body of the white-haired male, ointment and bandages in hand. As she went to apply the ointment, however, a tanned hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. She turned in shock to see deep ruby eyes boring into her own.

The other boy had woken up and was apparently vexed.

"What are you doing?" he asked. The woman started. She supposed it was because of his voice. She didn't know what she'd been expecting, but it wasn't the warm, deep and mature voice issuing from this diminuitive male.

"I'm the nurse here. I'm tending to your friend's burns. Well, trying to anyway."

He raised an eyebrow, frowning as he looked at the slightly taller frame of the boy beside him. Dropping her hand he said; "He's not my friend, but do as you must." as he continued to frown.

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