Nature's Law 6- Epilogues and Explanations.

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"It would seem that you two have… er… worked out your differences." noted a strangely accented voice.

Bakura reluctantly released Yami's lips (which had re-started bleeding with the additional pressure) and slightly cocked his head towards the voice. "Perhaps."

"It is good." noted a more masculine voice.

As one, the thief and royal turned and saw Taku and Michi. No longer in uniform, they wore kimono in an ancient style with many layers. Michi a black kimono with a gold dragon twining up the fabric and Taku in a similar outfit but the more masculine gi and hakama in white. Both wore their hari out, and their ears were revealed to be those of an animal- cat perhaps?

"They're opposites…" noted Yami.

"Mirror images, reflections of each other. Opposite, but the same." Bakura corrected.

Taku smirked and spread his hands, palms up. "As are you."

"Opposites attract…" Michi added.

"But only complementary opposites…" finished Taku. "That is…"

"What he"


"Like Yin and Yang, each needs the other to balance."

"Good bye and good luck." they finished together before they began to disappear.

As they disappeared, they heard Michi: "That spell should be gone now Taku." echoed her voice quietly.

"What the fuck?" Bakura asked.

"I think they just confessed to playing matchmaker."

Bakura raised his eyebrows. "Well holy shit. What were they anyway? They used a strange dialect- and accented somehow."

"They are older than us. They were born in the feudal era, did you know?" piped up a knowledgeable sounding voice.

"Ryou?" Yami asked.

Said boy raised his eyebrows. "Yes?"

"How did you know that?"

"They told us. When Taku distracted us so as you two could be alone."

Yami and Bakura realised that they were still in an embrace, and swiftly leaped apart.

Yugi smirked. "Did you notice that…you two are finally separated?"

Yami looked at Bakura with dawning comprehension.

"Holy crap. I guess we are."

"Michi decided that perhaps she would… lay a spell on that box for a bit of a laugh. Apparently she didn't intend for it to stick you two together, it just merged with the electrical fault in the box, which then combined with the magic of the Millennium Items- not that it matters. At least you two won't be at each other's throats anymore." Ryou said thankfully.

"No, they'll be too busy jumping each other, I suspect." Yugi noted dryly.

Bakura gave one of his sexily evil smirks. "Of course." he said before he literally jumped Yami, who let out an unsuspecting yell as he was knocked into the freezing cold snow that lay in a thick blanket on the ground. Bakura's lips found Yami's and kissed him gently before initiating yet another heated fight for dominance.

"Oh god, control your hormones. Those of us who aren't perverted really don't need to see that." drawled a voice.

"Hello…" he kissed Yami again. "Priest." Not getting off the slightly smaller male beneath him, he instead rested his chin on the other's chest. "And if you think this is perverted…Well, you'd best make it quick- we have thousands of years to catch up on." he said, interlacing his slender white fingers with the caramel-hued ones belonging to the Pharaoh.

"Perhaps they should leave, wouldn't you say, thief? After all, we may be mortal now, but that doesn't mean we've lost our Shadow magic." said Yami nonchalantly, giving him a sly smile.

"Hmm. Perhaps they should." Bakura said, delighted at the Pharaoh's idea, before pecking him lightly.

Yugi and Ryou rolled their eyes, but complied with the two men's wishes, pulling Kaiba along behind them.

"Whoever says… that we… have… to catch up… now, hm?" Yami said between kisses.

"I… do… Pharaoh."

The terms and titles once used to insult and hurt were now spoken softly and with affection, as though they were nicknames between lovers.

"But really… in… the… snow?" Yami said completely innocently.

Bakura growled. "Do you know how… goddamnarousingthat little… trick of yours was?!" Bakura said in between kissing and lightly nipping his way up the former monarch's neck.

"Surprisingly… yes. That… was… after all… my intention." said monarch gasped as he felt Bakura's hands travel down his body, past his waist.

"Well, if you like… to do…tricks… like that… with… mere snow… What would you say to…trying it with… chocolate instead?"

"Perhaps then… we should… take… this elsewhere."

"Perhaps… we should."

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