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"He confessed." Cragen announced, as he wandered out of the interrogation room.

"Finally." Olivia sighed, resting her head on her desk.

"Oh, that's good. It only took 36 hours of interrogation." Elliot grumbled.

"Why don't you guys go home or something?" Said Cragen, glancing at the clock, "It's 8 o'clock."

"Ok." Said Elliot, grabbing his coat.

"Can we go too?" Asked Munch and Fin.

"Yeah, all you kids can leave. The feds can take care of Julius." Replied Cragen.

"Awesome." Said Fin, dropping his pen.

Cragen left the room, going to his office and closing the door behind him.

"Do you guy's wanna get a drink?" Asked Munch.

"Yeah, sure." Replied Elliot and Fin.

"You coming, Liv?" Added Elliot

Olivia looked up from her desk, "Yeah, I'm coming."


"Another round?" Asked Olivia.

"Yeah, But you're buying." Replied Fin.

"Ok, sure sure." Olivia laughed.

She walked over to the bar and ordered four more beers and a shot of whiskey. She quickly drank the shot before returning to Fin, Munch and Elliot with the beers.

"Cheers to closing the case." Grinned Munch.

"Cheers." They all chorused.

Olivia gulped her beer, almost finishing the glass in one go.

"What's with her? Why is she drinking so much?" Fin asked Elliot.

"I don't know. I think the case was really affecting her. I think she's just letting go." Whispered Elliot.

Olivia threw back her head an gulped the rest. Elliot watched her, seeing how uneasy she was on her stool…until she fell off it.

"Shit, Liv. Are you ok?" He asked, helping her up, Fin and Munch looked over his shoulder at Liv.

"How did that happen?" Munch asked, "She's only had 3 beers."

Fin went and asked the barman if she drank anything else.

"She had three shots of whiskey as well. One each time she went to get a round." He told Elliot as he put her in a chair.

"Olivia." Elliot sighed, "Maybe this was affecting her more than I thought."

"I can drive her home if you want." Fin offered.

"Nah, Its ok, I'll take her." Said Elliot.

"I'll help you out." Said Munch.

The each helped Olivia up and walked her out so she wouldn't trip.

"I can take her from here," Said Elliot, " She's not that drunk."

Just then Olivia let out a huge burp.

"Woops!!" She laughed.

Elliot, Munch and Fin just stared at her.

"Seriously, It'll be fine." Elliot reassured them.

"Ok. We'll see you later." Fin sighed.

Elliot walked Olivia to his car and sat her in the passenger seat. She started laughing as he was putting her seat belt on.

"What?" He asked.

"You're tickling me!" She giggled.

"Who are you and where is the real Olivia?" He asked

Olivia just grinned.


"Ok. Give me your hands." Elliot told Olivia as he tried to get her out of the car. She placed her hands in his and gripped tightly.

"One…Two…Three…" Said Elliot.

He pulled her out of the car, trying not to bump her head.

"I'm really sorry." She slurred slightly.

"It's ok." Elliot sighed as he helped her up the stairs to her apartment. He couldn't help noticing how beautiful he looked, even though her hair was a mess and she had a goofy grin plastered across her face.

"What?" She asked, "Do I have something on my face!?" She started brushing her face clumsily.

"No. You're fine." Elliot laughed, "Where are your keys?"

"Ummm…hang on." She started rifling through her bag. After two minutes she pulled out her keys and tried the lock. She jiggled it a couple of times before Elliot grabbed her hand.

"Let me try." He said quietly.

"It's my house! I should be able to open the door." Olivia protested.

Continuing to hold her hand, Elliot twisted it to the left until he heard the lock click. Olivia just looked away.

Elliot pushed the door open, helping Olivia not completely make a fool of herself.

He put her down on the couch and grabbed a blanket from the linen closet.

"Elliot," She sighed, "You're such a good friend." She wrapped her arms around him as he tried to put the blanket over her.

"And so are you." He replied.

"Huh. I'm not sleeping here." She said, getting up and tossing the blanket off. She slowly made her way to the hallway before Elliot grabbed her.

"Where are you going to sleep then?" He asked.

"My bed - Duh." She sighed.


Olivia held onto the walls while getting to her bedroom and Elliot followed, making sure she didn't slip. She opened her door and went in. Elliot wasn't sure whether to follow or not – but then he heard a thud and decided it was best he did.

"What happened?" he asked as he went through the door.

"Ow." Olivia groaned, rubbing her head.

"What did you do?" He asked.

"I fell when I tried to open my cupboard." She replied.

"Come here." He said, helping her off the floor, "I think you're beginning to sober up."

"Mmmm." She hummed.

"Give me a look at your head." He said, sitting her down on the bed.

He slowly checked a small bump that was beginning to appear on the back of her head.

"You'll be fine." He sighed as she looked up.

Wow she's beautiful…

Olivia looked at Elliot and noticed his smile…


Before she knew what she was doing she pressed her lips onto his.

They lingered for a moment before she pulled away...

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry…" She said rubbing her forehead.

"That's ok." Whispered Elliot, he pulled her closer to him and kissed her deeply, slowly they lay back onto Olivia's bed, kissing madly.

"No, I'm really sorry…" Olivia mumbled.

"I don't care." Elliot replied, kissing her neck.

She quickly slipped his shirt off kissing him constantly as he did the same. Before long they were down to their underwear.

Olivia's phone began to ring and she knew she had to answer it.

"Stop, stop." She whispered to Elliot.

She quickly got up and answered it.

"Benson…Uh-huh…ok cap…right…I'll be there soon…bye."

She looked back at Elliot, now sitting up.

"New victim," she sighed, "He'll call you in a minute. I'm going to go have a shower. I'll see you at the precinct."

She grabbed the blanket that used to be sitting on her bed and wrapped it around herself and she left the room. Two seconds later Elliot's phone began to ring.