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"Err…I…I…" Elliot stammered quietly.

"Just spit it out!!" Olivia yelled.

"Nothing." Elliot growled.

Olivia didn't know what to say so she stayed silent. She sat back properly in her seat and stared out through the windscreen. They sat in silence for a minute or so before Elliot started the car again and pulled out onto the street. They drove the rest of the way in silence.

When they reached the precinct Olivia was out of the car before Elliot had even taken the key out of the ignition. She hurried up the steps while Elliot had to run to catch up to her. They stepped into the elevator, Elliot only just making it, and waited for it to "ding" at their floor. As soon as they stepped into the squad room Cragen called them into his office.

Elliot and Olivia each took a seat opposite Cragen and waited for him to begin.

Cragen sighed deeply before meeting Olivia's eyes.

"There's been another victim." He said sadly.

Olivia tried to hold her composure as she held her captain's stare. Elliot looked over at Olivia, watching the tension rise in her muscles.

"Olivia, you're no longer working this case." Cragen added.

Olivia, involuntarily, let a small sob escape past her lips but she maintained eye contact with Cragen. She was seething, it may not have appeared that way but she was.

Cragen tried not to look sympathetic but failed, instead turning to Elliot.

"Elliot, you and Fin are now primary on the case."

Elliot nodded and both he and Olivia stood to leave.

"Oh, and Olivia, it's for your own good. Until we catch this guy you're on desk duty." Cragen added.

Olivia stormed out of the office and headed for the cribs. Elliot didn't even bother following. He knew all he'd get was a mouthful of insults and possibly kicked in the shins again so he left her.

Elliot headed back to his desk and picked up some files.

"What's up with Liv?" Munch asked.

"Cragen pulled her from the case." Elliot replied simply.

"Why?" Munch added inquisitively.

Elliot gave a raised eyebrow, "The new victim."

"We have a new victim?" Munch asked.

"Yeah, another Olivia Benson," Elliot sighed, "And she's dead." He added, slightly shocked.

"That's right Elliot and you and Fin are heading down there now." Cragen said over is shoulder.

"What?" Fin asked.

Cragen raised his eyebrows.

"I mean, ok Cap, let's go Elliot." Fin added.

They both grabbed their coats and headed towards the elevators.

"Where's Olivia?" Cragen asked Munch.

"Crib." Munch replied, not looking up from his files.

"Oh, ok." Cragen sighed, turning around and heading back towards his office.


Olivia kicked the door open to the cribs, entered and slammed the door behind her. She kicked the door from the inside and hit it with her fists before crashing to the ground. She sat and cried for ten minutes before she crawled over to one of the beds and up onto it. She had finally been pushed to the max and she had crashed and burned. She lay there, taking her breaths in gasps as she chocked on her tears. As she began to calm down her eyelids became heavy and she had soon fallen asleep.


2 hours later…

Elliot and Fin walked back into the squad room after two hours of examining the crime scene and running around talking to witnesses and checking for cameras anywhere. The victim had been discovered in an alley – much like the one where Olivia was attacked. Elliot was glad she had been taken off the case because he believed it would have been too much for her. Olivia was a strong woman but after what had happened in the car that morning he didn't think she was coping well.

Fin had found out that the store across the street from the alley had a security camera outside which could have possibly caught the attack on tape but they couldn't be sure until one of the techs had had a look at it. They had one witness who was coming by in the afternoon but other wise they hadn't had much luck.

Elliot looked around the room as he reached his desk but didn't see Olivia.

"Where's Liv?" Elliot asked Munch, who was still at his desk.

"Crib." Munch answered for the second time that day.

"Still?" Elliot asked

"Yeah, she hasn't been down once." Munch added.

Elliot decided to go and check on her. He made his way up the stairs and to the crib. He saw the mark her shoe had left on the door. He opened it quietly and saw her form lying on one of the bunks, fast asleep.

He walked over to her and gently sat on the bed, careful not to wake her. He felt his arm brush hers, the sense of touch gave him goose bumps. He swept her hair from her face and gazed at her beauty. He watched her lips tremor slightly as she drew each breath in. He could no longer resist the urge – he leant in and placed a gentle kiss on her tender lips, lingering for a moment.

Olivia stirred slightly but didn't wake. Elliot sat up and head for the door. Just as he was about to close it he whispered what he had meant to say to her in the car;

"I love you, Olivia Benson."


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