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Some things that are a little different from the show considering this is AU... Jackie and Donna are best friends and the same age, however, they aren't friends with the boys. The boys all have been friends just like on the show, the only difference is that Hyde still lives at his mom's even though he is a senior. The rest of the minor differences sort of explains themselves in this first chapter.

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Chapter 1: Today Is Your Birthday

Jackie rolled over in her plush bed, the morning sun piercing through her eyelids. Close by, her alarm clock was screaming a cacophony of rings and shrills, demanding that she wake up that very instance. Jackie groaned as she felt around her night stand blindly for the little devil, pounding on the snooze button hard enough to show her frustration but obviously not with much strength because her tired muscles still wanted to sleep. Many thoughts were zooming through Jackie's mind. Pillow… so comfortable. So what if I have to go to the bathroom, just five more minutes. You have to go to school. School? Who cares about school? Today is your birthday.

Jackie popped her eyes open, the realization shaking her body awake. Today was her sixteenth birthday, the most important of all teenage birthdays. Today was the day she had been dreaming of since she was 10 and Pam Macy's older sister had her sweet sixteen. Jackie had heard all about it from the bragging blonde. Pam's parents had thrown a huge party in the older sister's honor for her special passage from those awkward teenage years into the wonderful world of true womanhood that Jackie had been longing to make her passage into next.

Jackie rolled out of bed, her body tumbling through the blankets as her feet planted her little toes gracefully onto the floor. Jackie typically hated mornings, but today was an exception. Nothing could go wrong, and she wasn't going to let her usually grumpy morning attitude dampen the perfection already set in stone for her.

Her bright pink phone rang with a purpose from its position on her nightstand. Jackie bounced over to it, settling herself on her bed as she answered.


"Happy sweet 16, birthday girl!" Her best friend, Donna Pinciotti, practically sang through the phone. She and Donna had been best friends ever since second grade when Donna beat up some boy for pushing Jackie in the dirt. Jackie was slightly put off at first by how much of a tom boy Donna was, but after a while the two girls grew on each other. They rarely saw eye to eye on things, but that's what made their friendship interesting. They never had a boring moment.

"Thank you, Donna." Jackie felt her cheeks sting slightly from the huge grin that took control of her mouth. She looked over to her standing mirror in her room and remembered something that she had been thinking about the night before.

"Hold on a second."

Jackie set her phone down on her bed and walked over to the mirror. She stood in front of it, dissecting the image that appeared to her. She turned to her side, holding her hands against her stomach to see if she could notice her breasts looking any larger. Her eyes then patrolled her hips and legs and once she felt just as dissatisfied with those too, she blew out a disappointed breath and walked back to her bed to talk to Donna again.

"I still look the same as yesterday." Jackie announced, a pout starting to pull down her lower lip.

"Well, you can't expect these things to happen overnight." Donna rationalized.

"I know." Jackie pathetically agreed. "It's just today is a big day, you know? I was just kind of hoping something would happen." Both girls fell silent, one somewhat agreeing with what her friend had to say and the other having the slightest worry that maybe she was making too big of a deal about turning 16. However, she quickly brushed it off, assuring her self that it was definitely a big deal. A person only turned sixteen once, and a drastic change happened to the girls at her high school once they did. They had a whole new confidence that caused to them that made the age gap between fifteen and sixteen seem eons in length. Jackie so desperately wanted to feel what it was that made these girls so mature instead of just pretending like she knew.

"Well, I'm going to get dressed and go downstairs to see what kind of fabulous and expensive presents my parents got me." Jackie happily said. "I'll see you at school."

"See ya." Donna replied with a laugh at her friend's spoiled remark.

Jackie hung up her phone and walked over to her mirror again. She looked over herself once more, just making sure that she didn't miss anything. She blew a disenchanted breathe through her nose, shaking her head at her reflection.

"Chronologically, you're sixteen today, but physically, you're still fifteen."

A few middle class neighborhoods away, in the center of the "slums" of Point Place, Steven Hyde laid in his bed wide awake at this unusual hour. Normally he slept until the very last minute before he had to throw on some clothes and stumble his way to his car to get to school, but he hardly slept at all the night before and the first time he woke up that morning, he stayed awake.

Things were changing for him. Over the past week, he just didn't take enjoyment in the things he used to do. Whenever he would be in the circle, instead of his usual paranoid rants about the government, he was starting to question the meaning of life and other philosophical anomalies that he typically never cared to go into depth about. Worst of all, he was really beginning to loathe spending time with his girlfriend, Marie. They had been dating for a while. Six months to be exact. She was the only girl that ever made Hyde want to take a risk at commitment. She was just like him in every way. She listened to the same music as him, had the same bad ass from the under belly of society reputation, and her attitude was almost a carbon copy of his. At first, things were unbelievably amazing. Hyde thought he had found the girl of his dreams, the one that he would share his life with getting high, going to concerts, and being suspicious of the man.

But the past few weeks, Hyde's feelings about his girlfriend really started changing. It was hard spending time with someone that was exactly like you in every single way. They never challenged each other's thoughts and their conversations were usually very one dimensional. All the little things about her that Hyde used to think were so cool just really began to annoy him. And to top it all off, he was starting to see how she wasn't even that great of a person to begin with. She used and manipulated all of their friends, and she walked around with the most snub arrogance about her that made Hyde sick to his stomach. She knew she was the most bad ass chick in Point Place and she never let a single soul forget that.

Hyde's changing opinions about his life now and what his future may hold left him confused and worried. He had no idea what it was that would make him feel better and he really didn't know what to do to even begin to find out the solution. There was only two things that he had to do that he figured would alleviate some of the tension in his body that just wouldn't go away. He had to break up with Marie soon. He had no idea how he would do it or what he was going to do about a girlfriend afterwards. The only good thing that Marie did seem to bring to his life was his acceptance that maybe being in a committed relationship with someone wasn't as bad as he perceived from his years of growing up with his floozy mother. But the fact that it wasn't working out with Marie, someone who he thought was perfect for him, really had him nervous about who the "right one" was. Another thing he had to do was start hanging out with Forman, Kelso, and Fez again. He had been ditching them a lot in the past six months, and he really missed the good times he used to have with them. He saw them all the time at school, but slowly he had stopped hanging around the basement, mostly because Marie insisted that it was completely boring down there. She always wanted to party it seemed. Hyde could also tell that Eric didn't really like Marie much even if he didn't say anything. Even though he knew it was wrong while it was happening, he couldn't stop himself from putting distance between his friend and him and going off to hang out with Marie more often.

Would they forgive him though? If he just broke up with Marie and started hanging out again, would they get suspicious and upset?

Hyde softly groaned to himself, realizing just how messed up things were. He had no clue what he really wanted to do, and if he wanted to risk being alone without a girlfriend or friends. He never anticipated for life to be this complicated. No girl was worth this kind of trouble though.

Hyde rolled out of bed, getting ready to trudge through another hopelessly confusing day.

Jackie bounded down the staircase of her huge house, her cheerleading skirt swishing around her thighs. She was one of the few sophomore girls that made it on the cheerleading squad, and tonight she was going to cheer at her first homecoming game. Jackie was more than excited. She was completely ecstatic. Not only was today her sixteenth birthday, but she would get to show off her talent and beauty to the entire school tonight.

Then of course there was the homecoming dance tomorrow, but Jackie really wasn't looking forward to that.

All week her mother had been bugging her about making sure to have the perfect date. All of the guys that had asked herwere fellow sophomores that might have been nice, but they just weren't what she was looking for. Jackie hadn't admitted it to anyone, but she was sort of waiting for someone else to ask her. It was really silly actually, considering that for one, this guy definitely didn't do school activities especially dances, and two, he didn't even know she existed. But for some reason, Jackie kept denying her other pursuers just in case she was wrong about this guy. However, as each day passed by and he still hadn't even looked in her direction, Jackie's heart buried itself further and further in her chest.

As soon as Jackie stepped in her kitchen, she noticed her dark purple homecoming dress hanging from the opposing doorway. The dress was really something. Her mother and she had done a really good job at picking it out. What was most special about it though was the fact that she and Pam had chosen it together. Her mother was never really around much, and Jackie hadn't spent quality time with her in ages. But when Pamela Burkhart had come home two weeks before and heard Jackie tell her that homecoming was right around the corner, she immediately turned on her mothering mode and took immediate action. Jackie had never been so happy to have her mother's full attention for so long. It was rare of Pam to take such enthusiasm in her daughter's life for this amount of time. She had one of the shortest attention spans Jackie had ever witnessed, but there she had been discussing with Jackie every second she could about homecoming preparations.

"Surprise!" Jackie heard her mother's laughing voice from behind her. Jackie turned around, greeting her mother with a huge grin, expecting to get a birthday hug and some form of present from her. Instead, Pamela Burkhart stood there empty handed, wrapped in her pink, sheer bathroom just smiling at the dress hanging in the doorway.

"Isn't it just the prettiest dress you've ever seen?" Pam exclaimed, clapping her hands together tightly. "It's almost as pretty as my first homecoming dress was."

Jackie just nodded, waiting expectantly for her mother to continue onto more important matters.

"So," Pam said as she spun around to look at her daughter. "Have you finally decided which one of your many pursers is going to take you to the dance?"

Jackie swallowed slightly as she began to worry that maybe her mother forgot that today was her birthday. "I was actually thinking about just going stag with Donna."

Pam stood silent for a moment, her face contorting with confusion from what her only daughter was telling her. "Stag?" she asked, her tone dripping with disgust as if she had eaten something bitter. "You can't be serious, darling."

Jackie hesitated for a moment, quietly berating herself for her mistake. "Well, it's really only an idea…"

"Jacqueline, you are a Burkhart and my daughter." Her mother explained. "No woman in my family has ever gone stag to any kind of formal gathering. We are the most desirable women in the world and it would be an embarrassment if one of us didn't use that to our advantage in a situation such as this. Have I really been gone that long to make you forget that? I thought you had learned this by now."

Jackie hung her head low in shame angry at herself for making such a slip to her mother. They had been having so much fun these past two weeks, and Jackie didn't want to do anything to jeopardize that.

"Well, has anyone asked you yet?"

Jackie bounced on her heels, wondering if she should tell her mom exactly why she had said no to those boys. Maybe she wouldn't be so disappointed if she understood that Jackie was waiting for someone better.

"Yes, but I told all of them I didn't know for now because I was kind of waiting for this one guy to ask me."

Pam seemed to perk up a little bit at this, not realizing one bit that Jackie had just sort of lied to her. Jackie had actually flat out told all of those boys no.

"Well, why hasn't this one boy asked you yet?"

Jackie just shrugged her shoulders, starting to feel embarrassed again.

"Well, don't worry about him, honey. You can just make him wish he did ask you at the dance tomorrow." Pam awkwardly patted her daughter on the shoulder. Her sudden squeal startled Jackie as Pam took her eyes off her.

"Oh, tomorrow is going to be such a great day for me! It's my only daughter's first homecoming dance!"

Jackie watched as her mother started making her way out of the kitchen. It suddenly hit her that Pam still hadn't wished her a happy birthday.

"Um, Mom," Jackie called after her. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Pam turned around to look at her, thinking for a second about what it could be that she was forgetting. When Jackie saw the light bulb go off in her mother's head, her heart floated to the top of her chest again.

"Oh yes! Have a great time at the game tonight. I just know you'll be the prettiest cheerleader there."

Jackie didn't even bother calling after her mother this time. She just let Pamela Burkhart walk out of the kitchen and up to her bedroom, completely ignorant to her daughter's hurt and astonishment.

"I can't believe this." Jackie said out loud to herself. "I can't believe that she fucking forgot my birthday."

But the truth was that Jackie actually could believe it. It wasn't the first time Pam or her father had forgotten her birthday. She just thought that they held her sixteenth year in just as high of esteem as she did.

Jackie sighed, still completely shocked by the whole situation. She reluctantly walked outside of her house, the reality that today wasn't going to be the best slowly coming down on her.

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