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Summery: Naruto and Hinata are best friends even though Hinata has fallen in love with Naruto, who has a crush on the popular Sakura. After Hinata catches Naruto making out with his new girlfriend, Sakura, Hinata finds herself in the arms of her sempi, Kakashi.



Hinata was a smart girl. Not straight A's but most A's and the rest B's. It was enough to satisfy her. She joined a lot of clubs to please her father and took up tennis to help get rid of stress. She was a beautiful girl. Her waist-long lavender hair was a darker shade of her almost pearl-colored eyes and it contrasted to her pale skin. Her face was delicately shaped. It gave off the glow of innocence. Hinata had the hourglass figure that most girls would die for and guys would drool for. She around a C-sized breast size, which was good because any bigger it would look awkward on her petite body. She also had long slender legs. But no one knows these facts because she hides in under her bulky clothing.

Her friends include Sasuke, Gaara, Chouji, Kiba, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Shikamaru, Tenten, Neji (her over-protective cousin), Lee and Ino. They were all sophomores. But Hinata's best friend would have to be Uzumaki, Naruto.

They have been friends since they met in grade 2 back at the Academy. She was shy and he was loud. Complete opposites but that made them even better friends. They knew everything about each other. They did everything together. And in every story about best friends, Hinata fell hard for the dense Naruto (A/N: no surprise!).

It had to be when they were watching a chick flick (surprisingly picked by Naruto!) about best friends falling in love. Naruto had joking said "so when do you think we're gonna fall in love, Hina-chan?" After stuttering and blushing profusely, Hinata slowly started seeing Naruto in a different way.

It was hard for her. To be in love with her best friend who has a crush on Sakura, one of the most popular girls at school. To see him constantly ask her out on dates and get rejected. To have to comfort him afterwards, saying, "one day she'll notice you!" while on the inside her heart was breaking ever so slowly.

Back then, Naruto wasn't popular. This all changed when high school began. Naruto immediately became popular overnight after leading the school's basketball team to victory. Hinata, being his best pal, was also promoted to popular status. He was also promoted to "hottie" status after joining the Marital Arts Club, which worked, of his fat and he gained himself some muscles.

So, it shouldn't have surprised Hinata when Sakura began noticing the little idiot. Of course, Naruto never got over his crush, which allowed them to flirt shamelessly. It's shouldn't have surprised Hinata to see Naruto and Sakura making out in the hallway one morning at school.


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