Well here's my first crack at a Yaoi. I was going to do a Trunks/Goten but I was watching some yaoi vids and I drooled over one that thesaiyanangel posted on you tube Called "Better Than Me." IF you're a fan of yaoi check it out!

Setting: This takes place ten years after G.T. Goku can travel back and forth from Shenron's world to Earth. He had made a promise to Vegeta that each time he came back they would spar to test their abilities against each other. Chichi died of Pneumonia a year after Goku's first reappearance.

Why Can't I?

Storm clouds circled west city leaving no trace of sunlight. The lightning crashed against the sky and soon rain poured down. Vegeta stood on the back lawn of Capsule Corporations…waiting. "Damn that Kakarott. He's late again." Vegeta clenched his teeth and began pacing his spandex suit becoming sticky and cold to the touch. Bulma stuck her head out the window. Sighing she tapped her cheek watching her mate.

"He just won't listen. What's with him lately?" She looked at her family. Her eldest son, Trunks, talked with Goten and Pan his business suit loose and casualized. Bulla talked on the phone a million miles a minute to her latest boy toy. A pain in her heart grew. Vegeta had slowly gone back to the way things were, the time when he ignored her and became obsessed with Goku. Only he didn't seem so intent on defeating him. At least it didn't look that way to her.

Goku flew through the rain clouds his hair and clothes already drenched. "Oh man this storm really slowed me down." His eyes spotted Capsule Corp and the small blue figure in back. "Vegeta is probably furious with me. Oh well at least the battle will be better." Goku flew a little faster and landed in front of the saiyan prince. His full head over Vegeta's small form didn't give notice to the glare in Vegeta's deep onyx orbs.

"You're late Kakarott! What's the matter? You let a little rain slow you down for our fight?" Goku laughed nervously and patted the proud saiyan's shoulder.

"Sorry Vegeta look let's go dry off and then we can go spar." Vegeta snorted and grabbed Goku by the collar of his shoulder.

"I've waited long enough!" Goku straggled behind looking a little nervous but laughing the whole way.

"Well if you insist. I guess I got no choice." Goku composed himself as they got into the gravity room. The soft hum of the machine pulsated around at 100 g and Vegeta stripped off the top of his spandex suit and began his usual routine. Goku looked at him slowly removing his stop shirt. Vegeta certainly carried more battle scars than he did. He looked down at his own body patting the muscle of his arm.

"Are you just gonna stand there and stare at yourself all night or are you gonna warm up so we can fight?" Vegeta called from the other side of the room getting fed up of the delay. Goku looked up and grinned sheepishly.

"Woops sorry got sidetracked. Okay here I go!" He starts stretching out his legs and doing handstand pushups. Vegeta snorted at him and winded up his arms.

"Hurry up I haven't got all night you know. Or should I say you don't have all night. Only until dawn actually, or did you forget that little detail?" Goku looked away sadly and nodded.

"I know I didn't forget." He pumped himself up and got into a fighting stance. "I'm ready whenever you are. Let's do this!"

Bulma jumped as the house suddenly rocked and she sighed for the millionth time that day. "They're finally at it again. Hopefully they won't wreck my backyard." Trunks walked down the stairs and grabbed onto the railing for balance.

"Do you think Goku and Dad could fight a little farther away from the house? The company and our neighbors will be wondering what the heck is going on." Bulma held the table still as the house rocked again.

"I know Trunks, but you know how your father is whenever Goku is around. Anything and everything delays his quality time." Trunks sighed and adjusted his useless glasses. A few hours later Goku sat down panting and wiping his face with his wrist band.

"Whew, now that is what I call a work out." Vegeta cracked a smirk and leaned against the gravity room wall. Sweat poured down his face and chest showing the heat of the room. Goku stood and walked over to the control panel. He pressed a button and a couple of bottles of water. He walked over to Vegeta offering him one. He reached for the bottle their fingertips touched lightly against each other making both jolt.

Vegeta was the first to compose. He snapped his head and downed his water thinking. This is ridiculous. We spar all night and yet the softest touch burns my skin. What the hell is wrong with me?

"So Vegeta I heard Pan and Trunks are dating now. Does it bother you?" Vegeta snapped his head at his long time rival. He shrugged and laid his head back.

"Humph, why should it bother me? It's better than some weak earthling." Goku laughed at this.

"You do know you are mated to an Earthling, don't you Vegeta?" He watches the expression on Vegeta's face change to one of deep thought.

"No offense t the blue haired harpy I now call Bulma, but the only reason I mated her is because she was the only human who resembled a saiyan." Vegeta humphed once again. "Plus she amused me." Goku smiled at this and shrugged.

"Yeah I guess you have a point. There were no saiyan women around us. Heck," Goku rubbed the back of his head laughing. "I'd would have to wonder what you would have done if I was female." Vegeta turned away from Goku's glance his cheeks and ears blushing at the thought. He closed his eyes imagining him and began snickering.

"I already know what I would have done. If you were a woman Kakarott I would have kissed you, and had you resisted I would have forced you down and mated with you. Then you would be my woman and belong only to me." Goku's jaw dropped lightly and he blushed. He looked up at the ceiling scratching the side of his cheek.

"Wow Vegeta, I never knew you felt that way about me. I just figured you'd hate my guts even more especially if I still bested you." Vegeta's blush turned to a full face flush as he turned and yelled.

"Hey Kakarott don't go start spreading that around!" Goku smiled at him ignoring his comment.

"Well I can't argue with you. About your decision, I mean. I wouldn't have been married to Chichi if I was a woman and you were quite enjoyable to fight with and still are to dig even deeper you're probably one of the best friends I ever had next to Krillen and Piccolo." Vegeta crossed his arm looking at the gravity room floor. His face had a look of disappointment on it. Goku cocked an eyebrow wondering what he was thinking about. Things got quiet for awhile Vegeta still in his deep thoughts and Goku's eyes never leaving Vegeta's form. The lights of the room began flicking catching Goku's attention. "Hmm? Uh-oh looks like the storm is causing the power to go out." Goku's face turned back towards Vegeta and he jumped lightly seeing Vegeta had moved right in front of him. His muscled tensed as Vegeta put a hand over his lips and stared into the onyx orbs of his sparring partner.

"Kakarott, I have envied you from the moment we first fought. Ever since then I've tried to upstage you, in power, stature, and any other way possible. It's never worked." Goku's eyes widened slightly at the soft yet serious tone of his voice. He opened his mouth to speak but Vegeta pushed his hand tighter around his mouth pushing him back lightly. "Now to hear that you consider us friends, not rivals…not enemies….but friends. I've admitted that I will never best you in power or strength. However after all we've been through and after all what you've done to make me suffer and put me in this position I will never see you as JUST a friend… I won't accept it!"

Goku took the opportunity to pry Vegeta's hand off his mouth. The lights had gone off darkening the room so he could only make out the outline of his form. "Vegeta… what are you trying to say?"

"I'm trying to get you to shut up Kakarott!" with a growl Vegeta pulled Goku down their lips meeting in a long awaited and passionate kiss. Goku's body tensed and he jolted at the fiery sensation the Prince's skin against his brought to his senses. He tried to resist but failed his body wanting nothing more than to remain locked in the fervent embrace. For the first time in years… Goku was under the mercy of the great Saiyan Prince Vegeta.

Vegeta pushed Goku down to the floor of the gravity room. His powerful legs straddled on either side of his hips and his bare hands trailing down his burly chest. Their tongue continued dancing and enjoying their first tastes of each other. Goku breaks the kiss turning his head, his lungs begging for air. Vegeta then trailed his kiss down his face and to the neck. "Vegeta… "Goku pleaded against the kisses his soft eyes opening and staring at the ceiling holding back the groan deep in his throat. "Vegeta, Please don't…" his sentenced stopped as he felt Vegeta's teeth dig lightly into his flesh. His moan escaped and he pushed his chest against Vegeta's feeling skin on skin.

Vegeta let out a proud chuckled and breathed into Goku's ear. "Don't what Kakarott?" He laughed again pressing his hips against the bulge growing in Goku's pants. Goku's eyes shut again as he moaned pushing his hips upward giving in.

"Please… don't stop."

"Well then, is that a plea of mercy?" Vegeta's storng hand slowly unbelted Goku's gi, or what was left of it. The fight had worn on their clothes as well as their bodies. The tension so hot and thick it caused both men to shudder with heat. A quick grip and massage from Vegeta's hand over Goku's thick throbbing member had Goku wriggling and falling back against the ground. The only time he had ever been so vulnerable was when his tail had been gripped and pulled when he was young. That pain, that feeling was totally different then what Goku was feeling now.

Goku felt his head would soon expload and he stared squinty eyed at the Prince of Saiyans. Vegeta's calm satisfied smirk was all he could see as the pleasure rose up and down his body his cock throbbing and Goku finally gave in moaning loud and gasping for air as he released into Vegeta's hot hand. The white cream dripping on Vegeta's hand made him laugh, slowly he licked it off looking at Goku full and hungry for more.

"Well that was quick, was i too much for you Kakarott?"

"You're, gonna pay for that Vegeta." Goku managed shuddering a bit as he laughed. Taking the initiative now Goku slid up kissing Vegeta once more. He wasn't sure of his movements, having only had Chichi to please. However he went with instincts her hands just as slow and satisfying as Vegeta's had been on him. The Prince of Saiyans lounged like the royalty he was allowing the third class clown to pleasure him, master his techniques in pleasing the body.

Gokue's lips trailed over Vegeta's naked body the sweat was salty to taste but erotic to smell. Goku's lips found its target. Vegeta let out a sudden gasp of surprise as the hot wet folds of Goku's mouth surrounded him almost melting him as if his own body were made of ice and Goku's of lava. Tingles, no jolts of pleasure shot up his spine making him jerk. He gripped Goku's head holding him in rhythm but he had little control as Goku drove himself to taste his whole length. That was the final blow to make him release instead of letting it spray Goku swallowed his cream the salty liquid sliding down his throat.

"God, kakarott you'd eat anything wouldn't you!" It was so arousing to look at him like that. both menb were satisfied but no where near sated. The meet of tongues and the tangle of limbs began as their bodies meshed and molded each fighting for the chance of dominance. Newly wet Vegeta was the first to take power. Sliding himself into Goku's virgin hole he thrusted deep and rested there letting Goku's body take in the new sensation. "Don't break on me yet Kakarott. I'm not finished with you."

"It hurts!" Goku was on hi back his legs pushed spread with Vegeta's hand gripping the powerful thighs. Goku's hands found comfort in resting Vegeta's shoulders digging into the flesh as Vegeta started to move sending them both rocketing in a new sense of nirvana. Moans, grunts, sweat and tears the power of it all overwhelmed both saiyans. Both men had seen all sorts of battles but none were as dangerous or as thrilling as the battle for pleasure. who would release first? Vegeta was determined to win his right hand freed from Goku's thigh to grip his member as he thrusted deep and hard making them both cry out. Outside the storm brewed and lightning crashed an outer experience of their joined orgasm.

It was a half an hour until dawn and Goku awoke breathing into the sweaty chest of the Saiyan prince. "Vegeta?" He stirred and sat up looking down at the sleeping figure. It was amazing how calm and gentle he looked when he was unaware and sleeping. A soft smile found Goku's lips and he leaned down placing a kiss to the Prince's soft lips. He awoke and looked up at Goku.

"What is it Kakarott?"

"It's almost dawn, I'm gonna have to leave soon." Vegeta sat upright Goku's shirt falling off his chest.

"Already? We were at it all night?" Goku nodded and looked down sadly.

"We probably could have spent more time if I hadn't been late." Vegeta smirked and shook his head.

"Nah, don't blame yourself, Kakarott. It's not the end of the world after all. You can return again in a year after all." Goku smiled and nodded.

"A year… when you say it like that it seems like an eternity." He gripped Vegeta's hand.

"Now, aren't you the one who hate long goodbyes? Trust me we'll see each other more often once you figured your way around the rules again. You always do." Goku laughed lightly and nodded before getting dressed. Dawn broke and the Capsule gang gathered around the backyard all watching Goku as he gave his last goodbyes. Shenron appeared his face lowering for Goku to climb aboard. Vegeta clenched his fist before relaxing and gave a small wave and a knowing smirk. Goku returned it and winked jumping onto Shenron and both disappeared into the sky. Bulma smiled warmly and looked at Vegeta who hadn't taken his eyes off the sky where he watched Goku, his secret lover, disappear.

"Well you two were up late last night. Did you do anything other than spar?" Vegeta looked at his "mate."

"That is for me to know woman. However iw ill tell you this. I haven't had that good of workout in years." He breathed in and smirked widely. "And I enjoyed every moment of it."

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