Because AFF and FF are being a bitch about the lemon chapters I've decided to put the products up on my own page through Google. I have a link to the site I hope you enjoy the lemony Goodness. I will also be including all the lemon goodness from other stories such as the Why Can't... Series, and the Reborn Series. If you have any requests for Lemons for any of my other fics or if you have a specific pairing you'd like me to do please let me know! Thank you and have a nice day!

I HAVE FOUND THE LOOPHOLE! Lol I haven't been able to post links through my Author Notes to give you guys the links you need, so instead I put the link on my profile page! Woot! SUCCESS If you find that you're still having problems with getting to the site send me an e mail at bmrdbgt (symbol for at) hotmail (period symbol) com

Sorry for any inconveniences!