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It looked appealing towards the eye, of course, but Elphaba could never trust Galinda when she was smiling. Not with her head tilted like that, and her eyes shining so bright. It was the same scheming gleam she had the night she had tried to "popularify" the green girl.

"El-phieeee," her roommate sang out.

"Wh-aaaat?" she gritted.

The blonde squirmed, holding a large pink garment bag towards her chest. "Fiyero got me a present," she declared, her voice somewhat wheedling.

"That's nice," Elphaba replied, and went back to her book.

"Guess what it is?"

Elphaba sighed inwardly; as always, it was plain as day that Galinda had no notion of when someone didn't wish to continue a conversation with her.

"I have no idea," she replied briskly, turning a page.

"Well, duh," the other girl giggled. "That's why you're supposed to guess!"

Elphaba made a mental note to check if you could admit someone into the school health clinic for lack of sarcasm receptors in the brain.

"Tell ya what," Galinda said, leaning in a bit, "I'll show you what it is if you promise not to tell anyone."

"Alright," Elphie replied, trying to cover her impatience for the entire situation.



"Swear on your life?"


"Swear on Nessa's life?"

"For Oz sake, Glinda!"

The blonde girl wrinkled her nose. "No need for profanity," she said stiffly, apparently referring to the mispronunciation if her name. Slowly, she reached into the bag and scooped out a little white thing, curled into her palm with pale blue eyes and a pink nose. It yawned, then blinked sleepily up at Elphaba.

Elphaba blinked right back at it. "A kitten?" she shrieked. "Galinda, you know we're not allowed to have pets in the dorm rooms! I'm getting Morrible!"

"You can't!" Galinda cried, grabbing her by the arm. "You swore on Nessa's life, remember!"

"That is low- and what do you think is going to happen, some hurricane comes and drops a doublewide on my sister because I told the headmistress you snuck a cat in here?"

"Stranger things have happened!"

"Like what, exactly?"

Galinda studied the floor, still cradling the kitten. "Like us becoming friends," she said softly.

Oh, Oz, she had to go there. Elphaba stood, seething, but knew there was no conceivable way she could turn her in with a comeback like that.

"Alright, fine," she replied stiffly, picking up her book once more.

Galinda let out a squeal and jumped on the bed, flinging her hands around the green girl. Due to the laws of gravity that had yet to be defied, the kitten slipped out of her grasp and plopped daintily on Elphaba's calf, sinking its tiny claws into the emerald flesh for balance.

"OW!" Elphie yelled, swatting at it, "Galinda, you twit, get it off me!!"

"Elphaba!" the blonde reprimanded sharply. "There, there, Malky," she said soothingly, stroking the now quivering kitten, "She won't hurt you."

"Much," Elphie added under her breath.

"What is that matter with you?!" Galinda demanded angrily. "I thought you loved animals!"

"I love Animals," Elphaba corrected her.

"Dillamond ought to be pleased," Galinda muttered, earning herself a hard smack with the pillow. "I was just kidding!"

"I support Animal Rights, as any decent human should," was Elphaba's short reply.

"What is your damage, anyway?" demanded Galinda.

The green girl sighed. "When I was little, for some reason I got it into my head that I wanted a puppy- don't ask why, because I don't know; maybe companionship, or something." Galinda flinched a little on her friend's behalf, still unable to believe what a rough childhood she must have had. "So one day Nessa just out right asked for me, and Frex gave it to her, who in turn said it was mine."

"Um, okay," the blonde replied blankly. "And that was a problem, why?"

"Because it was supposed to be Nessa's dog," a vexed Elphaba elaborated. "And of course darling little Nessarose can't do anything by herself. Oz knows she couldn't walk the dog, so he made me. She, apparently, was too dainty to feed the dog, so I had to do it. Every little whim anyone could possibly give to a dog, I was instructed to do for the stupid yappy thing, which ate up so much time I hardly ever got to see the damn thing and by that time it had completely bonded with Rosie and paid me absolutely no attention whatsoever. Just like the rest of the world."

She glanced at her friend's quivering mouth as she finished the story and waved her off. "Oh don't look so scandalized," she said breezily. "The stupid thing died less than a year later anyway, Frex was the only one overly heart broken about it- apparently it was a very expensive show dog."

Galinda vaguely wondered if the premature death of the canine had anything to do with the fact that he had most likely never had a bath if Elphaba had been caring for him, then decided to let it go. "Oh, well then," she said awkwardly, "Perhaps you'll have a fresh start with cats!"

"Perhaps I won't," Elphaba remarked darkly.

The blonde smoothed her hair anxiously. "Perhaps we'll find out," she said lightly, "because I've got a lecture in five minutes."

"What?!" Elphaba cried.

"Oh, you'll be fine! Bye Malky!" She picked up her reticule and hurriedly darted out of the room.

Elphaba stared at the door for a moment, then switched her gaze onto the kitten, which was eyeing her with all the sweet angelic traits such a creature was naturally bestowed with. This could not end well.

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