OK, So this is my first story ever. I absolutely loved all of the stories out there with the SamBee pairing, so I thought I might try something along those lines but a little bit different. I hope you enjoy it.

Between Two Giant Robots


A couple of weeks had passed since the big battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, and Sam Witwicky was feeling better than ever. He had everything a boy his age could want; a really hot car and a really hot girlfriend. The really hot girlfriend, however, was becoming less and less tolerable to be around. Mikaela was, for some reason, pulling away from Sam, and he was powerless to stop it. They had been together for about a month before Sam finally asked what the problem was.

"Haven't you ever stopped and thought what it would be like without all these Robots around us?" Mikaela was really upset, and refused to get in the Camaro, so this conversation was taking place in her front yard. "How could you even say something like that Mikaela?" Sam said, getting defensive of his Autobot friends, "Do you know what would have happened if they hadn't shown up to save all of our asses?" Mikaela obviosly saw it differently. "All I'm saying is that if these Robots stay around us all of the time, our lives will be anything but normal." And she was right. Sam wouldn't have a normal life if he kept hanging around with alien robots, but did Sam really want a normal life? Heck no!

"What is so great about being normal anyways Mikaela?" Sam antagonized, not quite knowing where this would end up. "Thats the problem Sam. If you can't understand that, them we might just be too different. You have to choose Sam, do you want a normal life or a life with alien robots?" Mikaela was calmer now, "You can't have both."

After a painfully long pause Sam said the only thing he could think of, "You know I cant just tell them to leave me alone Mikaela." She gave him an I'm-done-arguing-look before saying "Then I guess I'll see you around Sam." He stood there with his mouth open as she opened the door to her house and disappeared. Behind him, he heard the door to his Camaro swing open, and he slowly walked around the car and slid in, still wondering how it had happened so fast.

On the way home, the realization kicked in and he broke down, "How could this happen? Everything was perfect." The radio switched on and Sam looked up as New Found Glory started playing from the speakers, Its not your fault so please stop your crying now. Sam somehow managed to choke out a laugh, "Theres a song for everything isn't there Bee?" Sam said before quickly saying, "Don't answer that. I don't think I can stand that You're a winner! sound again." So instead of that the radio changed to The Killers, playing 'Read My Mind'. "Very clever Bee." Sam said, starting to cheer up a little, "Just leave it here, I like this song." They were home just as the song was ending, and since they were not breaking curfew, he stumbled into his bedroom without having to conjure a story.

He stared at his alarm clock until, when he was just about to fall asleep, his room was filled with blue light. Sam sat up and squinted around the room, and was startled to see two robotic eyes peering in his room, and was even more surprised when he noticed they weren't Bumblebee's.

"Optimus?" Sam was wide awake now, "What are you doing here?"