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Temporarily Permanent

"Oh god, NO!" Sam screamed at the man no more than three or four feet away from him. Matt had emerged from behind the door just as Sam had reached it, and stumbled back. With a pained smile on his face, the man limped forward with surprising speed. Sam was unsure what was with the limp, did someone hurt his leg? Did he fall? Sam stumbled back some more, entering the kitchen area and glancing over towards the digital clock that glowed from the oven. 11:52. He touched his front pocket where he'd shoved the piece of the Allspark, confirming its existence.

"How do you keep coming back!?" Sam yelled louder than he needed to at the aggressor, who shook his head and took another step forward, Sam's back hit the counter. "I have one chance at this, Sam" Matt said, still inching forward, "Its now or never."

"One chance at what!? The police will be here in less than five minutes!" Sam said, trying to understand exactly what this man thought he would accomplish. His answer came momentarily, "Oh, this will only take a minute. We both know the time for sex has come and gone." Matt took another limp forward and Sam scooted around to the other side of the counter. Part of him wanted to leave, it wanted to sprint out the back door and through the back yard. But there was another part that needed to hear Matt's explanation. What was going to take a minute?

"As you well know, Sam, I'm the jealous type." Matt stopped at the edge of the counter separating them. "And as it stands right now, there is only one way to make sure you'll never be taken by another." Th hairs on the back of Sam's neck stood up when he put it all together. The guy was trying to kill him! And what unsettled him even further was the fact that Matt was staying so calm about it. Jolting his head back to the perpetrator, Sam noticed that he wasn't making any moves, and was simply watching him. Matt seemed amused by Sam's reaction, and was calmly standing, a little smirk on his face, enjoying the show. A quick glance to the oven and back revealed the time to be 11:56. Two minutes. The police would be here maybe sooner. If Matt was making a move, it would be soon.

Sam quickly looked at the back door, behind him and to his right, and upon returning his gaze to Matt, was instead met with the barrel of a revolver, inches from his face. His eyes could not have grown wider. "It didn't have to be like this, Sam." Matt said, hesitating for the first time. "But you leave me no choice." Matt closed his eyes as his finger tightened on the trigger. Through all of this insanity, Sam felt, for a split second, some respect for Matt. The man had always seemed ruthless and professional, and Sam saw that even he was struggling to bring himself to commit homicide. Fortunately for Sam, this would be his downfall.

As soon as Matt shut his eyes Sam fell to the ground, as silently as he could, narrowly avoiding the deafening shot of the gun. Sam forced himself to move and scrambled to the door, the ringing in his ears drowning out the sound of his footsteps. Reaching for the handle, Sam was met with another blast, this one though, was accompanied with a searing pain.

"YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!" Sam screamed while fumbling around with the door handle. His right shoulder was gushing blood down the back of his shirt, and his right arm was practically unusable. Another bang sounded, this one shattering the glass of the door. Sam was shaking too much to deal with the handle, and simply fell through the glass, eventually landing on the grass. He was outside, hard part over.

Again having to force himself up, Sam, now standing, saw Matt stepping over the threshold into the back yard, leaving him only one direction in which to run, and he took it. Ducking his head as low as possible, Sam ignored the pain in his shoulder and sprinted to the fence at the edge of the yard. Sam then caught the fence with his left hand, not losing speed, and lifted his feet to sail over it, hearing another bulled collide with the house behind him. He landed awkwardly on his left side, feeling yet another sharp pain, but this one from his thigh. Sam rolled onto his back and reached into his pocket where he pulled the bloody shard of the Allspark from his leg. Sliding it up and out, he held it above his face, examining it in the moonlight.

Time seemed to stop as Sam felt a new feeling. The energy was being drained from his body, he was writhing on the ground unable to break eye contact with the shard. It was starting to glow, getting hotter and brighter, and just as he saw the revolver peer over the edge of the fence and point straight down at him, everything stopped. Sam dropped the glowing piece of unearthly metal.

"How could this happen? Everything was perfect." Sam heard himself involuntarily say. He was surprised to find himself seated upright in the driver's seat of a car. Sam finally gained control of his body, just as Newfound Glory came on the radio, Its not your fault so please stop your crying now. This seemed oddly familiar, and Sam realized he was in Mikaela's neighborhood, heading away from her house. He swallowed the lump in his throat and twisted his body to hug the seat he was in. "I love you Bee." he said, not completely understanding, but knowing that somehow the last week of his life would be redone. Bee seemed just a little surprised, and soon the All-American-Rejects came from the speakers in the Camaro, Squeeze so tightly, I'll be fine, You'll be fine. This moment seems so long.

Bumblebee had no idea how Sam had recovered so quickly from the breakup. The boy even waved at a pedestrian gave him an 'I don't know you' look and seemed rather impolite. He was even smiling, again clutching the seat, and Bumblebee was enjoying every second of it. He had secretly adored the boy since he met him, unable to strike up any kind of relationship because of the girlfriend and the fact that he was so much different than Sam. He had mulled it over a few times and thought that it would be possible, but Sam would probably be a little shocked by the matter, and would not be willing. Though, somehow this sudden affection of Sam seemed different.

Finally pulling into the driveway of Sam's house, Bumblebee stopped his engine and shut off the radio. The silence lasted a few moments, and Sam looked like he wanted to say something. He finally chose his words saying simply, "Goodnight, Bee" before opening the door, and sliding his feet outside the car. He stopped, hesitating, before finally deciding to place a kiss on the top of the steering wheel. "I'll see you tomorrow." said the boy, finally vacating the car and walking through his front door.

Sam awoke from his bed to an extremely bright blue glow in his room and immediately had more than just deja vu. Sam decided it would be better for everyone if he didn't try to explain his week to everyone, so he just pretended not to know. "Optimus? What are you doing here?" Sam said, walking up to the window. "Sam, I have come here to ask you some questions." the gigantic blue robot replied, "But would you mind moving to a safer location?" Sam realized that the love from the Autobots must have been genuine, because unlike everyone else, they still seemed to take the same type of interest in him. Sam had seen the reactions from people he made eye contact with on the way home, and they were not of obsession, or anything like it. Sam was back to his old self.

"Sure, I guess I could go for a walk right now. But I better go through the window, my parents would kill me if they caught me sneaking out." Sam stepped out the window and onto Optimus' shoulder for the second time. This time though, he wasn't going to forget anyone. He whispered to Optimus, "Would you mind if we invited Bumblebee too? I don't think I should do any of this without him."

The robot turned it's head towards the boy and studied his expression. Did he know what was going on? Was it that obvious? The boy had only love in his eyes, and he could not deny him the world. "That is more than acceptable. He may come if he wishes." The two of them went to 'wake up' Bumblebee, but found him far from sleep. Sam had to smile to himself, knowing just what would have happened had he not suggested that Bumblebee accompany them.

"I think I'll ride in Optimus, if thats okay with you guys. I want to see what it's like." Sam said to the Autobots, now both cars. They had no objections, and the three of them rode off to the overlook. When they arrived, they all seemed a little uncomfortable, and Sam immediately knew that he would have to think of something new if he wanted to get things 'going'. He stepped out of the truck and watched both of them transform into their Autobot forms. Playing through different scenarios in his head, Sam took a few moments to speak. He finally decided to open with a question, "Hey, I was wondering, do you guys like have a battery or something? What keeps you going? Kind of like I have a heart, what do Autobots have?" They both looked at each other uncomfortably, before Optimus finally tried to give an explanation. "Autobots have what is called a Spark. Among other things, it is what gives us our life force and consciousness." Sam had them right where he wanted them now, "So, what other things does it do?"

It was Bumblebee that spoke next, visibly eager for something he thought Sam knew nothing about. "It can also be exposed to a loved one, to create feelings of pleasure." Optimus seemed to catch on, and piped up, "It would be the Autobot version of sex." he said, matter-of-factly. They seemed more comfortable now, and were laying down next to each other, with Sam in the middle. "So where about is your spark?" Sam asked, mostly to Bumblebee. He walked up to where he knew it wasn't and touched the metal, about where the abdomen would be. Bumblebee shuttered, and Optimus saved him. "The spark would be located in the chest, Sam." Sam's hand never left the metal, and he moved upward. "So, its about right here?" Sam said as he stopped right where he remembered the chest open up. Bumblebee shuttered a little more visibly this time, and Optimus seemed transfixed by the sight in front of him, his mouth hand open.

"Do you think that maybe I could see one of your sparks sometime?" Sam asked, knowing it was very, very bold. He was almost regretting it until a few moments later he was met with something that reminded him why he loved these Autobots so much. As if on cue, both of them had exposed their sparks at the exact same time, neither minding the other's presence. Sam couldn't help but laugh before climbing in between his two giant robots.