Chapter twenty-two

Fight for life, Fight for freedom


The dust settles down, showing Tama's dead body and Ann on the other side of the field; her shoulder bleeding.

"Ann, are you alright?" Gary asks then Ann stands up

"Where's Giovanni?" Ann asks then she saw Giovanni at Tama's body

"What is he doing?" Ash asks then Ann, as well as Sky growl

"He's removing Tama's heart…he's going to drink Tama's blood and become a half." Sky growls then Ann pulls out Espeon's Pokeball

"Over my dead body…" Ann growls then she runs toward Giovanni, releasing Espeon, and Espeon runs along side with her trainer



"(Snicker)…Shadow Ball." Giovanni snickers then Meowth releases the black ball at Ann

As the ball gets closer and closer Ann's hands glow.

"REFLECT!" Ann calls, sending the attack back at Meowth, fainting the Pokemon


Giovanni reaches in Tama's hand and removes the heart, placing it in a glass.

"I should thank you for giving me my prize Carvanha…you did kill Tama, and now I have his heart." Giovanni mocks, Ann stopping ten feet from him

"Don't think I'm giving up that easy Giovanni…I'm still alive, and that means that I can kill you here and now!" Ann shouts then leaps at Giovanni with the untransformed dagger in her hand

"Shadow Ball!" Giovanni calls, another Meowth releasing the Shadow Ball; this time Ann couldn't get out of the way and was hit head on


"Curse you" Ann growls, holding her chest in pain

"I shall take my prize and rule the world…See you in Hell Carvanha." Giovanni said, his gun aimed at Ann's head

"I might have been careless…but you'll never have what it takes to kill me Giovanni, You can't kill a Carvanha…You can break all the bones in their body and we'll still come at you." Ann said, spit out blood as she speaks

"You're words don't scare me Carvanha." Giovanni mocks, then Absol growls

"They weren't made to scare you…they were made to kill you." Ann said, quickly grabbing her gun and shooting Giovanni's gun out of his hand


Absol bites into Giovanni's leg, keeping a firm grip.

Giovanni shakes Absol off and takes off running with the glass in his hand, Absol and Umbreon running after him.



Gary runs to Ann's side, her gun in her bloody hand and her other hand gripping her chest wound.

"I'm fine…just go after Giovanni…get him before he drinks the blood." Ann said as the Great Houndoom made his way closer

'Annalisa, I shall help you in battle.'

Ann nods and then climbs on Houndoom's back, and he races off toward Giovanni's scent, everyone following.



Umbreon aimed a Shadow Ball at Giovanni but missed, all the attack did was block Giovanni's path to the chopper.

'Let me try'


Absol used Ice Beam and froze Giovanni's feet to the ground.

Giovanni smirks at the two Pokemon, and then picks up the heart; squeezing the blood out of it into the glass.


'We have to stop him Absol…We have to.'

"(Running footsteps)"

Houndoom and Ann land on the ground, Ann growls when she saw the glass.

'I don't have much time left…I have to finish this now.'

Ann watches as Team Rocket troops create a three line wall in between her and Giovanni, guns loaded and aimed.

'Have a plan?'

"Houndoom, there's only one thing I can do…I have to open the void." Ann said then she heard her friends walk up behind her

"Let's get 'em Blastoise." Gary said, both he and Blastoise getting ready to attack

"(Gun shots)"

Absol and Umbreon try their best to stop the bullets from hitting anyone, but one stray bullet hit Gary in the side.

"GARY!" Ann calls then she jumps off of Houndoom, and knelt down by Gary's side

"Ann (gasp) ie…" starts Gary

"Shh…don't talk." Ann whispered, holding onto Gary's hand as she rests his head on her bundled up jacket

Slowly Gary blacked out; Ann softly kissed his cheek and stood up; using her power to put up a barrier.

'Time to finish this for good.'

Ann pulls out the dagger and it transforms into a sword with a black blade, Yoru instantly turned to his sister.

"You can't open the void Ann…It's too dangerous." Starts Yoru

"I have to stop Giovanni before he drinks the blood…This is the only way to kill him." Ann said, climbing back on Houndoom's back

"But you'll" starts Dawn

"I know…Make sure that, when Gary wakes up…to tell him I love him." Ann said, Ash nods knowingly

Houndoom runs at the TRs, and Giovanni,

The sword's blade dripping with black blood, and a red mist pouring out.

Giovanni looks up and smirks at the sight; ignoring the threat, places the glass to his lips.

"HELL'S FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Just as the blood from the glass entered Giovanni's mouth Ann's attack opens the gates of Hell, Houndoom, brought out the 'real' Demon Pokemon to kill the TR troops and Giovanni.

The attack from Ann's blade bounces off a barrier, thus, she caught a glance of his new transformed self; burning with rage she combines all of the rage with Hell's Fire and Heaven's light. Her sword glowing brightly blackish red.



A huge hole opens in the earth, fire flaming up at Giovanni.



"ANN!" calls Yoru

To be continued…


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Twelve years have passed and the gang has been split up due to the battle with Tama;

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