Haruhi Fujioka stared at the fragile form of the unconscious cross-dressing man who lay before her. Tears were cascading down her face as pure terror gripped her body. She didn't even notice her cell phone from the Hitachiin twins vibrating in her pocket until it was almost finished. With shaking fingers she brought the phone to her ear, "Hello?" She whispered in a feeble, and almost inaudible voice.

"HARUHI!!!" Kauro and Hikaru hollered together, "We're all outside your house!! Can we come in?!"

Haruhi was stunned! She couldn't believe the luck. Here was her father, who had just collapsed, out of nowhere, hitting his head, and seconds before she could react to anything the host club in their entirety burst through her front door, "Haruhi?" Kaoru cried, "Where are you?"

She didn't react. But she could hear the footsteps drawing closer to her, "Something's not right." Takashi mumbled in his stern and emotionless voice.

Haruhi wanted to call out, tell them to call an ambulance or something! Instead, a small, frightened, and mangled cry escaped her lips. The door to the room she was currently residing in slid open at an alarming rate and Haruhi swung around to face Kyouya Ootori who was just staring at her, "Ky…you…ya…" She cried dashing forward and throwing herself into the shadow king's arms, "I didn't know what to do!!! He just fell! We were talking about going to visit mom and he just fell! What's wrong with him?!"

Kyouya placed a soft hand on Haruhi's back before passing her towards Takashi, who picked her up, bridal style and held her in his arms as Kyouya called the emergency line at his hospital, "Hello? Yes, this is Kyouya Ootori… I need an ambulance at the Fujioka residence…. Thank you." He snapped his cell shut and turned back towards Haruhi and Takashi. The small girl stared at him through large, tear-filled, brown eyes.

"What… what happened to him, Kyouya?" Haruhi could feel Tamaki jumping around for a better view of the scene unfolding from behind them, but surprisingly, Kaoru, Hikaru, Tamaki, and Honey, were all being quiet.

"I don't know…" Kyouya sighed, "Give Haruhi to Tamaki and come help me get Ryoji-san onto the couch."

Takashi nodded as he handed Haruhi into Tamaki's arms. The two lifted the cross-dresser onto the couch and placed a blanket on his small form, "Haruhi?" Haruhi nodded at Tamaki who was still holding her close to his chest, "Can you tell us exactly what happened?" Haruhi closed her eyes and gave a shuddering sob before shaking her head and burying it in his chest. "It's okay, Haruhi. Just try your best… Tell me what happened… Please."

Haruhi looked up into Tamaki's pleading eyes and gave a sorrowful nod, "I came home from a walk… and… and we started talking about all different things… my mom… and all of you… So I went to the kitchen to get him some aspirin because he said he was getting a headache… So… Well… When I walked out of the room I heard a loud crash and I ran back to see him leaning against the table…" Haruhi pointed over at the small space that paid tribute to her mother, everything was a mess, the picture was cracked and the vases were broken and lying on the floor. "So I went to go help him but he waved me away… He… he…" racked sobs escaped her lips as she shook her head, "I cant! Please, Tamaki! Don't make me!"

Tamaki sighed and held her tighter, "Just try… a little harder please?" He asked, kissing her gently on the forehead.

Haruhi nodded, "He started yelling at me… But that's not my father! Tamaki, Ryoji has never ever said anything to try and hurt me! You've got to believe that…"

"What did he say, Haruhi?" Tamaki asked, still holding her almost too tight.

"He said… if I knew what was good for me, I wouldn't come near him… Then he started to gag, as if he couldn't breathe and then he fell, hitting his head on the table as he went… I… I didn't know what to do."

The door burst open as men from Kyouya's hospital rushed around, pulling the host club in different directions. One man even ripped Haruhi from Tamaki's arms wile the other five loaded Ryoji onto a stretcher, "Kyouya, we'll take them both in from examination…. And get back to you with the results by morning."

Haruhi's eyes went wide, "NO!" She screamed, "NO! TAMAKI! HELP ME PLEASE! TAMAKI! DON'T LET THEM TAKE ME! PLEASE I DON'T WANT TO GO! I WANT TO STAY HERE, WITH YOU!" the screaming stopped as they injected her with a sedative to keep her calm, reaching out she grabbed onto his hand and as the doctors pulled the two apart and as she fell into unconsciousness she looked deep into his eyes, "Daddy… Please…"

Tamaki's eyes went wide, "Let her go."

The man who was holding her raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"Let her go." Kyouya repeated.

"I don't think I understand… She'll be unconscious for another couple of hours, thanks to the sedative we just gave her." The man said, placing her in Tamaki's arms.

"I'll take her back to my place… We have plenty of room and my Dad just loves her. You'll all come to so that when she wakes up she isn't completely confused, then we'll take her to check up on Ryoji." The group agreed and watched as they loaded Ryoji into the ambulance before placing Haruhi in the back seat of Tamaki's limo and climbing in themselves.