Chapter Nineteen:

Kyoya's eyes fell upon her beautiful features the moment she entered the room. He knew that she deserved to be out in the sun, deserved to be enjoying her time with her friends and forgetting the horrible experience she had recounted to him time and time again in the last few nights. But selfishness seemed to be in his nature. He couldn't help but want her there, at the edge of his bed, telling him all sorts of stories about their past, about their adventures. "May I ask you something, Haruhi?" He asked, unable to meet her eyes any longer. She nodded her head gently, her eyes following the line of the crease in his forehead. Whatever was to come next, she was worried it would be bad, especially if he was so afraid to ask. "Before…. Before this ordeal… would you have ever considered to be…. To be…. More than friends?"

As soon as the words were from his lips, it was as if she could no longer breathe. No, not that she could not, but that she had forgotten how to do so. "More than friends?" she asked, stupidly.

A blush fell across his cheeks as if the question embarrassed him, surely it could have come out cleaner than that. "I can't remember anything, Haruhi. I can't remember a moment of our life but… for some reason…. For some reason you make me happy. And not the same happy that the rest of our friends make me feel… I feel warm, and safe and…" Again that blush, as if he was afraid to continue, embarrassed by the way things were rolling from his tongue. "Something tells me I loved you before my memories left me." He whispered, finally bringing his eyes up to hers.

She took a deep breath, biting gently at her bottom lip as she careful considered his question. She knew that things had been different between her and Kyoya as of recently… but things had changed between her and all of the Hosts. And there was Tamaki and their kiss. That had to have meant something, didn't it? "I… I'm not sure, Kyoya…" She whispered, not wanting to lie to him, nor give him a false sense of hope.

"Maybe… if I get my memories back…. We can talk again… its just… please, don't let me forget you again." He asked, his eyes pleading with her. "Help me get back there again. Help me remember you. Don't give up on me."

Smiling lightly and reassuringly, Haruhi placed her hand gently against his face. "I'll wait for you, Kyoya. I promise." She knew he would probably take that as she would wait for his love…. But what else could she say? She was loosing herself. Loosing herself quickly.

Xxx Later xxX

This wasn't right.

Three words that repeated themselves like a broken record in Tamaki's mind. They spun around in dangerous circles, threatening to throw him into oblivion where he knew he would never be able to return. His head pounded from over thinking the current situation, his brown creased from worry. There was no reassurance to be found that they would come out of this the same, in fact there was a guarantee that they would not. If nothing else, Kyoya was gentler, if his memories returned there was no doubt in Tamaki's mind that he would keep some of his compassion. And his poor, sweet Haruhi, so stained by the awful events of the last week. Her own experience lost in her kidnappers grasp no doubt would always linger in her mind, he could tell walking around corners frightened her, even in the safety of their host's home.

"Tamaki?" He was ripped from his thoughts by the soft voice of the petite woman, her eyes holding every ounce of worry he was lost in at that particular moment. Her dress danced around her body as the evening wind blew around them, her pale fingertips gripping at its silky fabric to keep herself from becoming exposed. He wanted to smile, wanted to greet her with some reassurance but could bring nothing to his lips. "Kyoya's asleep." She informed, rocking back slightly on the heels of her white flip-flops, her eyes never once leaving Tamaki's brilliant orbs. "Are you okay?" She asked, brushing her dark locks behind her ear.

Tamaki leaned back against the warm wall of their host's home, the tiles seeming to bend slightly against his weight. He could lie, that much he knew. He could tell Haruhi he was doing fine, could promise that things were going to get better and offer her his embrace as the reassurance she was so desperately searching for… but how would that help their current situation? His mind replayed his stolen memory, he could see Kyoya's fingers across her petite lips, the same lips he still felt pressed against his in that dark hospital room…. Was Haruhi falling for Kyoya? Shaking the thought from his mind, Tamaki forced a smile, "I'm fine, Haruhi." He whispered, opening up his arms for the small girl, who gladly stepped forward into him, wrapping herself around him.

"This isn't fair… is it?" She whispered, feeling the tears welling in her large eyes. "How could something so terrible happen to Mother?" She asked, using the well-known term for Kyoya, knowing it would cheer Tamaki up slightly. It was as if she tried to make things as close to normal as she could for him.

Releasing her from his tight embrace and taking a half step back, Tamaki tried to imitate his usual loopy smile. "Kyoya is lucky to have such a caring nurse," he winked, tapping her chin up and wiping the tears from under her thick chocolate eyes. "Don't feel sad for him, if anything feel sad for the rest of us. Do you have any clue how torturous these days have been for Hikaru or for Honey? All they want is to spend a little time with you and you have yet to leave Kyoya's side!" He chastised, though any one in the know could taste the bit of jealousy that lingered beneath his words.

Her giggle was sweet, innocent, and a memory of better days before she lost her father. Days before she was taken into the night. For that brief second, she was Haruhi again. "Then I'll have to find an even better nurse to care for him some time soon. I can't keep my friends waiting, can I?" She asked, biting at her bottom lip lightly as the sound of motion came from the Shadow King's room, signifying that he was awake. "I…." Her eyes begged for him to understand that the time for a better nurse was not this moment. This moment was for Haruhi.

"Go." He smiled sadly. "He needs you more than they do…." His eyes fell into a dark sadness as she kissed his cheek appreciatively and disappeared into Kyoya's room. "But I need you, too…"